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Hey All.

I just wanted to thank all of you for following my blog and I hope you will hop over to my new blog http://jonlaurencemo.blogspot.com/. I plan on continuing to post on my athletic adventures but plan to include the rest of "life."

Once again, thanks for the continued readership and I hope you will join me in my new blogger life.



Biggest Loser and P90X

Who out there loves Biggest Loser!?! I do! I'm totally addicted to the show. I get pissed off at it sometimes, like the first time they made the contestants run a marathon not having trained for one. I always wonder how much coaching they have had around nutrition, hydration, etc. I'm sure the contestants have had enough, but that side of things is rarely shown to the public. I know it is probably boring to air but I can only imagine the number of people that have tried to go run along distances because of this show without any education. I've been fortunate to have Pharmie and Steve to educate me a long the way. Not everyone has an endurance athelete to ask questions to. Ok...Rant needs to end.

In MN the show is on from 7-9 pm, which sucks! I work until 6'ish. Then hit the gymfor 1-2 hours. Every Tuesday in Jan. is a 40 min run followed by P90X Chest and Back. If I kill myself I can burn through the workout in 45 min or so, but my HR is at 150-160 the entire time. That puts me home right around 8. I wish NBC would push it back an hour so I could watch more of it.

Moving on. With the exception of 10 days around Christmas I'm doing pretty well at getting back into the swing of things. I kind of screwed up the Christmas time so I decided to hit the reset button on my training plans. I started the half IM program over along with the P90X calendar.

I'm comfortable with the P90X workouts thus far. I like that most of the lifting, up to this point, is what I like to call "no bullsh*t" moves...or even..."throwback workouts." The Chest and Back workout is an hour of different variations of mostly push-ups and pull-ups. The Legs and Back workout is again variations of lunges, squats and pull-ups. It is all the moves we've done here and there since high school but never stuck with, at least I haven't.

The part I love the most is that these workouts are easy enough to follow that I skim the DVDs and then just take the work sheets (with all the moves/lifts) to the gym. I take a few notes on reps/form and then "Bring It" at the gym. The first few weeks are the hardest. I'm finding muscle groups I haven't used in years. I love these workouts. When you finish you feel like you actually did something. After the upper body days I have the "shaky arms" trying to shampoo my hair or when I reach for a sweatshirt in the closet. It feels great! I must be a little nuts but I love that feeling that I actually did something.

So, to bring this full circle. I love P90X. I love Biggest Loser. I wonder what would happen if I combine them. Well that is exactly what is happening. My gym is having a Biggest Loser competition. I signed up hoping it would motivate me to get to the gym regularly, which is also my plan for having a HIM training plan along with P90X (if I skip 1 thing a day I already did an extreme workout, whether it be endurance or P90x). Steph and I joined this gym in August ( I think) and they did the body fat test, which didn't look good. But we also did it again starting this competition. I'm still clinically obese and in very poor health, according to that fat monitor, but I've lost 1.6% of my body fat already.

I tend to spread myself thin sometimes so my focus the next two months (the length of the competition) is to get my workouts in. I'm working on the eating healthier part but for now I'm going to not stress over it. Steph does a good job of providing me with many healthy options and 2 out of 3 meals a day I do great so I'm going to roll with that. If I happen to be good all day, awesome, but I can't stress over it right now. Getting to the gym and kicking my butt is the biggest hurdle.

Ok. Back to work.

Have a wonderful Friday all!

Borsch out.


So fitting!

I was touched by your attempt to wrap my gift

I will be hearing a lot of that this week! I am not a good gift wrapper! I tend to use a ton of paper! Even more tape! And still hope I cover the package.

As for workouts, yesterday I got in two runs. 1 was maybe .75 miles I left work with a headache and was hoping to have a stress relieving run. I got all wrapped up in some warm clothes and off I went. THUD THUD THUD...that was the feeling in my head. Every step seemed to pulse through my head. Ugg....such a bad feeling. So I headed back home and found a cozy spot on the couch to watch The Hangover (one of the greatest movies of the year!). So after a few hours on the couch, some dinner and FB time I got all bundled up again for a 3-4 miler around 8:30 at night. I left the Garmin at home and just turned on some loud angry music and cranked out a few miles. I finished the first mile just after two songs, that means I was running a 7 min mile or so! That is super fast for me! I slowed it down, relaxed my breathing and I gradually felt some of the stress leave my body.

Today I'm going to hammer out the Bending Crankarms Spinnerval DVD. Basically 60 min of pushing big gears followed by squats off the bike then repeat. Should be fun! Then we have some out of town friends coming over for dinner and drinks, maybe some shenanigans. Tomorrow and Friday should eat be an early morning run, nothing long, just long enough to feel like I got a good workout in before attempting to avoid crap food all weekend. :-)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


My Christmas Wish

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season so far!

This week was a bad week for me! I ate crap on and off, workouts were a little more sparse! I am not happy with how I did this last week. Everyone at work is in that kick to get stuff done. Most people at my work have elected to take the next two weeks off so just about every project has been wrapping up. I put in some extra time today in hopes to make this week a little shorter. I want to eat well, even with Christmas, and get in a bunch of workouts.

So my Christmas wish is to lose some weight! I want that dedication to stick to my plan and not get side tracked in this season when it is so easy to jump ship. So my name ins't Michelle and I don't need nor want to lost 110 pounds, I just need to lose some pounds.

If you truly feel compelled to buy me something just go to Menard's...just about anything there will be just fine. :-)

Lastly, I'm taking recommendations for a 2010 "A" race. Keep in mind I'm entering year 2 of grad school and getting married in May. I'm currently attempting to do most of a half IM training program (minus the swim) and P90X. All I do know is that 26.2 miles is not for me next year so please no marathon suggestions.

Have a happy holidays!


Who the Heck is this guy?!?

Hey all!

I've been gone a long time! I've been getting my life together. After a crappy summer of training, a crappy marathon this fall and struggles with work I've taken a sabbatical from blogging to do some soul searching and spend some time on the things that matter most. I hit a bad spot this year by being overwhelmed. I put on a good face but don't handle it well alone. I stopped working out, started eating poorly and put on a bunch of poundage. Stress eating sucks! Whom ever invented stress eating they should be stoned.

Anyway, the past few weeks I've hit the gym hard core style. I actually put together a Half IM plan (but haven't swam yet) in conjunction with P90X (hence the new header). My plan is not to do it all but if I have more on the schedule I feel worse if I do nothing. Lately I've been biking about 3 hours a week, running 1-1.5 hours a week, lifting 3-4 hours a week and polishing it off with 90 min of yoga a week. That totals up to 8.5 - 10 hours of working out a week and I'm not even doing all of the workouts, but it is much better than the 1-3 hours of working out I was doing. Week 1 was flat on weight loss but week 2 resulted in 4 pounds down. I'm going to keep weighing myself every Monday morning. I hope I can lose enough to get in the ballpark of my old goal 225, I'm currently at 264...I have a long way to go!

I'm currently enjoying lifting again. P90X workouts are tough but I'm doing lower weight more reps so I can build more toned muscled instead of bulky muscle. I like the workouts, they are no non-sense routines that involve time tested moves like a variety of lunges, wall squats, pull-ups and push-ups. The yoga X dvd is nothing but extreme to me, a yoga novice. I spent most of it either shaking, stumbling or wondering how they bend that way. I give it my best and usually end up with a soaked t-shirt but I have a long way to go!

I know everyone out there has been on top of their game because I've been checking up on you from time to time so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and send some will power my way.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season and I will be back soon!

Borsch out.


Is it really that season!

WEll I'm pretty much healed up from the marathon. I've blasted my chest a few times in the gym and got in 1 spin class that was hell. This weekend has been pretty cold 20/30's up here in MN so while watching the VIKES WIN I decided to throw the trainer tire on. I picked up a few Spinnervals DVD's earlier this summer on super sale and can't wait to kick my butt with them!

Today I think I'm going to blast the quads with "Dropping the Hammer". It looks like a sweaty leg burning 60 min. Later in the week I hope to get in a few short runs (I'm loving SHORT runs) and continue to get back into weight lifting. I've thought about picking back up P90X on a modified schedule so I can continue to do cardio that isn't built into the program.

Cheers to a good fall/winter training session.


Marathon update

It was a rough day for me. It all started in the metrodome bathrooms. Long lines of guys waiting to go #2 and only having 1 stall to do it in. Eventually 15 min before the start me and a few other guys hijacked a ladies bathroom since there were no lines there. Anyway, got to the start...saw Heidles (pictured with me below, she finished also) and gave her a few pointers. I ran with her for a few miles as a warm up but when we got to the first real hill she dropped back and I went on.

The weather was GREAT! It was perfect, I ran in shorts, a compression shirt with a mesh technical shirt over that and arm warmers.

Back to the race...The miles ticked by. I was right on pace of where I could have a good, yet challenging day. I was eating and drinking just as any other long run. Everything was going great! I kept the 4:30 (last year I finished at 4:34) pace team balloons, in site (on the long stretches). It was really pretty around the MSP lakes, the sun was just coming up. Just a little bit of steam was rising off the lakes, it was a good morning to run. A few more miles ticked by and coming up to mile marker 11 I took a shot of gel (part of my nutrition and calorie plan) and accidentally took to much and gaged on it. The gag reflex led to a vomit reflex and that is where the story turns. All my calories I'd been eating to keep fueled, all my enduralyets (tabs that help prevents cramping, they have lots of salt in them) spilled to the pavement. I got to the water stop just past mile 11 and drank up, I knew I needed calories badly! I ate some shot blocks, drank Gatorade and tried to get going again. Eventually, i was running again and low and behold I started to feel my stomach churn around mile 14'ish. I slowed up hoping it would settle and BOOM! Threw up again. Well this isn't working well. My guess is that I took in too much Gatorade, too much liquid sloshing around on an already not so happy stomach. At that point I was toast! I still had a mile to the next water stop to even rinse out my mouth.

I eventually got there, ate and drank some more and just walked a bit. Miles 15-18 were better, I was running at least a mile or two without needed to walk. But after that I was feeling spent. My body didn't have any calories left and I had all but eaten everything I brought with. Half my enduralytes had been squandered on the pavement. I was starting to cramp in my quads. I just ran until they started twinging and then walked a bit.

Miles 19-22 were TOUGH. Almost all up hill. Granted you are on a very small and steady slope then have a medium hill, medium hill and then one steep mother (about 2-3 blocks long) up to Summit. From there it is just a few small rollers to the finish line. I walked most of those 3 hills but tried my hardest to run when I got to the top. These were probably the toughest miles mentally. I hadn't seen anyone I knew since mile 14 and I was cramping nearly a few blocks after I'd start running. I knew all i had to do was make it to summit and I'd make it to the finish line but at some parts I was starting to doubt that I would make it to the top of the hills.

I tried to stay positive and talk to a few people around me to take my mind off of things but it didn't always work. Eventually I got to summit and felt relief, I was going to finish this thing. I still had 4.5 miles to go but that didn't both me, I just had to put one foot in front of the other. I kept with my try to run the flats and downhill sections and walk the small rollers (or whenever I cramped). At this point we had moved past the stop and walk when things start to twinge, things had to CRAMP to stop now. The hardest part is starting back up so there was no unnecessary stopping.

Around mile 22 I saw my aunt who was over enthused that I was going to finish...but it was good, I needed the friendly face. Then a half mile later I saw my sister and petey (my sister's full-size dog). Petey jumped on my, that hurt!, but I told them how I was doing and that it had been rough and got back on my way. The next stretch I jogged off and on with another guy from 3M. He was a legal guy and kind of boring but I was ok listening because it kept my thoughts at bay. Around mile 25 I left him, he said he couldn't run/walk anymore and he was just going to walk the rest. I knew this area well...I had one very small rolling hill to conquer and then I'd see the cathedral, STEPH and the 20+ people waiting for me to come by. I ran continuously more in that last 1.2 miles than I did from mile 18'ish to mile 25. I only walked just enough to drink some water at the waters stop around 25 1/4 miles.

Around 25 1/2'ish...maybe a little after, there was my aunt again. Yelling and screaming my name, running along side me. Shortly there after maybe a block my eyes locked on steph. I handed her my ipod and race belt (which I used to carry some of my food) and high-fived everyone down the line. Somewhere around 20 people just waiting for me to come by. It was energizing! I actually ran fairly quickly by them only to get past them and feel my quads start to cramp again. No stopping now...less than .5 miles to the finish line. I saw Christine and Petey again...this time I didn't get close to petey, jumping on me would have probably knocked me down at that point. The next .25 was hard not to stop! Not mentally but all downhill and when your legs are cramping they want to cramp more because they take more impact cushioning your landing going down hill. I didn't stop, I kept going through the small incline to the finish and locked up just past the finish line.

Right away I waved the medic away, I'm sure I didn't look good but I didn't want to be taken to the medical tent either. Some volunteers threw on a wind blanket. Then I saw the next group of volunteers, locked my eyes on a rack of medals and told a guy "I'm going to need one of those." At this point you'd think I'd be hungry...nope! I had to force myself to eat a small roll, grabbed another for the road as well as a banana, Pearson's nut roll and some water. I almost missed the t-shirt table but I saw someone drop something out of the corner of my eye, when I looked it was a glorious table full of finishers t-shirts. I needed one of those to! Eventually I made my way out of the finishers area, which is huge...probably 1/4-1/2 a mile just to get out.

I walked around that finishers area again, only this time on the outside...found Steph and Matt (her brother) and we ran into Aunt carol and Christine and Petey walking back up Cathedral hill to the car. Let me tell you, the hardest part was getting in and out of Matt's car...OUCH! That is where this story ends.


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