Biggest Loser and P90X

Who out there loves Biggest Loser!?! I do! I'm totally addicted to the show. I get pissed off at it sometimes, like the first time they made the contestants run a marathon not having trained for one. I always wonder how much coaching they have had around nutrition, hydration, etc. I'm sure the contestants have had enough, but that side of things is rarely shown to the public. I know it is probably boring to air but I can only imagine the number of people that have tried to go run along distances because of this show without any education. I've been fortunate to have Pharmie and Steve to educate me a long the way. Not everyone has an endurance athelete to ask questions to. Ok...Rant needs to end.

In MN the show is on from 7-9 pm, which sucks! I work until 6'ish. Then hit the gymfor 1-2 hours. Every Tuesday in Jan. is a 40 min run followed by P90X Chest and Back. If I kill myself I can burn through the workout in 45 min or so, but my HR is at 150-160 the entire time. That puts me home right around 8. I wish NBC would push it back an hour so I could watch more of it.

Moving on. With the exception of 10 days around Christmas I'm doing pretty well at getting back into the swing of things. I kind of screwed up the Christmas time so I decided to hit the reset button on my training plans. I started the half IM program over along with the P90X calendar.

I'm comfortable with the P90X workouts thus far. I like that most of the lifting, up to this point, is what I like to call "no bullsh*t" moves...or even..."throwback workouts." The Chest and Back workout is an hour of different variations of mostly push-ups and pull-ups. The Legs and Back workout is again variations of lunges, squats and pull-ups. It is all the moves we've done here and there since high school but never stuck with, at least I haven't.

The part I love the most is that these workouts are easy enough to follow that I skim the DVDs and then just take the work sheets (with all the moves/lifts) to the gym. I take a few notes on reps/form and then "Bring It" at the gym. The first few weeks are the hardest. I'm finding muscle groups I haven't used in years. I love these workouts. When you finish you feel like you actually did something. After the upper body days I have the "shaky arms" trying to shampoo my hair or when I reach for a sweatshirt in the closet. It feels great! I must be a little nuts but I love that feeling that I actually did something.

So, to bring this full circle. I love P90X. I love Biggest Loser. I wonder what would happen if I combine them. Well that is exactly what is happening. My gym is having a Biggest Loser competition. I signed up hoping it would motivate me to get to the gym regularly, which is also my plan for having a HIM training plan along with P90X (if I skip 1 thing a day I already did an extreme workout, whether it be endurance or P90x). Steph and I joined this gym in August ( I think) and they did the body fat test, which didn't look good. But we also did it again starting this competition. I'm still clinically obese and in very poor health, according to that fat monitor, but I've lost 1.6% of my body fat already.

I tend to spread myself thin sometimes so my focus the next two months (the length of the competition) is to get my workouts in. I'm working on the eating healthier part but for now I'm going to not stress over it. Steph does a good job of providing me with many healthy options and 2 out of 3 meals a day I do great so I'm going to roll with that. If I happen to be good all day, awesome, but I can't stress over it right now. Getting to the gym and kicking my butt is the biggest hurdle.

Ok. Back to work.

Have a wonderful Friday all!

Borsch out.


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