My Christmas Wish

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season so far!

This week was a bad week for me! I ate crap on and off, workouts were a little more sparse! I am not happy with how I did this last week. Everyone at work is in that kick to get stuff done. Most people at my work have elected to take the next two weeks off so just about every project has been wrapping up. I put in some extra time today in hopes to make this week a little shorter. I want to eat well, even with Christmas, and get in a bunch of workouts.

So my Christmas wish is to lose some weight! I want that dedication to stick to my plan and not get side tracked in this season when it is so easy to jump ship. So my name ins't Michelle and I don't need nor want to lost 110 pounds, I just need to lose some pounds.

If you truly feel compelled to buy me something just go to Menard's...just about anything there will be just fine. :-)

Lastly, I'm taking recommendations for a 2010 "A" race. Keep in mind I'm entering year 2 of grad school and getting married in May. I'm currently attempting to do most of a half IM training program (minus the swim) and P90X. All I do know is that 26.2 miles is not for me next year so please no marathon suggestions.

Have a happy holidays!

teacherwoman  – (December 21, 2009 at 6:31 AM)  

Good luck choosing your A-race! I too wouldn't mind losing a few pounds over the holiday break. :)

Rainmaker  – (December 24, 2009 at 9:51 AM)  

Can we still call you Michelle anyway?

It seems more entertaining.

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