So fitting!

I was touched by your attempt to wrap my gift

I will be hearing a lot of that this week! I am not a good gift wrapper! I tend to use a ton of paper! Even more tape! And still hope I cover the package.

As for workouts, yesterday I got in two runs. 1 was maybe .75 miles I left work with a headache and was hoping to have a stress relieving run. I got all wrapped up in some warm clothes and off I went. THUD THUD THUD...that was the feeling in my head. Every step seemed to pulse through my head. Ugg....such a bad feeling. So I headed back home and found a cozy spot on the couch to watch The Hangover (one of the greatest movies of the year!). So after a few hours on the couch, some dinner and FB time I got all bundled up again for a 3-4 miler around 8:30 at night. I left the Garmin at home and just turned on some loud angry music and cranked out a few miles. I finished the first mile just after two songs, that means I was running a 7 min mile or so! That is super fast for me! I slowed it down, relaxed my breathing and I gradually felt some of the stress leave my body.

Today I'm going to hammer out the Bending Crankarms Spinnerval DVD. Basically 60 min of pushing big gears followed by squats off the bike then repeat. Should be fun! Then we have some out of town friends coming over for dinner and drinks, maybe some shenanigans. Tomorrow and Friday should eat be an early morning run, nothing long, just long enough to feel like I got a good workout in before attempting to avoid crap food all weekend. :-)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


My Christmas Wish

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season so far!

This week was a bad week for me! I ate crap on and off, workouts were a little more sparse! I am not happy with how I did this last week. Everyone at work is in that kick to get stuff done. Most people at my work have elected to take the next two weeks off so just about every project has been wrapping up. I put in some extra time today in hopes to make this week a little shorter. I want to eat well, even with Christmas, and get in a bunch of workouts.

So my Christmas wish is to lose some weight! I want that dedication to stick to my plan and not get side tracked in this season when it is so easy to jump ship. So my name ins't Michelle and I don't need nor want to lost 110 pounds, I just need to lose some pounds.

If you truly feel compelled to buy me something just go to Menard's...just about anything there will be just fine. :-)

Lastly, I'm taking recommendations for a 2010 "A" race. Keep in mind I'm entering year 2 of grad school and getting married in May. I'm currently attempting to do most of a half IM training program (minus the swim) and P90X. All I do know is that 26.2 miles is not for me next year so please no marathon suggestions.

Have a happy holidays!


Who the Heck is this guy?!?

Hey all!

I've been gone a long time! I've been getting my life together. After a crappy summer of training, a crappy marathon this fall and struggles with work I've taken a sabbatical from blogging to do some soul searching and spend some time on the things that matter most. I hit a bad spot this year by being overwhelmed. I put on a good face but don't handle it well alone. I stopped working out, started eating poorly and put on a bunch of poundage. Stress eating sucks! Whom ever invented stress eating they should be stoned.

Anyway, the past few weeks I've hit the gym hard core style. I actually put together a Half IM plan (but haven't swam yet) in conjunction with P90X (hence the new header). My plan is not to do it all but if I have more on the schedule I feel worse if I do nothing. Lately I've been biking about 3 hours a week, running 1-1.5 hours a week, lifting 3-4 hours a week and polishing it off with 90 min of yoga a week. That totals up to 8.5 - 10 hours of working out a week and I'm not even doing all of the workouts, but it is much better than the 1-3 hours of working out I was doing. Week 1 was flat on weight loss but week 2 resulted in 4 pounds down. I'm going to keep weighing myself every Monday morning. I hope I can lose enough to get in the ballpark of my old goal 225, I'm currently at 264...I have a long way to go!

I'm currently enjoying lifting again. P90X workouts are tough but I'm doing lower weight more reps so I can build more toned muscled instead of bulky muscle. I like the workouts, they are no non-sense routines that involve time tested moves like a variety of lunges, wall squats, pull-ups and push-ups. The yoga X dvd is nothing but extreme to me, a yoga novice. I spent most of it either shaking, stumbling or wondering how they bend that way. I give it my best and usually end up with a soaked t-shirt but I have a long way to go!

I know everyone out there has been on top of their game because I've been checking up on you from time to time so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and send some will power my way.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season and I will be back soon!

Borsch out.


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