Quick update!

Just wanted to let everyone know...I FINISHED ECON & PASSED! I got 95% on the final which...moving that long run and bucking down for two days really paid off.

On to running news...
My long run this week didn't go well. I got out there and the heat zapped me! A number of issues that came up:
1: Found a pair of shorts that are not long run shorts! OUCH
2: Black top trails on hot sunny days means demoralizing heat blasting you from both sides.

I turned around at mile 2.5 and ran home to re-apply some body glide where my shorts were "treating me wrong." They worked so well on my last 5 miler but in the heat I could just feel my inner thighs just getting hotter with every stride. So when I got home and did my thing, re-fueling as well...I started out and just ran to the end of the road (about 0.9miles) and back. Take some water and repeat until whipped out. It was comforting not to have my fuel belt on as well as know water is no more than a mile behind me.

I really hope Oct. 4th is not a hot day. I will be miserable for 26.2 miles. I'm sorry it was a little cold for all of you people last year but I will take cold and rainy over hot and sunny any day on a long run.

Enough for now...I'm off to be productive.

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