Long runs galore...

So it is no secret that school has thrown my once steady schedule into a whirlwind of organized chaos. I've been fitting in house work and work outs where they fit. This weekend Steph and I spent two solid days racking the yard, mowing, cutting down over grown bushes, hauling them away, cleaning & organizing the garage, putting in new locks, and entertaining my family Sunday afternoon. We are getting to the end of our immediate "To Do" list. All we really have left is to continue to clean up the over grown parts of the yard, finishing cleaning the basement and to a better job at organizing the pile of housing documents in the office.

Thankfully this has been a week off of school and I can enjoy the coming 3 day camping trip. I'll throw in a 16 mile run one day but other than that it will be hiking, canoeing and beer drinking fun with friends.

That brings me to my title, long runs galor...
Last weeks long run was put off until Econ was finishing, which meant Wednesday evening. That 12 mile went ok. I came home and said "that was as hard as I can run 12 miles right now." It felt good all the way until that last mile. I was running on a trail and I knew there was a drinking fountain 2.5 miles away from my house. I went out comfortable and came back strong. But when I got to that last drinking fountain I couldn't get any water out! It was barely flowing over the edge of the spout. I soon gave up and started my way back at a more comfortable pace hauling my empty fuel belt bottles. Lets just say the last gel I consumed leading up to that drinking fountain didn't stay well in my mouth. I got that cotton mouth sensation and came home walk/running the last mile in 11:20. I was running seriously low...which lead to small cramps while stretching post run. All in all I think that was a good run, I neg. split the run by over 2 min (even with that final 11:20 mile) to finish with an 10:07 average.

Today is going to be my 14 miler I skipped this weekend to focus on yard work. It is supposed to be sunny and 80+. Hot weather works me over so this should be interesting. Anyone who knows me, knows I "run" hot all the time. My skin is always warm so when you throw me in a warm climate I'm instantly sweating buckets. I'm going to need to be smart about my route tonight, making sure I work in known "working" drinking fountains or water stops.

Then sometime this weekend I'll hit up another long run, 16 miles, while I'm up north camping. I haven't decided when I want to do it yet but either way I'll be enjoying some nice country scenery. Maybe Saturday morning so I can just spend the rest of Saturday dragging my feet over the front end of a canoe with a beer in my hand.

3 long runs in 1.5 weeks has left little time for other work outs. Steph and I did a recovery ride last week and then I counted the 2 days of yard work as cross training. I'm hoping this week will have a recovery ride tomorrow, Wednesday easy run, Thursday hard ride, then the weekend is up in the air as to where the long run will fit.

I hope everyone is having a good Monday! I'll check in on everyone later!

LG  – (July 28, 2009 at 12:38 PM)  

yardwork definitely counts for crosstraining! welcome to the world of crosstraining, err, i mean home ownership. be careful getting all those long runs in so close together...recovery is just as important

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