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What a weekend!

I hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did.

I just want to throw in the word homework because it doesn't show up that much in the rest of this post. :-)

Last week I tripled the amount of workouts I had been getting in from 1 to 3! I got in two good runs. Both were shorter runs but I'm ok with that, my base isn't where it should be. Especially considering that TODAY is the beginning of training for TCM2. Saturday morning I started out the day with a 7am bike ride. It wasn't a long one but I shot over to a friend's house (only a few miles from my new house in 2 weeks!) and road down the Gateway Trail. I ended up with 17 miles at 18 mph. It wasn't the fastest ride but my legs (mostly my calf) were tired from the run the day before. After the ride the peeps were finally awake and I changed at their house, ate a banana and PB&J (second breakfast) and we were on our way for 18 holes of golf!

I actually took the "Assistant Coach" (Mr. Garmin) along on the golf trip. I wanted to see how far I actually walk on a course. This course is 5793 yards (roughly 3.3 miles) long (tee to green, tee to green). With some zig zagging around holes and into different fairways on the front 9 I quickly added to that total. This was my first round of golf in over a year and I straightened it out some what on the back 9. Total I walked 4.92 miles. I will say, there were a couple good "jaunts" between holes. Saturday was 85 and sunny all day, it was a great day for an early ride followed by a good game of golf! Plus walking 5 miles with a 35 pound bag on your shoulder = 616 extra cals. according to the coach.

Today I begin the marathon training. Since my base is lacking I'm starting the first couple weeks pretty easy then doing a SOLID build. This week I'm GOING to get in all 3 runs I have scheduled and hopefully 1 bike ride. Then next weekend is a long camping/canoe'in weekend. It should be FUN!


FIrst long run of the season...

I've been bustin' my butt with HW most of this weekend.  After 4 hours of reading global econ on Friday evening I took the rest of the night off and drank a few too many beers.  The left me in rough shape Saturday morning but didn't slow down the important activities of the day; get home owners insurance and a trip to Home Depot.  Steph and I looked at window treatments, cab. hardware, light fixtures and area rugs.  After that I hit the books again and finished almost all of my reading for the week.  Today I hit up some more homework, and went out for my first "long run" of the training season and jumped right back into home work.  

Today's run was supposed to be a long run with Pharmie down in St. Paul on Grand Ave. after the  Grand Old Days celebration.  Sorry for having to bail on your Pharmie!  I just couldn't justify the driving time away from school work.  So this afternoon I headed out for my "long run" deck out in cold weather gear!  Seriously, it was 48 degrees with occasional mists here.  THIS IS JUNE!  45 in the middle of the afternoon!  The first few miles of the run went well.  About mile 3 I got stuck at a stop light and when I started back up I noticed I was a little stiff in my calves.  WTF.  Ok, keep going.  Mile 4 and I'm starting to feel some twinges.  Grrrr.  The rest of me is fine, why is wrong with this calf!  4.5 and I'm thankful this was a loop.  I started to head home because my calf was cramping and I couldn't loosen it up.  I finished a 5 mile "long run" (I was hoping for 8-10).  

I think I decided my calf issues are mostly due to WEIGHT!  I've been gaining weight regularly since last October.  It is time to cut that shit out!  It helps that I have to fit in a tux this August and look good, as well as NEXT MAY!  :-)  

Steph and I both would like a new TV when we move into our house, but today Steph brought up the idea that we can't get a TV until we reach a weight loss goal.  I think that sounds like a good idea!  I'm very goal oriented and that would be a great goal for me...besides the marathon.  :-)


The king of Quick updates

Hey all! I just wanted to throw down another quick update.

Running and biking aren't going so well. I'm only finding time for a work out or two a week! This really needs to change! Marathon training starts in 12 days for me...I am not ready! I do not have a good enough base! This first month or so of training is going to be painful! Needless to say, I'm a little nervous about how this season is going to to with all the other things I have thrown on my plate right now.

As for the house situation...the inspection went well. We are just waiting on the bank's appraisal. Steph and I took a short trip to Menard's the other day though to look at paint, rugs, window coverings, etc. We are really excited! We think we picked out most of the colors for the main floor, as far as paint goes. We also found two rugs we like, we are planning to look at more over the next month but might be back to buy those on July 2!

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!


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