Happy News!

They took our offer as is!  So, if the inspection...appraisal and stuff go well I will be a home owner on July 1!  WOOT!


We are still waiting...

We are still waiting on the response for the house...

Other than that, I woke up at 5:30 am not able to sleep and went for a short run because I couldn't sleep. So there are good and bad benefits to this unknown...


Wish me luck!

Put anothe offer on a house!  I have a better feeling about this one!  Cross your fingers for me!


Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying our lovely holiday weekend!  I know I am! 

After I knock off my 3 miler today I'll be three for three on workouts this weekend.  Saturday monring I hit up a 5 miler before Steph and I went house hunting.  I met a friend I hadn't seen in a while.  My runs lately haven't been the greatest my running partner (mr. shadow) and I had a great relaxed run!  Just us and the road.  Let me set the scene...it is about 6:30 in the morning.  It is about 65 degrees and the sun is coming up over your right shoulder.  A calm breeze swirls the sweat off your brow every once and  a while...what a great morning it was to go for a run!  

Steph and I found some very promising homes that morning as well!  We had two that we really wanted to see that we couldn't get into, our realtor couldn't get ahold of them.  I'm sure they were just out of town already.  Even without seeing those two we found two others that meet everything we are looking for except they have smaller dinning rooms.  We would like to entertain and it would just be slightly more complicated with smaller, well non-existent dinning rooms.  They were both eat in kitchens, one had a table tucked in the back of the living room, but it was a small two person table.  Not ideal for seating 8-12.  We are going to see the other two and a few others Steph found over the weekend early this week.  If one looks like the pictures on the inside and has decent bedrooms (not pictured) we'll take it.  The thing looks gorgeous!  Hard wood floors front to back.  Big 6 inch base boards, original turn of the century woodwork with modern updates.  All new appliances, new kitchen counter tops, basically a new kitchen.  Cross your fingers!

Sunday was a semi-relaxed day for me.  I did some reading, well I've really been reading all weekend off and one but Sunday is when I sat down to really crank it out.  Steph and I went for a nice bike ride.  It was 70's and sunny...it was perfect!  I really enjoyed going for a ride with her, we don't get to ride together very often.  I had a few times where I pulled away to do some sustained effort intervals.  I think at the end of the day I did 4 of them.  Pushing as hard as i could for 0.5 miles to 1 mile.  The first one was the hardest, but after that I was ready to kick it every time.  I'd look down and see the speedo reading 28...30...33...33...32...32...31...29...27...and done.  Those were great!  I really don't do enough of them!  When I ride with the Wed. night crew it is like 5 mile repeats.  It seems like we are all out for 5 miles and then we are stopped to re-group.  We typically have 3-4 of us that pull away from the group and then we need to wait for the string of others to catch up.  

Today I'm going to start writing a paper for my Global Econ class.  I've been reading 150 pages in this huge ass global econ book all weekend.  This stuff is so dry, it is hard to keep it moving!  So today I'm sitting down to crank out the paper that is due next Monday on this stuff.  I basically fit two weeks worth of HW into one weekend (if I get the paper done).  Next weekend is my "Memorial Day Weekend".  Steph's little sister is graduating HS next week so we are going down there for a weekend of graduation celebrations!  

Once I get a good crunch of this paper out of the way I'm heading out for an easy 3 miler sometime today.  I've been skipping some of these "easy" runs lately and I need to stop that.  

Anyway, wish me luck on the paper!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!


Holy Wind and Heat

Yesterday Dave Dahl (local weather man) decided to combine the wind and the heat. It was 93 with gusts up to 40 mph when we left for our ride. We decided to head out into the wind first and hopefully keep the wind at our backs most the way home. That idea kind of worked but we had one 6-7 miles stretch of road with a NASTY crosswind. When we finally made the next left and had the wind at our backs life was grand! We ended with close to 39 miles at a 15.2 average. For those wind conditions I'm calling that a good day!

We road pretty hard and I'm feeling it today! I might have to skip my run today and make it up Friday...I think I need a stretch date with the foam roller. I woke up last night with my right calf cramping, not a good feeling!

Anyway, off to be productive at work then hopefully find a house!


Holy Heat!

Workouts have been a struggle lately! I'm finding it hard to schedule workouts with school and house hunting. I'm starting to lose steam with all of them. Especially after yesterday! Yesterday lovely Minnesota hit 93 degrees! Three days ago I went for a bike ride in 45 degrees (mid 30's windchill)! Needless to say, I wasn't ready for that! I was going out for a "easy" 4-5 mile run yesterday and It was cut short. I started out easy, got into a comfortable pace and within 1.5 miles I was hot as hell, couldn't settle my breathing and was feeling highly dehydrated. I ended up running/walking my way home with a desire for water! My mouth was as dry as a dessert! Nearly a 50 degree swing left me in a world of hurt! Hopefully I will acclimate soon, this whole week is supposed to be 70's and 80's.

Yesterday I sat down and made my marathon plan, it starts in 3 weeks! I have to get in my runs and keep building that base so I'm ready!

Today I'm going to hit the bike with the ride group out of LifeTime. Tomorrow is prolly going to be another short run followed by house hunting. :-) Wish me luck!

I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the long weekend!


Holy Windage!

Yesterday I left work a tab bit early. I wanted to get in a long ride, I'd been hoping for this the last few days. The weather looked nice, except they were calling for wind. I was like "Fine, I can handle a little wind." The first 10-15 miles weren't that bad. I just kept pushing along, mostly into the wind. I was riding to the gym to meet up with the Wed night ride crew. Once I got there I stood around and got cold, they were running around 20 min behind schedule. Some people were still pumping tires, putting in a new tube, etc. When we finally hit the road I was sluggish! I was struggling to hold the "B" group's wheels. My legs felt heavy and it didn't get better. The first stretch was back along the way I just came, only in the opposite direction. Wind at our back! Great! Except they all had fresh legs and wanted to fly. I did my best to keep up. At our "regroup" spot the "A" "B" and "C" groups all arrived around the same time. That was fun. Pretty soon we were underway again, except about 5 of us got caught not being able to cross a busy street. We all said screw-it! We were a good quarter mile behind everyone now. We just took turns pulling. For some reason it felt like I, the only guy, was cycled to the front more often. 2 of the 5 didn't pull at all, that is fine normally but I was hurting!

When we finally got back to the gym a few people wanted to go next door and grab a beer, to bad I still had about 15 miles home. :( The way home wasn't that bad, mostly with the wind at my back. There were a few times when the road curved back into the wind. So, lets get to the fun stuff. I was finishing my last climb of the day. I got to the top and decided to stand up and stretch the legs a bit. WOOOOZERS! Right leg, quad and calf completely locked up. In a faint attempt to bend that leg my other quad locked up. I very awkwardly stopped my bike and un-clipped. Then I noticed I couldn't raise my leg over my bike to dismount. That sucked! I ended up calling for a ride home less than 2 miles away. After a few minutes of water and walking awkwardly my legs loosened up some and I could get off my bike. Soon after my sister showed up to give me a ride home....Thanks sis!

My numbers for that ride:
43.5 miles
14.3 mph average! Yay..that's right...14! Not 18, 19, or 20....14! Holy Windage.


Case of the Mondays

I hope everyone called their mom on Sunday! I had mine over for a bbq with dad and the rest of the fam.

So, after my last post things kinda shifted. Monday morning Steph and I got up to go look at reception halls. Well the first one we went to, the Mankato Armoury, was a big disappointment. We weren't expecting much going into it, but it failed those expectations. I was thinking it might be like a VFW, just for the National Guard, it wasn't. It was a large gym the guard uses to do drills. The floor was a weird plastic floor with basketball lines on it. I was like "Ummm sir, does this come up?" NOPE. Then we found out that they are only $250 cheaper than a hotel for rental, we have to set up and tear down all the tables and everything the day of. Are you kidding me! On to the next place, Country Inn and Suites. "Ok, you don't have the dates we are thinking about but what else do you have an can you show us around?" Ok, sounds great! You set everything up, tear it all down. We just do some of the decorating (or hire it out) and show up. Wow! Ok, we will be in touch. The third place was very similar we left again with a list of dates.

Then on the drive home I get a call from our realtor. He tells me that there was another offer on the house about 4500 above our offer. That is about 3000 above the cap Steph and I put on what we would offer on the house. Ok, we can't match that. All because we were in Mankato and couldn't sign and fax back the agreement that morning. Oh well. We will find another place, just a Monday full of disappointments.

Letter from the seller:
Brad Adams

I Charles XXXXX, owner of 1982 Hilding St, am rescinding my counter offer to Jonathon Borscheid and Stephanie Linder that was verbally offered on 5-10-09. The original contract from the buyers was written on May 7, 2009.

Charles XXXXX


Cross your fingers

We got a steal of a deal talking the seller down 15k!  Cross your fingers that it passes inspections!

If it does we bought a house!


Happy Friday!



What a weekend!

Thank you everyone for the warm regards and congrats! I really appreciate it!

First I just want you all to know I'm still stalking your blogs, just through google reader. I'll catch up with some comments later but for now I have to concentrate on a long week of work and the final project (not the paper mentioned below) that is due for this first class Monday.

Lets start the weekend with a long day of work on Friday (even though I left at 2). That was followed by drinking and BBQ at a friends house. Then I was up at the butt ass crack of dawn for duathlon (I was photographer) about an hour away. The race was fun and they even served burgers post race. I know I wasn't a participant but I hit that up (Thrice!), I was hungry after the night of drinking.

The rest of Saturday was studying for me. I got a good bit done but not as much as I would have hoped for. Sunday Steph and I went to look at some houses. Then it was back to studying for me. I had my first final paper of grad school due Monday. Eventually Sunday night rolls through and I'm falling asleep on my computer around 1:30. Oh yea, you know it is coming. I managed to delete part of my paper from sleeping with my computer on my lap and my hands on the key board. Some time through last week I lost my license, so Monday morning I was at the DMV applying for a new one. I got there 5 min before they opened and there was already 10 people in line, which took like an hour and a half. Holy cow! What kind of issues do people have? It took me 5 min. at the counter. After that I hit up a coffee shop where Steph and I were meeting my cuz the realtor and I managed to recreate 2/3 of what I deleted in an hour. Yay me! Then my cuz took us around to a few homes and we talked about the process a little. We set up another time for Thursday to see some more homes and then Steph and I grabbed lunch! We had a really good lunch at a small pub down the road. Everyone from TC check out the Blue Door! Great burgers!

After a lunch of house talk Steph and I went our separate ways and I went to finish my paper at school. Then 3 hours of class and I was homed 30 min later sleeping on the couch. Then sleeping in my bed, whoops...shut off the alarm in the morning and got to work 45 min late.

Holy cow! What a weekend!

It was a good weekend, just frazzled and crazy.



Well, I have some good news for everyone! I think it is safe to post this now, all the families should know....


I was lucky to find a great girl a few years ago, on some pretty long odds, and I can't let her get away. Ok, the long odds...Here sister and my sister went to pharmacy school together. Neither of them go out for pub crawls but that day they both were planning on going out. My sister and I never went out to a bar together prior to that, it just didn't happen. Well my sister never really went to the bar. So eventually Steph and I were there talking it up and eventually I akwardly, with her sister and brother - in -law there, coaxed her number out of her.

She is the sole person that got me into endurance sports and really loving it. Prior to her I would run 3 or 4 miles but hated every min of it. Because of her I signed up for my first half marathon, I was really trying to impress her because she was training for her first marathon.
Ok, gotta get back to work. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm engaged to the best woman ever!

I Love You Steph!


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