Winter Be Gone...but Spring was out in full force.

Sunday was the coldest, most wet duathlon in history!  Wind temp was in the mid 30's and it was raining off and on.  Twenty min before the race 3 of the 5 of us had thrown in the towel.  It was pouring, transition was flooded and I even think there was hail here and there.  It was nasty!  

Eventually the race director yelled, "Everyone is doing the short course and it starts in 10 min." AER YOU KIDDING ME!  Half the people weren't even ready in transition because of the rain, lightning, hail and possibility of it being canceled.  I was frazzeled with all the rain, I forgot bike shorts and my cold weather gloves in my car.  As people were making their way to the rainy start line 3-4 blocks away I ran back to my car for the gloves, those would be needed on the bike.  

At the start we had to wait an extra ten min because so many people forgot chips since we had 10 min to set up in transition and make our way to the start 3-4 blocks away.  So they brought out chips for everyone who forgot them  and we were off.  I ran the first 2.25 miles with Steph.  It was great to run with her, we haven't ran together in a LONG time.  We took it easy, 9:50's and came into transition comfortably. 

Every leg of the race was out and back so we constantly got to see everyone as on person was heading in as I was still heading out or vice versa.  On the bike I was super comfortable with what I wore, I was a little warm on the runs but I was good on the bike.  I never got passed on the bike!  That felt good! The course was hillier than I remember!  There were a fair number of turns on this short 12 mile out and back course but it seemed like we went into a nice wind for 9 out of the 12 miles.  I looked at my Assistant Coach for the splits and I only had 4 miles with an average above 20mph.  I was definitely going into the wind more than not.  Overall I was 35th out of 115 on the bike with an 18mpg average.  Last year my bike average was 13.5.  I think I officially crushed it!  

The second run was a little iffy at first.  I threw my bike in transition and grabbed the running shoes, which were full of water, and stepped out of transition.  Man my foot felt funny, crap there was a pack of shot blocks in my shoe.  How didn't I notice that!?!  Oh yea, my feet were soaked and was 35 degrees out.  I took those out of my shoe and tossed them back into transition and was off.  The first .5 mile was iffy for me.  My inner thigh and right calf wanted to cramp up.  It was scary for a while, until I noticed that I was cruising at 8:30's.  I slowed down to let my legs loosen up and then picked it back up.  I ended up coming in at 8:26's for the second run. 

My total time was 1:24:03.  Not bad considering the conditions. I was hoping for 1:20:00 (that would have been a good day). I think I was a little optimistic about the bike this early in the season but I felt good and pedaled hard.  

I was having a great time the entire race.  I was cheering for everyone I passed.  Saying hi to the volunteers.  I had a good day regardless the conditions.

I haven't had time to get some photos so stop by Steve's blog or Brian's Blog.  Jeremy, Pharmie and her brother (Matt) and sister (Steph) were present as well.  Steph!!! Congrats on your first du!  I hope next week has perfect conditions!

I'm looking forward to another "A" group ride tomorrow where I get my butt kicked just trying to hold some one's back tire.  I need to get faster and catch Steve who led the group's bike average, only because Jeremy broke a chain.  In my defence Steve, Matt, Pharmie and Jeremy all have bikes that easily give them 1-2 mph....just wanted to throw that in there for the fat man (me) trying to keep up with these beautifully aero tri bikes.  


What a differnce a day makes...or two.

First off...TGIF! I hope everyone had a great week! I'm finally starting to get in full weeks of workouts and balance school with work. It feels really good.
Short recap:

Tuesday was a 4 mile run at 9:15's. It was a moderate to easy pace on rolling felt great!

Wednesday was a group ride. The Lifetime ride started back up, so I'll be doing that every Wed. for pretty much the rest of the summer. I had a good time, I rode with the "A" group for the first time. I was successful at not getting dropped so I was happy. There were a few times when I looked down and we were cruising at 28-30mph in the paceline. HOLY COW! We actually caught the "C" and "B" groups who left before us(within the first 10 miles), and we had one guy with two bike issues we stopped for. After that we kind of rode easy with the "B+" group. It was a good day!

Thursday was another 4 mile run. I actually stopped at 3 miles because my calf was acting up again and I didn't want to be out of commission for this weekend's race. I still averaged 9:12's over the 3 miles at a comfortable 155 HR average. I love those easy recovery miles!

Today will probably be an EASY bike ride and date with the foam roller. I really need to do some work on the right calf. I've been throwing around the idea of testing some compression socks...anyone have any thoughts?

I sure wish 2XU would send me a trial pair and make me a believer!

Other advise needed!

I ran across a triathlon that sounds fun. I'll most likely do it, it is just whether or not I do the long course. It is around 12 weeks away....Can I be ready to swim a mile by then? Going from pretty much ground zero. I have a slight base with all the drills I was doing to prepare for the indoor tri but after that I really fell off on the swim.

So here is how the race sets up:
Long Course: 1 mile swim, 34 mile bike, 9 mile run

Short Course: .25 mile swim, 14 mile bike, 4.4 mile run

Any thoughts? How long will it take for me to be up to the task of swimming a mile? Can it be done in 12 weeks? Or do I do the short course swim and "get lost" on the long bike/run courses. :-)

Have a great weekend!


The day I ran 26,000 miles

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had some BEAUTIFUL weather in MN! The last week has been full of 60 and 70 degree days, I couldn't ask for better weather!


For starters, and those who may have missed my last post, I signed up for Twin Cities Marathon (TCM). This will be my second marathon, TCM 2008 was my first marathon. I'm excited to have something to train for...I mean to REALLY train for. I currently have some other races on my calendar (duathlon, half marathon, TTs) that I can push myself for pace, but that just doesn't get me motivated as much as pushing myself farther. Pushing myself to those distances that hurt to keep going.

Last year I just wanted to finish the marathon and that really hasn't changed going into this year. Last year I had something to prove, this year I really just want to get back to the point I was at least year. I was nearly 20 pounds lighter, I looked for reasons to go for a run. This year I've been looking for reasons to skip workouts. So I guess what I'm getting at is that my major goals for this year, and marathon:

  • Finish
  • Lose weight
  • Successfully scare myself into training
  • Have fun
  • And of course, beat last years 4:39

I hope I see some farm animals on the course again!

Moving on, I've gotten in a solid week of workouts! 2 solid bike rides, 2 solid runs and 1 brick workout that left me out of commission the last two days. I did a hard rolling hills ride last Wednesday and then Thursday I joined up with Matt (the cow in the picture above) for a good brick ride. We did a 19.4 mile ride with a few "straight up" climbs. After the Wednesday's ride (and the 2 runs the 2 consecutive days prior) my legs were a little tired! Matt and I hit the flats hard and attacked the hills. Take a look at the two hills we ended with, OUCH! They weren't the longest hills but they were steep!

After that ride we laced up the running shoes and within a few blocks my calf started cramping up. It was bothering me a little on the two final hills but on the run it left me unable to run. I had to walk a few blocks. After that I did manage 26000 miles! That's right!

If you can't read the image below, it says I ran 26,669 miles in 13 min and 51 seconds. In reality it was 1.4 miles in that 14 min. I just want to thank Garmin for the smile and story!

I'm looking forward to next weekend! I've got my first duathlon of the year next Sunday! It should be a good time! Last year I did it on my 12 year old mountain bike because my new road bike was in the shop. My results from last year was:

  • Run 1 (2 miles): 17:46
  • Bike (12 miles): 57:41 12.5 mph/average
  • Run 2 (2 miles): 20:34

This year I want to destroy that time! I'm in much worse running shape but much better biking shape (and I have an actual road bike this year!). I'd like to average 9 min miles on the runs (or better) and crank out a 19-20 mph average (36 min). So that would take me from last years 1:39:17 total time to 1:15:00 (adding in a few min for transition). I know that is an optimistic time, but 1:15 - 1:20 would be a good race for me next weekend. Even at 1:20 that cuts off nearly 20 min! WOWZERS!

I hope everyone has a good week!


The day I ran 26,000 + miles...coming later this weekend

Wow...where have I been this week!?! Who knows! I know this will sound like a broken record but I've had one hell of a week! I haven't barely started my HW for this week. On the flip side I have gotten in a full weeks (except 1 day) worth of workouts. A couple runs, a couple good bikes! I'll share some of that later this weekend...for now I just have one summer changing thing to announce!


Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

I'm excited to get in a good weekend of workouts! I'm planning on an easy run tonight, 30 min TT on the bike tomorrow morning, easy short bike on Sunday (after eating a bunch of delicious food!) then a 9-10 mile run on Monday. I think I'm getting back into the swing of things! Now, how to get to the gym and hit some weights...


Who loves recieveing a package? I DO!

I got home today and while I was pulling up I saw a large box sitting outside of my door.  It was my new kicks!  My last new pair of sneaks were chewed up by a crabby dog.  :-(  I did a little checking around and I actually found the shoes I trained all last summer in.  And ran Twin Cities Marathon in...there is a little bit of an attachment issue.  I didn't want to get rid of them, but I just can't run much in them.  I get those little aches and pains.  They have well over 400 miles on them so they have to do.

So on I found the exact pair, I went as far to compare the SKU number on the little tag inside the shoe.  They were only like $60 online, I paid $90 from the local running store so I bought two while I had the chance.  I'm not sure if I will alternate shoes, or just use one pair until they are toast.  Any thoughts?  Do you alternate shoes?


NEW KICKS IN FRONT.  Old pair in the back.

So, who's excited for EASTER!  I am!  I'm playing host to the fam again.  I'll be making a lovely ham, some kind of veggies (prolly grilled) and some 'doctored up' baked beans (they are at EVERY family gathering).  I've delegated the salad, potatoes and desserts.  I should have a much easier day than last Thanksgiving when I did everything.  I mean what do I really have to do...a crock pot of beans, throw the ham in and grill some veggies.  This will be easy!

I'm not sure I've mentioned this before but I'm now through 8 days of no sweets.  This might not sound like much, but I am around them everywhere!  My sister loves to bake and makes cookies, pies, bars...whatever every week!  And my floor at work is large enough that there is always someone having a B-Day or some other reason they bring in cake, cookies at least 3 times a week.  And of course the table it sits on is pretty close to me AND between me and a few other team members.  Keep in mind I walk over to these team members 10+ times a day.  At the end of the day I'm a sucker for a cookie while making dinner after a good workout.  Who isn't?  So...for April I'm not touching any sweets!  8 days successful and counting!

Last but not least I thought I would bring you an actual workout that we've been doing in our Wed. Spin classes.  They are always different so this was just today's.  Side note:  our Wed. Night spin instructor has a professional coach and Wed is supposed to be her interval/tempo day so that is what we've been doing the last few months.  Ok, here is the workout...

  1. 15 min
Simulated Race

Micro Bursts (hard effort / barely spin)
  1. 15 sec. on/ 15 sec. rest  (5 min)
  2. 20 sec. on/ 10 sec. rest (5 min)
  3. 30 sec. on/ 15 sec. rest (6 min)
  4. 1 min on/ 30 sec. rest (5 min)
  1. 5 min Big Ring - loaded hill climb (roughly 60-70 cad.)
  2. 1 min rest (easy spin)
  3. 5 min Big Ring - loaded hill climb (roughly 60-70 cad.)
  4. 1 min rest (easy spin)
Race Winning Move
  1. 30 sec. sprint w/ medium load
  2. 3 min hammering w/medium load
  3. 10 sec. all out sprint to the finish


First tramp stamp of the season

Wow, I feel good!  I'm starting to take control and find some balance with school/work/training.  Thursday I did my first out door bike ride.  I did a solid 19 miles.  I forgot to reset my Garmin from my last run so the pace was off, but I think it was around 19 mph.  Friday I did a nice 4 mile run.  I live by a HUGE hill so I start or stop every workout with this hill.  Friday I chose to end it with the hill.  When i got to the hill at the end of the run I took the down hill portion easy and just tried to find a good song for the next two min of hell!  Because of my wonderful assistant coach (Mr. Garmin) I can keep track of my pace and time it takes me to do this hill every time.  The last three times I've done it I was at a 9:45/mile pace, 9:25, 9:22 and on Friday I ran it at 8:43/min pace!  WHOOT!  I hit that biatch hard!  I was toast at the top of the hill but bring on spring, I'm ready to train hard.

With that in mind I went out for a nice 10 mile run today.  It was a lovely 32 degrees (26 windchill) with a fresh inch or so of snow on the ground.  I grab some gel and my fuel belt and went out the door.  I don't know why, but I was running 9:30's to start and this felt easy.  I tried to slow down, but didn't find it comfortable.  A few miles in I settled into my 9:45-10:00 min pace.  The first 5 miles flew by, I was feeling great and loving life!  It was a beautiful time to run.  30 degrees, light flurries and the sun was out.  When I turned around I started to get cold, the wind picked up a little ( I was on top of a hill ).  I just threw the gloves back on and found a new song to distract me with.  Eventually I was hidden from the wind by houses and buildings and I had the gloves back off in a matter of min.  Everything was great...until... a little over a mile to go.  I started getting THE've all seen that person running weird because they are clenching their butt cheeks.  Yep, that was me.  Around mile 9.6 I called it quits!  It was either stop or 'go'.  I walked/jogged the last .8 miles back to the house.  I was happy to see that my 9.6 miles was done in 10:02...right on my 10 min pace!  I couldn't have been happier, well maybe if that last mile would have been better!  

***EDIT***So the reason for the title on the blog post...I chaffed for the first time this year where my fuel belt rubs in the back at my waist line.  Oh the feeling of getting in the shower with freshly rubbed raw skin and salty sweat water running through it.....oh yea that's good!

I just put a half marathon on the schedule, Grandpa Stays Home Half Marathon on June 6th.  I haven't see a course or anything but the timing fits around other obligations.  

Last but not least I decided on a name for my bike!  Some where on my run the name Jonny Poser popped into my head and I fell in love!  Can't  you just picture some guy with the name Jonny Poser on an aero helmet and you pass him.  :-)  That would be hilarious!  So, I'm Jonny and my bike is Poser.  Poser wants to be a race bike but he is missing a few wheels, a better component group, he also needs to cut some weight.  The picture to the right is Mr. Poser and I playing sherpa at Grandma's Marathon last year.

If you didn't catch it before my Garmin was name Assistant Coach on my run today to.  He can't be coach, he only gives me all the info I need to make the plan.


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