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I'm just throwing a quick update down, I need to study!

I had a nice chat with my boss about 'rush' projects and how I'm not doing them any more. Somehow I was thrown two last week, which is why I about died from lack of sleep. The good news is they are both done and happy with the information they have. I've gotten in a few runs this week, I hope to bike tomorrow! I really need to get in some speed work at the end of the week here, we are less than a month away from the Winter Be Gone Duathlon.

I hope all of you are doing well! I'll be stalking your blogs later tonight...after reading and a beer with some friends.


I'M DONE!  I officially turned in my assignment for school at 12:00am 3/28.  That is technically 1 min late (11:59) but I'm confident that I won't get docked 10% because it was late, at least I hope not!

I know I worked like a dog all week but this was a rewarding day!  I feel like I answered 2 of the 3 discussion questions with really good thought out replies.  The third was a little 'shooting from the hip' since it was the last one and I started it with 15 min left.  I put my mental diarrhea on the page and posted it 1 min late.  Oh well.  

1 of the big projects I was working on all week gave the team some really good information.  This is for a product that doesn't exist yet, nothing like it on the market and I gave the team exactly what they need and then some to take this product past feasibility to prototype.  :-)  We got importance scores of different attributes of the product on the individual level.  We can calculate the most preferred product on the individual level, most preferred product by industry (data showed preference difference between industries), messaging for each industry, price sensitivity and demand on the industry level.  It feels good when you put together a research study that gives the product/marketing teams all the information they need to take this to the next level.  

FYI - I'm watching COPS right now and some guy said he hasn't smoked any pot tonight and he has a half smoked roach tucked on top of his ear.  Wow..how out of it is this guy!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I'm going to go to sleep and not set my alarm.  I'm hoping to go for a long run 8-10 miles today.  I'll see how I feel when I wake up, I would like to take the trainer tire off my bike and hit the pavement sometime soon.  



Well, I'm still alive! One presentation done and delivered! One to go, just a few things to finish up and I'll be knocking that thing out of the park. After that I'm going to come home and try to fake my homework...I'm basically going to give it the old "take home test method". I'm going to look at the questions we are supposed to answer (in depth) and skim the reading looking for those answers. I do have something to look forward to, Steph is going to bring me dinner! Yay! Thank you Steph!

Hope everyone has a great day and weekend!



My garmin, bike, running shoes, bike shoes (both pairs) are all pissed at me.  Why might you ask?  After my great weekend I got in a SOLID day or HW on Monday prior to class.  Ever since I've done nothing but work, sleep, work, miss meals, work, work, scrounge for a good hearty meal crap to eat.  But there is an end in sight!  Friday!  Yay....oh wait....it is only Wednesday.  And as soon as I finish these two projects I get to dive straight into a late night of school work.  I have to read a hundred pages...maybe two hundred  ( I haven't looked yet) and answer some discussion board questions in detail with a well thought out answer. I have this feeling I'm going to skim the reading searching for answers to the questions and hopefully get lucky and not miss something major.

If you wonder what I look like after a nice stretch of work, little sleep, lots of caffeine and neglect for personal hygiene just take a look below...


A weekend of races

Saturday was the stationary bike race. It was a super fun time! Everyone was really nice and committed to raising funds for cerebral palsy. I ended up riding two sessions on the bike since our team was short a few people. My first ride was all out! I pushed as hard as I could at the time. Looking back I wonder if I could have pushed just a little harder if I had known what the winning distance would be (like Ralph knew he had my 10.3 miles to beat). Anyway, I won't dwell on the fact that I lost by 0.06miles. Ralph inched me out literally at the gun! He was very kind and hit the brake on the back tire (as I did) when the 25 min was up. We knew it would be close so we rode the same bike, stopped it with the brake and just tried to be fair. I think we did a good job and he was the ultimate victor. I didn't have as much for the second ride, I rode 8.6 miles in the 25 min. Not as good as the first one but not bad either.

Here are a few pics of the day...

There are actually no pics of me, that I have. The person who used my camera didn't take any that turned out.

Here is a shot of the room. Each team had a table with a bike next to it. They switched bikes around as people needed, for size. You'll see people around the rider cheering them on and fanning them with piece of boxes (that felt SO GOOD!).

Here is Ralph digging deep around half way through his ride. His daughter is there telling him where he is at for speed and distance. By the end of his ride our entire team was cheering him on.

Any event with some dancing fools has to be fun right?!?

On Sunday I signed up for the St. Patty's Day Human Race 5k. My friends Heidi and Holly were doing it so I decided to do it with them. After my hard effort Saturday this was a recovery run for me. The goal was to get Heidi across the line at 30 min. Holly and I were trying to pace her to her goal. Heidi just missed her goal, I'm sure she will get that soon. Just past half way I thought Holly was picking it up and somehow Holly thought I was picking it up. Well we ended up dropping Heidi and came in at 28 something. Heidi wasn't far behind us 30:30 ( I think ).

Here is a pic of all of use before the start...

Heidi just past half way still smiling (on the right)...

I had a great weekend of races! I hope you all had a great weekend!


Date with the foam roller

Monday I went out for a nice 9 mile run.  I went out with no course, distance, etc in mind.  I ended up running on a road that had a little too much grade.  I switched sides a few times but I eventually started to feel some tightness in my IT band.  I actually stopped at my parents house on my run to have one of them give me a ride home.  It was either run another 2.5 miles home or call it a day and not push it.  So after a really hard spin class yesterday my IT band was really tight today.

I had a 'man date' with an old HS friend tonight and after that I went on a date with the foam roller.  Let me say...OUCH.  I've befriended the foam roller previously but this time the foam roller was not my friend.   The foam roller just laid on there as I passed my body over it time and time again.  It hurt!  The foam roller did nothing to ease the pain, it seemed to intensify.  After 6 - 8 passes in each spot I had to call it quits.  

Tomorrow is going to be an easy 90 min spin.  Saturday is my Stationary Bike Race to benefit Cerebral Palsy.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED TO THIS GREAT CAUSE!  If you still want to donate or find out more about the race and cause please visit my personal donation site.  http://www.firstgiving.com/borschintraining

If I only ride one 25 min time trial on the bike I might head out for some intervals, if I end up doing 2 (our team is short three people as of yesterday) I may wait until Sunday.  I'd like to get in some solid half mile intervals before the Winter Be Gone Duathlon next month.  I think I'm in good shape for doing long runs but another faster than 9:30's really starts to zap me.  I'm going to do the short course for the Winter Be Gone which is 2.25 mile run, 13 mile bike and it finishes with a 2 mile run.  So it is time for some speed work! 


Biggest Loser Half Marathon

I'm really proud of all the BL contestants!  Everyone pushed themselves and accomplished new PR's in distance.  I know I was a little taken back in my last post, still curious though, when they first announced this challenge but it still sounds like a leap from where they were at.  

OK, who didn't get choked up when they were finishing?  I know I did!  I remember that feeling of crossing the finish line all too well.  My first half marathon wasn't that long ago, fall of 2007.  At mile 12 I had to fight back tears because I knew I was going to do it.  Who remembers that?  I hope you do!  That was the moment in my weight loss (scroll down a few posts) that I truely felt like I could do anything.

My first marathon was just last fall.  I hope that feeling never goes away...that sense of accomplishment and pride.  




Did they get any guidance on hydration?  Nutrition?  Enduralytes?

Seriously, I want to know the longest distance they have run at the BL campus...


Spring is in the air!

A few of you asked about about class starting on a Friday...Friday and Saturday was a mandatory Leadership Seminar for the program.  So it technically wasn't class.  Classes actually start next Monday.  We already have a TON of reading to do.  And starting in two weeks we will have a paper due every week.  Keeping up with school work and working 40 hours a week will definitely keep me busy.  I'm planning on a few 5 am workouts to keep me on track and free up the evenings for studying ( I study better at night).  

As for today, it is finally 60+ degrees here in MN!  I'm planning on hitting the road for a 7+ mile run.  I'm not sure how far I will go, I have 7 on the schedule but I may go longer if I'm enjoying myself and the weather.  We are supposed to have 50's and 60's all week so I should get in some quality workouts outside without having to wear 80 layers of clothing.

Yesterday I hit the roads on the mountain bike.  The roads around here have far too much salt and sand on them still for me to want to take the road bike out.  I didn't do anything hard, just road around, cruised through the LARGE puddles, flung some mud around and came back dirty as hell after 15 miles of riding.  It was a great day!

I hope everyone is having a good start to the week!  And forgive me if I fall behind no blogging!


I love it!

It was 50 degrees and sunny when I got out of class today!  I went for a run in shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt and had to roll up the sleeves!  I LOVE IT!

I can't wait for regular 50's and 60's.  


Back To School

I start grad school today.



"Tales of a Virgin Athlete"

Steve is currently hosting a contest, which closed last night. I found it very hard to stick to 300 words. When I started writing I hit 300 words half way through. Go ahead, count the words...300 exactly! Anyway, I thought I would share my entry with you...

It’s Christmas Eve 2005. I’m working for a local paper company driving truck. The time is 9pm and I’m just beginning my shift. I’m loading my truck full of papers for stops between Red Wing, MN and Lacrosse, WI. I’m prepared for a long night, this route usually take 9-10 hours.

Jump ahead 3 months. I’m beginning to establish myself in my first corporate position. I was on top of the world, no more working nights and lots of disposable income. I denied myself nothing! 700 calorie mochas, burger and fries for lunch, DQ anytime and plenty of beer. I never turned down a friend who wanted to close down the bar.

Jump ahead another 3 months. I’m beginning notice significant change in my body. I’ve went up a pants size and I’m tipping the scale at 295 pounds. My roommate and I decided we wanted to start working out again so we joined a gym. I would hit the Stairmaster for 15 – 20 min and then we would do some upper body lifting. We were both football players and went back to what we knew, lifting. One day we decided to give running a shot.

We laced up our shoes and headed out for a 2 mile loop. Within the first 6 blocks I found myself walking to the top of our first hill. I made it to the top and started running again. Within a few more blocks I was huffing and puffy. No I wasn’t preparing to blow any houses down; I just couldn’t control my breathing. I eventually ran/walked the rest of the loop and every other day until it was too cold to run outside. Over time I started to feel good, I felt strong! I rarely denied myself the opportunity to run my loop.




Indoor Tri Photos and Results

If you haven't read yesterday's recap of the indoor tri please see the last post.

The official results are in and the actual results are below it. They had a typo that cost me 5 points. Either way I cracked the top 3rd. Click on the thumbnail to blow it up.

*EDIT- Oops! I was wrong. I forgot when I was giving myself more points for moving up in the run that others would be moving down. Lifetime emailed me this morning and told me they fixed my results...I think they are doing blog mining. I actually moved up to 21st!
ps.. I can't think at night, 21st is just outside of the top 3rd...27th and 30th is the middle of the middle. D'OH! No more writing blog posts while sleep.

Here are some photos...

Everyone at the beginning...

3 of the girls starting the bike...

The rest of us beginning the bike...

Sometime around 15 min in, I think I'm checking Steve's distance...

Split decision...

All focus...

Running wild...


Indoor Tri Recap

Today is the day I'm going to become a triathlete*.  You may ask why the asterisk...well this is an indoor tri where you can finish as long as you don't quit.  You don't have to cover any set distance, just show up and swim for 10 min, bike for 30 min and run for 20 min at YOUR pace.  This race also has some long transitions t1=10min t2=5min.  To be honest, they went by very quickly!  During t1 some people are still making their way out of the pool and heading into the locker room.  I then toweled off quick threw on bike shorts and a shirt (compression shirts suck to get on while you are wet!).  Then you walk/jog through the club to the bike studio, set up your bike and get ready to go.  I was ready with 2 min to go, 8 min flew by!  t2 is simply a walk out of the bike studio out to the main exercise floor, it seemed that most of us were there waiting to go with 2 or 3 min left.

It was 7 am when I met Steve and 4 of his students at Lifetime.  Myself and the 4 ladies had never done any form of triathlon.  Here is a quick photo of us prior to the start.

Now lets get move onto the good stuff...

The Swim

10 min of who knows what will happen.

I really had no idea what to expect here.  I go in the pool with the idea that I was going to give it my best.  I know I went out too hard when Steve and I started and I was barely 8 feet behind him.  To be honest, I completely forgot about the drills and doing correct movements on the 6 (of 16) drills I've completed in the Total Immersion program.  After 3 laps (6 lengths) I was breathing hard.  I stood up for a second at the end of the pool to catch my breath and dove back into it.  Within another couple lengths of the pool I was swimming freestyle 1 length of the pool and back floating back to the other end.  That really did help me catch my breath so I kept doing it until I heard 1 min left.  

I finished with 14 lengths of the pool.  I was really happy with this since I had no idea what I was going to do.

The Bike

30 min of BRING IT!

When the bike began I was ready to bring it for 30 min.  Going into the race I was a little worried about the bikes being set loose.  They were set a little loose, but not as loose as I thought they were going to be.  A few min in the bike I noticed that I was feeling my legs already.  WTF!  I think I kicked too much on the swim.  My legs were already tired, this wasn't going to be good for my goal of winning the bike.  I looked over at Steve's bike computer about half way through and I was about .6 mile ahead of him.  

I think I leaned over to Steve a few times and said I need some different music.  It was nice to have the stereo on with 3 or 4 people hanging out in the bike studio grabbing people water, towels and even biking with them for some motivation.  If this would have been one of my first times in the bike studio I would have loved that, but I am a bike studio veteran.  I didn't want to listen to popular wedding dance songs and other music that was semi-upbeat but still too light and flaky for me.  I wanted some of the new Nickelback, Metalica, ACDC...anything that pumps me up.  

Anyway, with 5 min left I just shut my eyes and focused on my breathing.  When I ended I was at 15.2 miles (just 0.2 miles ahead of Steve).  

The Run

Hold on for 20 min.

The guy working our area said "GO!" and we were off.  You could hear all the beeping of all the treadmills around me as were all speeding them up as fast as we could.  I started out easy at 10 min miles and after 1 song on my ipod (Finally good music) I felt good so I sped up to 9 min miles.  A little while went by but I started noticing my right calf twinging just on the verge of a cramp.  I backed it off a bit and just played a little game, 1 song at 9 min miles, 1 song at 10 min miles.  I was able to keep my calf from totally locking up but that wasn't too much fun.

I finished with 2.1 miles.  I am happy with this, I went into this hoping to keep a 10 min mile.


It was a good day!  I had a hard workout by 10 am and I can now call myself a triathlete*.  

More photos and results to follow tomorrow.


Who's excited?!?

Sunday is my first attempt at a multi sport event that involved swimming, biking AND running.  I'm super pumped for it!  Maybe not as pumped as Steve but I'm still pretty excited.  I don't have many goals for this race.  It feels weird not to have an idea about what I will be able to do in a race.  I don't know what to expect on the swim.  I really have no goals for it.  I am guessing I won't come in last, but will be far from the front.  As for the bike I'd like to take 1st...I probably won't but that doesn't mean I'm not going to shoot for it.  I'm in the last wave so I should have a good idea about what I have to beat.  Honestly, I'll be happy as long as I give a good effort even if I place towards the middle of the pack.  Moving on to the run...who knows!  I've done a few bricks and a few spin classes followed by an easy 1 mile run off but I've never pushed all out for 30 min on the bike and then tried to run hard at a 2% incline.

Whatever the day brings I'm sure it will be a good time. 


T - Minus

I feel like things are always sneaking up on me lately...

T - minus 5 days until the Lifetime Indoor Tri. My first tri, even though I don't think I'm counting it as an official tri.

T - minus 11 days until grad school starts. My program starts 3-4 cohorts a year making it more flexible for working professionals.

T - minus 45 days until the Twin Cities Marathon sign up opens. I'm not sure if I want to do it again while training for a tri (maybe) attempting to work and do school work. I really enjoyed the way I felt last year, I looked good, my jeans fit better. So I'm just throwing it out there, it has been on my mind lately.

T - minus 55 days until he Winter Be Gone Duathlon. This was my first multi sport event last year that I had to do on my 12 year old Schwinn since my new road bike at the time was in the shop. I had a 13.5 mph average on the bike last year, I'd like to destroy that this year. I'm shooting for a 20 mph bike average. If you are in the Midwest come join us...I think we have a good crew 5 - 7 people doing this race this year.

T - minus 22 pounds until I'm at my goal weight. I don't know what happened after Twin Cities Marathon last year, but I pretty much put on a pound a week until Christmas and now I'm paying the price for not being conscious. I'm down 4 pounds in the last two weeks, lets keep this going down.

On to other news, I did the Total Conditioning class last night and it kicked my butt! I made a huge mistake with not eating before I went. I crashed and got nauseous and light headed. It wasn't fun. We started with some step, jumping squats and jumping jacks to get our heart going. Then we moved into push ups on those half balance bars holding a body bar, uneven push ups (1 hand on the half ball, 1 hand on the floor), ad decline push ups (toes up on the half ball). After that we did more squats and lunges, with and without weights, on a step lunging up and down off the step in different directions. Then we did some back stuff with our dumbbells and bands while moving and lunging and squatting. We then did some more bicep, tricep work with the dumbbells. Finished everything off with abs and some yoga stretching. THIS CLASS KICKED MY ASS! I'll be doing this class again, but I'll have to remember to eat better before I show up.

A middle aged man that cycles with me on Wednesdays was talking some shit to myself and to some of the other ladies in the class around us.

I just want to say one last thing...
1) I don't care if you are almost twice my age
2) You have been doing this class every week for the last two years...lets go do any of the P90X workouts and I'll make you look like my little bitch. Or lets hit the pavement with some running shoes for a speed workout, I bet I make you puke!
3) If you are going to talk smack about us "cocky young bucks" you should at least be able to do the moves. I want to see your chest get to the ground on the push ups! I want to see your leg at a 90 degree angle with your knee over your toe while lunge...none of this two inch squat shit.
4) When we were doing jumping squats I want to see you actually fight for some height, not just going through the motions.
5) How about we don't swing the weights bicep and tricep work! Try controlling the weights, it hurts more!
6) Watch out on the bike...no more sucking my wheel for 20+ miles every Wed. I'm going to walk right by you before you have a chance to jump into my draft.

Normally I don't have a problem with people at the gym, but who starts talking smack about people? Especially when that person is actually trying. They are doing what they can do. There is just no class in that. Or if you want to talk shit, do it when they can't hear you.

That's all I got....I'm out...have a good day!


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