Make you wanna puke intervals

Last night I joined the normal crew+a few others for Patti's spin class. She has always been nothing but intense and yesterday was no exception. I hurt my knee a little over the weekend and was planning to just show up and spin easy through the class. Why does that never happen? Seriously? I always get caught up in her class and then I'm kicking my butt later for being stupid. I thankfully didn't get hurt yesterday. When we started Patti informed us that we were doing intervals...ok I can handle that. We have never done intervals like this before. I have never pushed so hard on a bike, this class was probably not meant for half the people in the room. Some of these people don't work out enough or hard enough to be at the point where they can push themselves in zone 5 for a few min.

Here are the details:

  • 15 min warm-up

  • 5 ALL OUT intervals (4 min, 3, 2, 3, 4)

  • 4 min recovery after each interval

I burned more calories in that class than any normal Wed. spin class with Patti. (1234 compared to 800-900 calories) Take a look at my heart rate through the class, I does a great job at telling the story. Click on the thumbnail to blow it up.

If you are interested in a group bike/run see last post.


Calling All Minnesotans!

Who is up for a group training session?  

There have been a number of inquiries from some of you out there for some long training rides.  I'd be up for a 2-4 hour ride with a short run afterwards.  As always people can customize to meet their own needs/wants.

As for location here are a few options I thought of:
  • meet up at some one's house/garage with bikes and trainers
  • we can all meet up at a gym (I could try to get guest passes at Lifetime) and use their bike studio
  • if anyone has any other suggestions let me know
As for times/dates:
  • I have my first tri on March 8th, so I could do something easy on the 7th
  • The weekend of March 14th might be my first day of grad school.  I'm still waiting on my acceptance letter (or rejection).  Either way, I'm free that Sunday.
  • After that just about any weekend works for me.  
  • What works for others?  (see sidebar pole.)


5 Hour Spin...NOT

Just a quick update here.

1) I’m still sick, barely noticeable to everyone else but I feel congested and a little out of it.

2) The 5 hours spin was cut short. I stepped off the bike around 3:20 into the ride. I wasn’t feeling bad or really hurting I just decided that I had enough and didn’t want to over work it on Sunday which would leave me on the sidelines for other workouts this week. And to be honest, I’m not training for anything that requires more than 3 hours and 20 min of effort. Really I’m not training for much other than a 2mile/14mile/2mile duathlon.

Steve, Pharmie, Steph and Matt joined me for the spin. Steph and Steve both went around 3:20 and 3:30 as well. Matt did 4 hours and Sarah stayed on all 5 hours.

A little side note about the 5 instructors that made the time go by…some were better than others. Lady #1 (hour 0-1) was good. She had some good triva. Lady #2 and Guy#1 (leading hours 1 – 3) weren’t that great. Lady 2 brought up ‘talking points’ and most of it was naming all the states capitals. Guy 1 was very soft spoken; I kept saying he should be a yoga instructor.
“And we’re going to lighten up in 5 – 4 – 3 - 2 – 1. Ok now let some load off.” (Imagine a 300 pound 6 foot 4 inch guy as timid and soft spoken as they come. ) I think his cadence never got above 50…maybe 60 on the ‘speed drill’. I stuck around 20 min of Lady #3. She was a little intense. I think she forgot that everyone already had 3 hours on their legs. She was doing lots of sprints and hills. I’m not sure what instructor 3 (Guy #2) was like. But while I was stretching in the back of the room he seemed more energetic, walking around the room. I wasn’t paying attention enough to know if he was killing everyone or not.

3) The good news was that I got off the bike with a 3 min transition to get the running shoes out of the locker room and got on the treadmill for a 1 mile run. It felt good to run. At first I felt like I was standing still. I was going an easy/comfortable 10 min mile but my mind wanted to go faster. I kept running up on the front of the treadmill.

Steve was already on a treadmill doing 5 miles. He is an animal!

4) Then Steve, Steph and I sat down to stretch for a while. Steve and I were going to do abs but I had to bow out. Doing the first few sets were fine but the bicycle abs killed me. My legs were burning more than my abs and I was cramping up a little holding my legs up like that. I’m planning to fit in some abs today to make up for my lack of abs yesterday.

5) After that we showered up headed over to Davanis’ from some delicious food. I had 2 pieces of cheesy bread, a south west chicken side salad and a ‘solo’ 5 meat pizza. Mmmm, that hit the spot!

6) Pics from the day are below. Check out Steve’s blog for more pics!

Click on any image to enlarge it.

Me 1 hour in.

Sarah and Steve 1 hour in.

Steph and Matt 1 hour in.

Steve and I running. I look like hell and Steve still has a smile on his face. WTF

For those of you who enjoy a little added information...
  • I stayed in zone 3 for a good chunk of the ride
  • Hit zone 4 for 45 min (10 of that was my run)
  • All in all I say a solid endurance ride!


I'm dumb!

So after 3 days of being sick here I am, sitting on the couch at 11pm.  I have a stuffy nose, slight headache and just feel like crap.  I was hoping to take some NyQuil and get a good nights sleep before tomorrows 5 hour spin.  Well, I'm dumb!  In my sick stupor I took the DayQuil instead of the NyQuil.  So here I sit, sick and not tired at all.

1 good thing, American Chopper is on.  I love this show!  The family has a great dynamic and they turn out some awesome bikes!  I used to watch it on discovery channel all the time!  If I could subscribe to just the discovery channel I would.  

Anyway, I'm going to turn off the computer and lights and hope I fall asleep.  If you haven't done so, take a look at the last post for some awesome winter running around a credit union.  Note: posts written under the influence of sickness!



I woke up today, a little stuffy, but feeling better than the last few days.  I've been sick for about 2 or 3 days.  It just sucks because I haven't worked out while sick either.  I just had a bad head cold, stuffed up, head ache and just feeling crappy.  Today I felt a lot better and just have a stuffy nose.  After 3 days with no workouts I was itching to get back at it.  We have a typical MN morning, teens with a nice windchill bringing the temp down to single digits.  I bundled up this morning cleared the 3-4 inches of snow off the driveway.

After that I cleaned up the parents driveway and sidewalks.  At that point I was nice and warm and feeling good.  I decided to put on the running shoes and go out for a nice easy run.  Less than two blocks into the run I knew this was a bad idea!  3-4 inches of made it feel like you were running in sand.  All of the sidewalks around me are "city owned" so I'm sure they weren't priority to clear off this morning.  I made it about 3/4 of a mile before I had enough with the crappy footing and constantly slipping on snow and ice.  I saw a nice credit union that is closed on weekends with a lovely plowed parking lot.  So I ran around the credit union a dozen times or so, then ran back home.  Click on the picture below to blow it up, you will notice the circles around the credit union.  

I know some of you out there put screws in your shoes and others of you use the YAKTRAX Pro.  I just have a hard time buying something I'm not sure I'm going to like.  I'm really cautious when buying anything for running.  Am I going to get blisters?  Will these cushion my feet enough?  Will this shirt rub my nips off?  Will these shorts chafe?  I guess I should just 1) stop  my whining about running in crappy conditions or 2) do something about it.  

On to other news, there is a 5 hour spin class tomorrow.  I'm probably not doing all 5 hours.  I'm shooting for 3 or 4 hours and then probably a good ab workout and a good stretch.  

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  


The Great MN Stationary Bike Race

Hi All,

On March 21, 2009 I'm participating in the 13th annual Great Minnesota Stationary Bike Race to benefit Minnesotans with cerebral palsy.

I'll be pedaling for 25 minutes, as a part of a 10 person team, on a stationary bike to raise contributions for the program and services provided by United Cerebral Palsy of Minnesota:
  • Information & Referral Assistance
  • MN Assistive Technology Loan network
  • Consumer & Legislative Advocacy
  • Support Groups
If you would like to donate to United Cerebral Palsy of Minnesota, I have set up a donations page.  Feel free to sponsor me and support the cause.

Many Thanks!


Quick update

I've had a good week with workouts:

  • 3 spin classes + a 3 hours spin tomorrow
  • 1 run ( I was really pulled by a dog for three miles) He ran well at 7:30 or 8 min miles but not my 9-10 min miles + 1 easy run today
  • 1 yoga session
  • 2 pool workouts - just drills
  • 1 weight day
  • 3 days of ab ripper x
Yesterday Steph and I had dance, we totally rocked the place! Not really though. A little background. So far we are focusing on 2 main dances (swing and salsa) and tango is our filler dance (usually last ten min of the session). Last time we added female turns in both swing and salsa. Easy for me, I didn't have to change my footwork at all. This week we added a male turn to both. EEEEKK! Both male turns are complicated. I have to move my arms just right or I elbow her in the face in salsa. We did two versions, 1 where I just spin and drop her hands and another where I drop my hand behind my back and transfer her hand to my other hand while I spin. And with swing we are doing an inside turn (we've down the outside turns) which involves us both going around each other and we both seem to get off time with our feet. We also end up to far away. This might take some practice. I think we are both too timid to kick or step on each other. We are making some progress and not looking half bad. :-)

If you are in the St. Paul, MN area give me a shout and join me for the 3 hours spin tomorrow! You don't need to be a lifetime member, I'll get you in. I gots connections like you wouldn't believe.

Peace...I'm out.



Picture yourself, laying in bed nice and comfortable. Dreaming of that perfect camping trip. Your floating down a river in an old canoe. Beer in hand, sun shining, SO getting some rays in the front of the canoe. You start to hear this faint sound of voices. You look around but see no one. They keep getting louder and louder. Still just a faint echo in the trees lining the river. All of the sudden you are startled awake by this loud vibrating sound. The sound of a cell phone vibrating on the night stand as a backup alarm. 4:30...the time my cell phone scared me awake. Can you see that in the picture? My alarm clock is just a faint glow in the darkness of my room.

The wind was howling outside and my bed was cozy and warm. Who on earth would get out of bed? I hit the snooze and rolled back over. 5 min later, BAM! cell phone vibrating again. Ok Ok. I'm getting up. I was fumbling to hit any button to make it stop, I was eventually successful. I went upstairs to grab some cereal and a banana. After eating slowly watch every news station recap the presidential press interview last night I got dressed, grabbed my gym bag and was out the door. Heading to a 5:30am spin class. I felt kind of nuts, yet slightly excited.

The spin instructor was not what I was used to. It was a tough class and my HR was riding zones 3 and 4 the entire ride but I think that was because I'm not used to working out in the morning. The instructor said she was tired from the getting t bed late so she wasn't going to be pushing that hard, but that shouldn't stop us from working to our limits. To be honest, it was hard for me to stay focused sometimes when she stopped 'climbing the hill' or 'sprinting' half way through to grab water. I mean she sat up, grabbed a drink, sat there, grabbed a drink and then came back down with like 15 seconds left on that hill or sprint. Patti and Suzanne, my normal spin instructors, are good and intense. But they are always working just as hard or harder than you. It was tough to sprint when she would say "match my cadence" and she was maybe pushing 95 rpm's. Shouldn't we be pushing 105-120 for a sprint? I think I had a cadence higher than what she told us to have the entire way through.

Ok, enough complaining about my struggles to execute simple directions. It was a good class, I def. got a work out. I did the "Ab Ripper X" workout after spin and stretched a little. And to be honest I was toast...I was ready for a nice hot shower and a cup of coffee (ummm....water?). Will I do it again...YES. I think I may shoot for twice a week, they offer 4 5:30 spin classes. We'll just play it one day at a time for now though.

I think I missed our nice warm weather and my chances to get in some quality runs outside. This morning was 46 degrees and raining during my drive to the gym. By 5pm it is supposed to dip back into the 20's and everything is going to freeze. I'll see what the sidewalks are like this evening, I was hoping to run with the Lifetime run club tonight (for the first time). They meet every Tuesday and Thursday and my fav. spin teachers teach Wednesday and Friday. That works out pretty well for me. Run, spin, run, spin. :-) Then I can throw in some pool workouts and lifting where ever they fit with other obligations.

In conclusion, my day is off to a good start and it is time to start answering some of the 4 bagillion emails I seem to get over can you leave work(at 5:30pm) with like 2 unread emails and come in with 47? Seriously people! What happened to the 9-5 (well 8-4:30'ish for me) work day? Have a great day!


Quick Update

Friday was a killer 90 min spin class. I have two main spin teachers I like and they just teamed up on Fridays. One person does the first hour and then the other does the last 30 min and they switch every week. Patti is GO all the time. I think I had an average HR in the 170's when she was done. Suzanne is all load. She does some faster stuff but typically her classes involve a lot of hills and load. Having those two people team up just killed me on Friday. Saturday morning I did 90 min of Yoga X. I'm getting better at surviving some of the hard parts. All of the downward dog stuff did help me stretch out my legs after that spin class that had me cramping up half way through.

I'm pausing for effect....

More pause....

I did my first pool workout. I wasn't anything spectacular just the first three lessons in the Total Immersion program. I learned to float on my back, find the sweet spot and extend my body.

I'm confident I can progress and be ready to swim for ten min next month. :-)

Have a good weekend!


Do you wanna get to know me? Interview Me!

Last week I saw a post by Teacherwoman that included some interview questions, I wanted to play along so I asked her to "Interview Me". Below are the questions she sent me. If anyone wants to ask anything else, just leave a comment and I'll throw up another post with the answer.

1. What is one goal you have in each of the following areas: swimming, biking, and running?

  • Swimming: Just do it.
  • Biking: The need for speed, I’d like to have more races/events and training rides with a 20+ mph average. At the end of last year (my first year) I was able to do this. I’d like to come out of the gates this year being able to sustain a 20mph average on most rides.
  • Running: 1:45:00 or faster in a half marathon.
2. How do you like to spend a day away from the gym or working out?
  • With friends grabbing dinner and a drink.
  • Spending time on the couch with the gf is nice to.
  • I think I have to throw in learning dance. The gf and I have been taking dance lessons (her Christmas present) and I have to say I’m actually enjoying it.
3. Is it more difficult for you to speak kindly or honestly?
  • This was a tough questions. I think it depends on the group/person I’m conversing with at the moment. At work it is always hard to be honest because I’m trying to be kind/polite and ‘business like’. With friends it is hard to always be kind when you just have to call someone out on something. But it is all in good fun…right?
  • Overall, I spend more time at work so I have to say it is harder to speak honestly.

4. If you could compare yourself to a character from a movie, which one would you choose and why?
  • Hitch (Will Smith) from the movie Hitch...well maybe a little bit of Albert as well. I can know all the right moves to make but just can’t execute on any of them. And lets face it, I’m a little shy and nervous when first meeting someone.

5. If possible, would you live year round in your favorite season?

  • Probably not. I love FALL a lot, but I also get really energize by any season change.
  • Spring is great because you can get back outside
  • Summer is even better because you have even more time outside…and who doesn't love long days.
  • Fall brings us football, colorful scenery, and those cool nights with friends around a bonfire.
  • Winter has that first pretty snow fall. This season also brings us the birth of Baby Jesus. Christmas (enough said).

Do you want to play along? Here are the rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


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