So fitting!

I was touched by your attempt to wrap my gift

I will be hearing a lot of that this week! I am not a good gift wrapper! I tend to use a ton of paper! Even more tape! And still hope I cover the package.

As for workouts, yesterday I got in two runs. 1 was maybe .75 miles I left work with a headache and was hoping to have a stress relieving run. I got all wrapped up in some warm clothes and off I went. THUD THUD THUD...that was the feeling in my head. Every step seemed to pulse through my head. Ugg....such a bad feeling. So I headed back home and found a cozy spot on the couch to watch The Hangover (one of the greatest movies of the year!). So after a few hours on the couch, some dinner and FB time I got all bundled up again for a 3-4 miler around 8:30 at night. I left the Garmin at home and just turned on some loud angry music and cranked out a few miles. I finished the first mile just after two songs, that means I was running a 7 min mile or so! That is super fast for me! I slowed it down, relaxed my breathing and I gradually felt some of the stress leave my body.

Today I'm going to hammer out the Bending Crankarms Spinnerval DVD. Basically 60 min of pushing big gears followed by squats off the bike then repeat. Should be fun! Then we have some out of town friends coming over for dinner and drinks, maybe some shenanigans. Tomorrow and Friday should eat be an early morning run, nothing long, just long enough to feel like I got a good workout in before attempting to avoid crap food all weekend. :-)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


My Christmas Wish

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season so far!

This week was a bad week for me! I ate crap on and off, workouts were a little more sparse! I am not happy with how I did this last week. Everyone at work is in that kick to get stuff done. Most people at my work have elected to take the next two weeks off so just about every project has been wrapping up. I put in some extra time today in hopes to make this week a little shorter. I want to eat well, even with Christmas, and get in a bunch of workouts.

So my Christmas wish is to lose some weight! I want that dedication to stick to my plan and not get side tracked in this season when it is so easy to jump ship. So my name ins't Michelle and I don't need nor want to lost 110 pounds, I just need to lose some pounds.

If you truly feel compelled to buy me something just go to Menard's...just about anything there will be just fine. :-)

Lastly, I'm taking recommendations for a 2010 "A" race. Keep in mind I'm entering year 2 of grad school and getting married in May. I'm currently attempting to do most of a half IM training program (minus the swim) and P90X. All I do know is that 26.2 miles is not for me next year so please no marathon suggestions.

Have a happy holidays!


Who the Heck is this guy?!?

Hey all!

I've been gone a long time! I've been getting my life together. After a crappy summer of training, a crappy marathon this fall and struggles with work I've taken a sabbatical from blogging to do some soul searching and spend some time on the things that matter most. I hit a bad spot this year by being overwhelmed. I put on a good face but don't handle it well alone. I stopped working out, started eating poorly and put on a bunch of poundage. Stress eating sucks! Whom ever invented stress eating they should be stoned.

Anyway, the past few weeks I've hit the gym hard core style. I actually put together a Half IM plan (but haven't swam yet) in conjunction with P90X (hence the new header). My plan is not to do it all but if I have more on the schedule I feel worse if I do nothing. Lately I've been biking about 3 hours a week, running 1-1.5 hours a week, lifting 3-4 hours a week and polishing it off with 90 min of yoga a week. That totals up to 8.5 - 10 hours of working out a week and I'm not even doing all of the workouts, but it is much better than the 1-3 hours of working out I was doing. Week 1 was flat on weight loss but week 2 resulted in 4 pounds down. I'm going to keep weighing myself every Monday morning. I hope I can lose enough to get in the ballpark of my old goal 225, I'm currently at 264...I have a long way to go!

I'm currently enjoying lifting again. P90X workouts are tough but I'm doing lower weight more reps so I can build more toned muscled instead of bulky muscle. I like the workouts, they are no non-sense routines that involve time tested moves like a variety of lunges, wall squats, pull-ups and push-ups. The yoga X dvd is nothing but extreme to me, a yoga novice. I spent most of it either shaking, stumbling or wondering how they bend that way. I give it my best and usually end up with a soaked t-shirt but I have a long way to go!

I know everyone out there has been on top of their game because I've been checking up on you from time to time so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and send some will power my way.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season and I will be back soon!

Borsch out.


Is it really that season!

WEll I'm pretty much healed up from the marathon. I've blasted my chest a few times in the gym and got in 1 spin class that was hell. This weekend has been pretty cold 20/30's up here in MN so while watching the VIKES WIN I decided to throw the trainer tire on. I picked up a few Spinnervals DVD's earlier this summer on super sale and can't wait to kick my butt with them!

Today I think I'm going to blast the quads with "Dropping the Hammer". It looks like a sweaty leg burning 60 min. Later in the week I hope to get in a few short runs (I'm loving SHORT runs) and continue to get back into weight lifting. I've thought about picking back up P90X on a modified schedule so I can continue to do cardio that isn't built into the program.

Cheers to a good fall/winter training session.


Marathon update

It was a rough day for me. It all started in the metrodome bathrooms. Long lines of guys waiting to go #2 and only having 1 stall to do it in. Eventually 15 min before the start me and a few other guys hijacked a ladies bathroom since there were no lines there. Anyway, got to the start...saw Heidles (pictured with me below, she finished also) and gave her a few pointers. I ran with her for a few miles as a warm up but when we got to the first real hill she dropped back and I went on.

The weather was GREAT! It was perfect, I ran in shorts, a compression shirt with a mesh technical shirt over that and arm warmers.

Back to the race...The miles ticked by. I was right on pace of where I could have a good, yet challenging day. I was eating and drinking just as any other long run. Everything was going great! I kept the 4:30 (last year I finished at 4:34) pace team balloons, in site (on the long stretches). It was really pretty around the MSP lakes, the sun was just coming up. Just a little bit of steam was rising off the lakes, it was a good morning to run. A few more miles ticked by and coming up to mile marker 11 I took a shot of gel (part of my nutrition and calorie plan) and accidentally took to much and gaged on it. The gag reflex led to a vomit reflex and that is where the story turns. All my calories I'd been eating to keep fueled, all my enduralyets (tabs that help prevents cramping, they have lots of salt in them) spilled to the pavement. I got to the water stop just past mile 11 and drank up, I knew I needed calories badly! I ate some shot blocks, drank Gatorade and tried to get going again. Eventually, i was running again and low and behold I started to feel my stomach churn around mile 14'ish. I slowed up hoping it would settle and BOOM! Threw up again. Well this isn't working well. My guess is that I took in too much Gatorade, too much liquid sloshing around on an already not so happy stomach. At that point I was toast! I still had a mile to the next water stop to even rinse out my mouth.

I eventually got there, ate and drank some more and just walked a bit. Miles 15-18 were better, I was running at least a mile or two without needed to walk. But after that I was feeling spent. My body didn't have any calories left and I had all but eaten everything I brought with. Half my enduralytes had been squandered on the pavement. I was starting to cramp in my quads. I just ran until they started twinging and then walked a bit.

Miles 19-22 were TOUGH. Almost all up hill. Granted you are on a very small and steady slope then have a medium hill, medium hill and then one steep mother (about 2-3 blocks long) up to Summit. From there it is just a few small rollers to the finish line. I walked most of those 3 hills but tried my hardest to run when I got to the top. These were probably the toughest miles mentally. I hadn't seen anyone I knew since mile 14 and I was cramping nearly a few blocks after I'd start running. I knew all i had to do was make it to summit and I'd make it to the finish line but at some parts I was starting to doubt that I would make it to the top of the hills.

I tried to stay positive and talk to a few people around me to take my mind off of things but it didn't always work. Eventually I got to summit and felt relief, I was going to finish this thing. I still had 4.5 miles to go but that didn't both me, I just had to put one foot in front of the other. I kept with my try to run the flats and downhill sections and walk the small rollers (or whenever I cramped). At this point we had moved past the stop and walk when things start to twinge, things had to CRAMP to stop now. The hardest part is starting back up so there was no unnecessary stopping.

Around mile 22 I saw my aunt who was over enthused that I was going to finish...but it was good, I needed the friendly face. Then a half mile later I saw my sister and petey (my sister's full-size dog). Petey jumped on my, that hurt!, but I told them how I was doing and that it had been rough and got back on my way. The next stretch I jogged off and on with another guy from 3M. He was a legal guy and kind of boring but I was ok listening because it kept my thoughts at bay. Around mile 25 I left him, he said he couldn't run/walk anymore and he was just going to walk the rest. I knew this area well...I had one very small rolling hill to conquer and then I'd see the cathedral, STEPH and the 20+ people waiting for me to come by. I ran continuously more in that last 1.2 miles than I did from mile 18'ish to mile 25. I only walked just enough to drink some water at the waters stop around 25 1/4 miles.

Around 25 1/2'ish...maybe a little after, there was my aunt again. Yelling and screaming my name, running along side me. Shortly there after maybe a block my eyes locked on steph. I handed her my ipod and race belt (which I used to carry some of my food) and high-fived everyone down the line. Somewhere around 20 people just waiting for me to come by. It was energizing! I actually ran fairly quickly by them only to get past them and feel my quads start to cramp again. No stopping now...less than .5 miles to the finish line. I saw Christine and Petey again...this time I didn't get close to petey, jumping on me would have probably knocked me down at that point. The next .25 was hard not to stop! Not mentally but all downhill and when your legs are cramping they want to cramp more because they take more impact cushioning your landing going down hill. I didn't stop, I kept going through the small incline to the finish and locked up just past the finish line.

Right away I waved the medic away, I'm sure I didn't look good but I didn't want to be taken to the medical tent either. Some volunteers threw on a wind blanket. Then I saw the next group of volunteers, locked my eyes on a rack of medals and told a guy "I'm going to need one of those." At this point you'd think I'd be hungry...nope! I had to force myself to eat a small roll, grabbed another for the road as well as a banana, Pearson's nut roll and some water. I almost missed the t-shirt table but I saw someone drop something out of the corner of my eye, when I looked it was a glorious table full of finishers t-shirts. I needed one of those to! Eventually I made my way out of the finishers area, which is huge...probably 1/4-1/2 a mile just to get out.

I walked around that finishers area again, only this time on the outside...found Steph and Matt (her brother) and we ran into Aunt carol and Christine and Petey walking back up Cathedral hill to the car. Let me tell you, the hardest part was getting in and out of Matt's car...OUCH! That is where this story ends.


Someones gotta yack for it to be considered a work out...right!?!

After a lazy Saturday putting gutters on 1 side of the garage before getting rained on I joined Steph and here sisters & brother-in-law for dinner at one of our fav. places to eat...The Chatterbox. Love that place! I had the make your own Mac and Cheese. Mine had sausage, grilled chicken, bell peppers and onions. It was delicious! Mmmmm....

So Mn was hot and rainy all weekend and I had an 18 miler on the schedule. Earlier in the week Pharmie and I decided to join up and tackle the heat together. So Sunday morning at 5:30 am I showed up at her place ready to run. Kinda. I set everything out the night before knowing that 5am would come to quickly and I would forget something...well even with setting everything out I forgot something....the bottles to the fuel belt. Ugg...Pharmie was nice enough to empty one of her's and throw some of my Gatorade in there.
The beginning part of the run was pretty uneventful, which is good! When we left that morning the weather station had St. Paul at 75 degrees and 85%+ humidity (if I remember right). We just cruised along and grabbed a drink around mile 3, refilled and kept on our way. Mile 3 - 5'ish we were along the marathon route (going backwards) and I was getting that "urge." Well shortly Pharmie and I got off the path to hit up the restrooms at a local Dunn Brothers....whew, that was close. Back on the trail, Miles 5-7 are just cruising along..drinking (maybe hydrating is a better term?) and chatting. Miles 7 - 9 I was starting to feel it a bit...I think the heat was starting to get to me. The sun was stuck behind some clouds but I just felt zapped on the smalled of inclines. At mile 9 we turned around after a short discussion about how far we were going and i was confused (maybe still asleep).
We reached a drinking fountain at 8.8 miles, according to Mr. Garmin, and Pharmie said lets just go .2 more and turn around and then hit up the drinking fountain. I'm like, what? But then we would be turning around at 9 and the drinking fountain would be 9.2...are you trying to make me run an extra .2? DUH BORSCH! If we turn around at 9 and go back the way we came will we finish with 18 miles. I don't know what my deal was, somewhere in my head I was fixed that the "Bubbler" was the mid point.
After that brain fart we ate, drank and were under way. I was feeling better simply because Pharmie took the water bottles...I carried both on the way out and she got them on the way back. I was hoping that would slow her down on the way didn't. Maybe a mile after the turn around I was feeling the heat again...we stopped at every possible drinking fountain (about every 2 miles) for me to drink, refil and throw water on my head and back.
With a little over 3 miles to go Pharmie was still feeling great and I had an HR in the 170's at a 10:20 pace...ekk! Borsch is burnin up! Pharmie gave me a bottle and went on her way, she wanted to push it home and I decided to settle into whatever pace held me in Zone higher! Well with the toughest part of the marathon course coming up I was in for it. The chart below shows our route...we pretty much started around mile marker 22, rank to around 13.5 and headed back the same way.
Right about that nice spike in the middle of the hill is where I decided I could no longer keep my past few hours worth of gels, shot blocks, water and Nuun in my stomach anymore! YACK! I felt better after yacking but man that sucked! A nice lady stopped and gave me some water, since my bottle was already out (only 1.5 miles up the hill). I thanked her and she went on her speedy way...she had to be doing 7's. I made it nearly home before I felt like yacking again so I called it quits at 17.8. This week 17.8 miles = 18 miles. The walk back was nice and calm...I'm sure my legs would not have felt that good without it.
Steph and Steve made us all a delicious breakfast...pancakes with blueberries, strawberries and chocolate chunks...mmmm...what a wonderful variety! Thanks guys!
The run is a success in my book! I worked hard, covered the miles and am happy with it...all before 10 am to! I think I'm on my way to my goal for the year...finish Twin Cities, have fun and be able to say I ran hard.
Today I'm heading out for a nice recovery ride and I'm going to enjoy this long awaited recovery week!


What a weekend!

I had an awesome weekend! First thing Friday morning I left town with Steph and 4 other friends. We headed north to a State Park for some camping, canoeing and relaxation. Lets just say that after 2 full days of drinking with friends I found myself in pretty good shape Sunday morning, ready for my long run for the week. This week scared me a little, 16...something about that 14 mark seams reachable (being only 0.9 milers farther then a half marry). But 16 seemed long. I helped some of the friends pack up sunday morning, did a little reading for school and took a nice nap. :-) Then woke up, ate lunch and got ready to run. I'd say I was off and running a little after 1'ish. The plan was to get in 16 miles however I could. The first few miles felt great. After about 30-40 min of running I noticed the slight breeze died down and the air got humid and stale. Everything seemed hotter. At 4.8 miles I reached a small beach, I grabbed some water to refill my Fuel Belt and ate a small Rice Crispy Bar. Side bar...some how I forgot the nutrition I purposely bought to bring along...whoops! So the "snacks" we brought with had to do. I decided to ditch the trail through the woods and run on the road now. It helped. There was a little more air movement on the road but it really wrapped through the woods well and stretches that were lined with trees on both sides just seemed to have that stale hot air.

Eventually, I reached the road that led into the camp ground and saw Steph...driving out to bring me water. She noticed just sitting at the camp site that the air got stale and humid. She must really love me to jump in her car and drive around hoping to offer me more water! I was actually ok for water at the moment and declined. I made my way back to camp, re-fueled and went out for a little out and back stretch to try and get up to 13 miles. Looking back that stretch, from the campsite (10 miles) to 13 miles (back at the camp site) was ROUGH! I was thinking about throwing in the towel. My Fuel Belt chaffed, my thighs chaffed...I could feel the heat from my legs rubbing with nearly every stride. Back at camp I refueled and hydrated again. Steph was waiting, ready to join me for one last out and back...3 miles...less than a 5k.

As soon as we started I noticed I was getting tight. Steph asked me before we started, "How are you doing?" And my simple response was, "I'm running low & hot." It was nice to have someone with me, we didn't say much and that was ok. On the out stretch I managed to eat bugs #1 and #2 for the day...GROSS! I gaged and only wanted something to drink. Normally this is where I reach back and just take a swig from the Fuel Belt... I left it at the camp site. I figured on these two out and back stretches I didn't need the weight and could like for 3 miles without water. Eventually I tried not to think about water and just kept looking at my watch to see when I could turn around. Steph and I hit the turn around, she kept going for a little bit..just to the next sign and I took that as a short walk break. 1.5 miles to go...and we're off. Gradually I lifted the pace, unconsciously that is. I didn't realize it until I heard Steph breathing harder and harder. I looked down at the Garmin and we went from 10:30's to 9:30's...then 9:15's. It was nice to know I still had a kick at the end of 16 miles but man, I really was just running for high quality H2O.

I made it home and finished the all 16 miles. I drank a crap ton of water and threw ice under a hat, held ice on my neck & thighs. That was really good! I got in a nice stretch and then Steph treated me to an ice cream sandwich at the little store near our camp site. Mmmmm....

Recapping the run, it felt ok. It was a little slow but that is just fine with me. I've moved on from trying to beat last year's time. Today I just want to finish and finish being able to say, "That is as hard as I can run 26.2 miles today." That is all I want. I'll take whatever Mother Nature throws at me on 10/4 and just run with it...pun intended! :-)

Monday I felt pretty good, just stiff and sore. I am a little shocked that I feel this good. Today I'm headed out for a 3 mile easy run and I'm actually looking forward to the 18 miler that looms for this hot weekend they are forecasting for us in MN.


Quick update!

Just wanted to let everyone know...I FINISHED ECON & PASSED! I got 95% on the final which...moving that long run and bucking down for two days really paid off.

On to running news...
My long run this week didn't go well. I got out there and the heat zapped me! A number of issues that came up:
1: Found a pair of shorts that are not long run shorts! OUCH
2: Black top trails on hot sunny days means demoralizing heat blasting you from both sides.

I turned around at mile 2.5 and ran home to re-apply some body glide where my shorts were "treating me wrong." They worked so well on my last 5 miler but in the heat I could just feel my inner thighs just getting hotter with every stride. So when I got home and did my thing, re-fueling as well...I started out and just ran to the end of the road (about 0.9miles) and back. Take some water and repeat until whipped out. It was comforting not to have my fuel belt on as well as know water is no more than a mile behind me.

I really hope Oct. 4th is not a hot day. I will be miserable for 26.2 miles. I'm sorry it was a little cold for all of you people last year but I will take cold and rainy over hot and sunny any day on a long run.

Enough for now...I'm off to be productive.


Long runs galore...

So it is no secret that school has thrown my once steady schedule into a whirlwind of organized chaos. I've been fitting in house work and work outs where they fit. This weekend Steph and I spent two solid days racking the yard, mowing, cutting down over grown bushes, hauling them away, cleaning & organizing the garage, putting in new locks, and entertaining my family Sunday afternoon. We are getting to the end of our immediate "To Do" list. All we really have left is to continue to clean up the over grown parts of the yard, finishing cleaning the basement and to a better job at organizing the pile of housing documents in the office.

Thankfully this has been a week off of school and I can enjoy the coming 3 day camping trip. I'll throw in a 16 mile run one day but other than that it will be hiking, canoeing and beer drinking fun with friends.

That brings me to my title, long runs galor...
Last weeks long run was put off until Econ was finishing, which meant Wednesday evening. That 12 mile went ok. I came home and said "that was as hard as I can run 12 miles right now." It felt good all the way until that last mile. I was running on a trail and I knew there was a drinking fountain 2.5 miles away from my house. I went out comfortable and came back strong. But when I got to that last drinking fountain I couldn't get any water out! It was barely flowing over the edge of the spout. I soon gave up and started my way back at a more comfortable pace hauling my empty fuel belt bottles. Lets just say the last gel I consumed leading up to that drinking fountain didn't stay well in my mouth. I got that cotton mouth sensation and came home walk/running the last mile in 11:20. I was running seriously low...which lead to small cramps while stretching post run. All in all I think that was a good run, I neg. split the run by over 2 min (even with that final 11:20 mile) to finish with an 10:07 average.

Today is going to be my 14 miler I skipped this weekend to focus on yard work. It is supposed to be sunny and 80+. Hot weather works me over so this should be interesting. Anyone who knows me, knows I "run" hot all the time. My skin is always warm so when you throw me in a warm climate I'm instantly sweating buckets. I'm going to need to be smart about my route tonight, making sure I work in known "working" drinking fountains or water stops.

Then sometime this weekend I'll hit up another long run, 16 miles, while I'm up north camping. I haven't decided when I want to do it yet but either way I'll be enjoying some nice country scenery. Maybe Saturday morning so I can just spend the rest of Saturday dragging my feet over the front end of a canoe with a beer in my hand.

3 long runs in 1.5 weeks has left little time for other work outs. Steph and I did a recovery ride last week and then I counted the 2 days of yard work as cross training. I'm hoping this week will have a recovery ride tomorrow, Wednesday easy run, Thursday hard ride, then the weekend is up in the air as to where the long run will fit.

I hope everyone is having a good Monday! I'll check in on everyone later!


The crazy midnight mind of Borsch

Last night I was working on my Global Econ final and sometime around 11pm I was like what!?! Look at me, I have a mess on the desk and yet I'm slightly organized.

The pictures below say it all...

ps..If you missed Saturday's 70 mile bike ride and house pics scroll down!


I've been a bad blogger!

Wow, where did I go?!? It has been tough to make time to write blog posts! Even just posting pics of the house! I have a few below...check them out! The last few weeks have been getting crazier, if that is possible! We put stuff away in the house for the most part, we got most of the initial "to do's" done. Now it is finals week for my Global Econ class and the start to the "real" build for marathon training. This week starts three weeks of uncertainty for me...12, 14 & 16 for long run mileage. I've been there before, I know I can go there again but man...after my last long run it seems like so far! I've come to terms with myself and I just know I'm not going to be as fast as I was last year (really not that fast at all). I was struggling to hold 10:00-10:30's on my last 3 mile run! I'm not sure if it was lack of sleep, lack of hydration or both but it just didn't come to me at all. I couldn't find it. After that 3 mile run I joined some friends, and the TCBC Bike club, for 32 miles of PAIN! 5 miles into the ride my right calf CRAMPED! We weren't going at an above average effort but it cramped, shortly followed by my left calf. I slowed and tried to work both of them out. It seems to work for a while, but every time we hit a hill (there were enough of them) I found my calves twinging again and again. I was trying to compensate and to more work with the quads but that only led to my quads cramping with 1 mile to go. Lets just say I was in a world of HURT!

I tried to rehab them because Saturday was a 73 mile ride around Lake Pepin. The ride is very scenic and we go at an easy pace around a "lake" in southern MN that divides MN and WI. It is really just a bay in the Mississippi. We had a good group, some strong riders to pull...a few good pace riders to take some turns at the front. As you can see in the pic below I wore thermal tights to keep my calves warm. That and the "compression" factor seemed to help. They were ok through the ride. They were tight through most of the ride but never gave me any trouble. The day started in the low 60's and was maybe in the mid 60's by the time we finished.

We had 1 rider who had never goen over 25 miles and she wanted to join us for this 70+ mile trek. Needless to say she BONKED. By mile 4 she hadn't drank half a bottle of fluid and ate nothing. That may work on a 1 hour effort but not 2+ hours in with 2+ hours to go. We gave her a quick nutrition 101 course at the rest stop and forced her to eat and drink the rest of the way. The frustrating thing was that we paced her back 30 miles at 15-17 mph. I found myself out front for around 25 miles of that 30 grinding away at 80rpm. I found it tough to go slower with a high cadence. I either wanted to "go" or bounce around in my seat. So I just kept grinding at 80 rpm's. All in all it was a nice day but I would have loved to finish with a stronger average.

All of us pre-ride. From L to R.
Lauren, Mike, Natalia, Kari, ME, Matt

All of us post ride. Everyone is smiling!



Starting with trim work...

Painting over the test colors...

And the living room/dinning room is DONE! Well at least the red is.

The kitchen.

Steph working hard on the kitchen.

Steph and Steve working away at the "wheat grass" color on the rest of the living room/ dining room and sitting room (where they are now). Why does Steve have the roller sideways....Steve, turn it the long way, it works better.

Pharmie came over as well! She scrubbed our bathroom for hours! THANK YOU! It was gross, full of contractor dust, dirt and just a film of something over everything. I guess that is what happens when it sits empty for a while and has only had contractors in it in the last 1.5 years.

Putting the garage door opener together.

And it is up! My dad and brother came over to help! Thanks! Here my dad is turning the screw that adjusts the height while I'm down below pushing the button over and over again. It only took a few turns and we had the door opening and closing at the correct height and pressure! Be assured if your children get caught under my garage door it won't squish them!

Here is part of the yard.
I'll post more pics later. The upstairs of the house is mainly in order but we do have some boxes piled in a few corners left to sift through.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Time for me to keep cranking out this final!


Week 3 in the books...

Week 3 of training is in the books. One 5 miles run got skipped but I'm sure I made up for it some how. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was on my feet from when I woke up to when I went to bed. Steph and I were painting, cleaning, second coat, cleaning, touch-up's, start another room, organize, install garage door opener, second coat in other room, touch-up's followed by more cleaning/organizing. Then Monday morning I did a 10 mile run in the morning. It was good, I felt good. I went out at a comfortable 10 min/mile - 10:15/mile pace. At the turn around I was feeling good so I picked it up a little. I was remembering something Phamrie had told me, she is planning on dragging me through a 4 hour marathon. So I decided to see what this body had left after being on my feet all those days. I managed to crank out 9:15's for a while but after 3 miles or so I needed some water a shot blocks so I walked a min while I scarfed those down and got right back at it. I found myself holding 9:30's and feeling ok. At mile 9.1 it all turned. I went up this little hill that left the trail I was on so I could take side streets back home and I really don't know what happened, I just started to feel low. I shot some more water at my gut but kept moving. Around 9.5 I was toast, I was nauseous and decided to walk home. I drank two huge glasses of water and ate a hot dog bun. We haven't went grocery shopping yet so all we have are turkey burgers, hot dogs, lean pockets and milk. The hot dog bun seemed to help, I did a quick stretch and wardrobe change and was off to my old place to begin the 10+ hours of: drive, load the truck, drive, unload the truck, box spring doesn't fit up stair case (stupid old homes!), drive, load the truck, drive, unload the truck, drive, buy new split queen box spring, drive, unload box springs, drive load the truck, drive, unload the truck, drive truck back to dad's.

It was a busy weekend, I'm glad this is a recovery week! I can get in some shorter runs, get some fun bike rides in and clean up the house. I'll post some pics later in the week!


TGIF...well close enough!

Hey all, sorry for going MIA again. For my first order of business I just want to let you all know that Steph and I closed on our house yesterday! I spent the day cleaning, doing paint prep and making a trip to Menard's...ah, the life of a home owner. Today we are going to actually throw some paint on the walls and get ride of the "trust tan" that is in every room. Tomorrow is a company holiday so I'm sure I will spend tomorrow rolling the second coat of paint in the kitchen, living room and dining room (which are the rooms we'd like to get 1 coat on this evening). The rest of Friday will prolly be spent prepping another room for paint and installing a garage door opener. Saturday is where the real fun starts...more paint! We are going to be as high as one of those battling kites in The Kite Runner. We are hoping to wrap up the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom and main bath before we move in Monday. This should be interesting!

As for workouts go, I've knocked off two weeks of marathon training not missing a single run! I may miss today's and do it tomorrow morning then move my long run another day out. So I think some things are starting to balance out and I'm making ME a priority again.

That's all I have time for right now, back to work!


Free Shoes

Steve is giving away shoes!


What a weekend!

I hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did.

I just want to throw in the word homework because it doesn't show up that much in the rest of this post. :-)

Last week I tripled the amount of workouts I had been getting in from 1 to 3! I got in two good runs. Both were shorter runs but I'm ok with that, my base isn't where it should be. Especially considering that TODAY is the beginning of training for TCM2. Saturday morning I started out the day with a 7am bike ride. It wasn't a long one but I shot over to a friend's house (only a few miles from my new house in 2 weeks!) and road down the Gateway Trail. I ended up with 17 miles at 18 mph. It wasn't the fastest ride but my legs (mostly my calf) were tired from the run the day before. After the ride the peeps were finally awake and I changed at their house, ate a banana and PB&J (second breakfast) and we were on our way for 18 holes of golf!

I actually took the "Assistant Coach" (Mr. Garmin) along on the golf trip. I wanted to see how far I actually walk on a course. This course is 5793 yards (roughly 3.3 miles) long (tee to green, tee to green). With some zig zagging around holes and into different fairways on the front 9 I quickly added to that total. This was my first round of golf in over a year and I straightened it out some what on the back 9. Total I walked 4.92 miles. I will say, there were a couple good "jaunts" between holes. Saturday was 85 and sunny all day, it was a great day for an early ride followed by a good game of golf! Plus walking 5 miles with a 35 pound bag on your shoulder = 616 extra cals. according to the coach.

Today I begin the marathon training. Since my base is lacking I'm starting the first couple weeks pretty easy then doing a SOLID build. This week I'm GOING to get in all 3 runs I have scheduled and hopefully 1 bike ride. Then next weekend is a long camping/canoe'in weekend. It should be FUN!


FIrst long run of the season...

I've been bustin' my butt with HW most of this weekend.  After 4 hours of reading global econ on Friday evening I took the rest of the night off and drank a few too many beers.  The left me in rough shape Saturday morning but didn't slow down the important activities of the day; get home owners insurance and a trip to Home Depot.  Steph and I looked at window treatments, cab. hardware, light fixtures and area rugs.  After that I hit the books again and finished almost all of my reading for the week.  Today I hit up some more homework, and went out for my first "long run" of the training season and jumped right back into home work.  

Today's run was supposed to be a long run with Pharmie down in St. Paul on Grand Ave. after the  Grand Old Days celebration.  Sorry for having to bail on your Pharmie!  I just couldn't justify the driving time away from school work.  So this afternoon I headed out for my "long run" deck out in cold weather gear!  Seriously, it was 48 degrees with occasional mists here.  THIS IS JUNE!  45 in the middle of the afternoon!  The first few miles of the run went well.  About mile 3 I got stuck at a stop light and when I started back up I noticed I was a little stiff in my calves.  WTF.  Ok, keep going.  Mile 4 and I'm starting to feel some twinges.  Grrrr.  The rest of me is fine, why is wrong with this calf!  4.5 and I'm thankful this was a loop.  I started to head home because my calf was cramping and I couldn't loosen it up.  I finished a 5 mile "long run" (I was hoping for 8-10).  

I think I decided my calf issues are mostly due to WEIGHT!  I've been gaining weight regularly since last October.  It is time to cut that shit out!  It helps that I have to fit in a tux this August and look good, as well as NEXT MAY!  :-)  

Steph and I both would like a new TV when we move into our house, but today Steph brought up the idea that we can't get a TV until we reach a weight loss goal.  I think that sounds like a good idea!  I'm very goal oriented and that would be a great goal for me...besides the marathon.  :-)


The king of Quick updates

Hey all! I just wanted to throw down another quick update.

Running and biking aren't going so well. I'm only finding time for a work out or two a week! This really needs to change! Marathon training starts in 12 days for me...I am not ready! I do not have a good enough base! This first month or so of training is going to be painful! Needless to say, I'm a little nervous about how this season is going to to with all the other things I have thrown on my plate right now.

As for the house situation...the inspection went well. We are just waiting on the bank's appraisal. Steph and I took a short trip to Menard's the other day though to look at paint, rugs, window coverings, etc. We are really excited! We think we picked out most of the colors for the main floor, as far as paint goes. We also found two rugs we like, we are planning to look at more over the next month but might be back to buy those on July 2!

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!


Happy News!

They took our offer as is!  So, if the inspection...appraisal and stuff go well I will be a home owner on July 1!  WOOT!


We are still waiting...

We are still waiting on the response for the house...

Other than that, I woke up at 5:30 am not able to sleep and went for a short run because I couldn't sleep. So there are good and bad benefits to this unknown...


Wish me luck!

Put anothe offer on a house!  I have a better feeling about this one!  Cross your fingers for me!


Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying our lovely holiday weekend!  I know I am! 

After I knock off my 3 miler today I'll be three for three on workouts this weekend.  Saturday monring I hit up a 5 miler before Steph and I went house hunting.  I met a friend I hadn't seen in a while.  My runs lately haven't been the greatest my running partner (mr. shadow) and I had a great relaxed run!  Just us and the road.  Let me set the is about 6:30 in the morning.  It is about 65 degrees and the sun is coming up over your right shoulder.  A calm breeze swirls the sweat off your brow every once and  a while...what a great morning it was to go for a run!  

Steph and I found some very promising homes that morning as well!  We had two that we really wanted to see that we couldn't get into, our realtor couldn't get ahold of them.  I'm sure they were just out of town already.  Even without seeing those two we found two others that meet everything we are looking for except they have smaller dinning rooms.  We would like to entertain and it would just be slightly more complicated with smaller, well non-existent dinning rooms.  They were both eat in kitchens, one had a table tucked in the back of the living room, but it was a small two person table.  Not ideal for seating 8-12.  We are going to see the other two and a few others Steph found over the weekend early this week.  If one looks like the pictures on the inside and has decent bedrooms (not pictured) we'll take it.  The thing looks gorgeous!  Hard wood floors front to back.  Big 6 inch base boards, original turn of the century woodwork with modern updates.  All new appliances, new kitchen counter tops, basically a new kitchen.  Cross your fingers!

Sunday was a semi-relaxed day for me.  I did some reading, well I've really been reading all weekend off and one but Sunday is when I sat down to really crank it out.  Steph and I went for a nice bike ride.  It was 70's and was perfect!  I really enjoyed going for a ride with her, we don't get to ride together very often.  I had a few times where I pulled away to do some sustained effort intervals.  I think at the end of the day I did 4 of them.  Pushing as hard as i could for 0.5 miles to 1 mile.  The first one was the hardest, but after that I was ready to kick it every time.  I'd look down and see the speedo reading 28...30...33...33...32...32...31...29...27...and done.  Those were great!  I really don't do enough of them!  When I ride with the Wed. night crew it is like 5 mile repeats.  It seems like we are all out for 5 miles and then we are stopped to re-group.  We typically have 3-4 of us that pull away from the group and then we need to wait for the string of others to catch up.  

Today I'm going to start writing a paper for my Global Econ class.  I've been reading 150 pages in this huge ass global econ book all weekend.  This stuff is so dry, it is hard to keep it moving!  So today I'm sitting down to crank out the paper that is due next Monday on this stuff.  I basically fit two weeks worth of HW into one weekend (if I get the paper done).  Next weekend is my "Memorial Day Weekend".  Steph's little sister is graduating HS next week so we are going down there for a weekend of graduation celebrations!  

Once I get a good crunch of this paper out of the way I'm heading out for an easy 3 miler sometime today.  I've been skipping some of these "easy" runs lately and I need to stop that.  

Anyway, wish me luck on the paper!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!


Holy Wind and Heat

Yesterday Dave Dahl (local weather man) decided to combine the wind and the heat. It was 93 with gusts up to 40 mph when we left for our ride. We decided to head out into the wind first and hopefully keep the wind at our backs most the way home. That idea kind of worked but we had one 6-7 miles stretch of road with a NASTY crosswind. When we finally made the next left and had the wind at our backs life was grand! We ended with close to 39 miles at a 15.2 average. For those wind conditions I'm calling that a good day!

We road pretty hard and I'm feeling it today! I might have to skip my run today and make it up Friday...I think I need a stretch date with the foam roller. I woke up last night with my right calf cramping, not a good feeling!

Anyway, off to be productive at work then hopefully find a house!


Holy Heat!

Workouts have been a struggle lately! I'm finding it hard to schedule workouts with school and house hunting. I'm starting to lose steam with all of them. Especially after yesterday! Yesterday lovely Minnesota hit 93 degrees! Three days ago I went for a bike ride in 45 degrees (mid 30's windchill)! Needless to say, I wasn't ready for that! I was going out for a "easy" 4-5 mile run yesterday and It was cut short. I started out easy, got into a comfortable pace and within 1.5 miles I was hot as hell, couldn't settle my breathing and was feeling highly dehydrated. I ended up running/walking my way home with a desire for water! My mouth was as dry as a dessert! Nearly a 50 degree swing left me in a world of hurt! Hopefully I will acclimate soon, this whole week is supposed to be 70's and 80's.

Yesterday I sat down and made my marathon plan, it starts in 3 weeks! I have to get in my runs and keep building that base so I'm ready!

Today I'm going to hit the bike with the ride group out of LifeTime. Tomorrow is prolly going to be another short run followed by house hunting. :-) Wish me luck!

I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the long weekend!


Holy Windage!

Yesterday I left work a tab bit early. I wanted to get in a long ride, I'd been hoping for this the last few days. The weather looked nice, except they were calling for wind. I was like "Fine, I can handle a little wind." The first 10-15 miles weren't that bad. I just kept pushing along, mostly into the wind. I was riding to the gym to meet up with the Wed night ride crew. Once I got there I stood around and got cold, they were running around 20 min behind schedule. Some people were still pumping tires, putting in a new tube, etc. When we finally hit the road I was sluggish! I was struggling to hold the "B" group's wheels. My legs felt heavy and it didn't get better. The first stretch was back along the way I just came, only in the opposite direction. Wind at our back! Great! Except they all had fresh legs and wanted to fly. I did my best to keep up. At our "regroup" spot the "A" "B" and "C" groups all arrived around the same time. That was fun. Pretty soon we were underway again, except about 5 of us got caught not being able to cross a busy street. We all said screw-it! We were a good quarter mile behind everyone now. We just took turns pulling. For some reason it felt like I, the only guy, was cycled to the front more often. 2 of the 5 didn't pull at all, that is fine normally but I was hurting!

When we finally got back to the gym a few people wanted to go next door and grab a beer, to bad I still had about 15 miles home. :( The way home wasn't that bad, mostly with the wind at my back. There were a few times when the road curved back into the wind. So, lets get to the fun stuff. I was finishing my last climb of the day. I got to the top and decided to stand up and stretch the legs a bit. WOOOOZERS! Right leg, quad and calf completely locked up. In a faint attempt to bend that leg my other quad locked up. I very awkwardly stopped my bike and un-clipped. Then I noticed I couldn't raise my leg over my bike to dismount. That sucked! I ended up calling for a ride home less than 2 miles away. After a few minutes of water and walking awkwardly my legs loosened up some and I could get off my bike. Soon after my sister showed up to give me a ride home....Thanks sis!

My numbers for that ride:
43.5 miles
14.3 mph average! Yay..that's right...14! Not 18, 19, or 20....14! Holy Windage.


Case of the Mondays

I hope everyone called their mom on Sunday! I had mine over for a bbq with dad and the rest of the fam.

So, after my last post things kinda shifted. Monday morning Steph and I got up to go look at reception halls. Well the first one we went to, the Mankato Armoury, was a big disappointment. We weren't expecting much going into it, but it failed those expectations. I was thinking it might be like a VFW, just for the National Guard, it wasn't. It was a large gym the guard uses to do drills. The floor was a weird plastic floor with basketball lines on it. I was like "Ummm sir, does this come up?" NOPE. Then we found out that they are only $250 cheaper than a hotel for rental, we have to set up and tear down all the tables and everything the day of. Are you kidding me! On to the next place, Country Inn and Suites. "Ok, you don't have the dates we are thinking about but what else do you have an can you show us around?" Ok, sounds great! You set everything up, tear it all down. We just do some of the decorating (or hire it out) and show up. Wow! Ok, we will be in touch. The third place was very similar we left again with a list of dates.

Then on the drive home I get a call from our realtor. He tells me that there was another offer on the house about 4500 above our offer. That is about 3000 above the cap Steph and I put on what we would offer on the house. Ok, we can't match that. All because we were in Mankato and couldn't sign and fax back the agreement that morning. Oh well. We will find another place, just a Monday full of disappointments.

Letter from the seller:
Brad Adams

I Charles XXXXX, owner of 1982 Hilding St, am rescinding my counter offer to Jonathon Borscheid and Stephanie Linder that was verbally offered on 5-10-09. The original contract from the buyers was written on May 7, 2009.

Charles XXXXX


Cross your fingers

We got a steal of a deal talking the seller down 15k!  Cross your fingers that it passes inspections!

If it does we bought a house!


Happy Friday!



What a weekend!

Thank you everyone for the warm regards and congrats! I really appreciate it!

First I just want you all to know I'm still stalking your blogs, just through google reader. I'll catch up with some comments later but for now I have to concentrate on a long week of work and the final project (not the paper mentioned below) that is due for this first class Monday.

Lets start the weekend with a long day of work on Friday (even though I left at 2). That was followed by drinking and BBQ at a friends house. Then I was up at the butt ass crack of dawn for duathlon (I was photographer) about an hour away. The race was fun and they even served burgers post race. I know I wasn't a participant but I hit that up (Thrice!), I was hungry after the night of drinking.

The rest of Saturday was studying for me. I got a good bit done but not as much as I would have hoped for. Sunday Steph and I went to look at some houses. Then it was back to studying for me. I had my first final paper of grad school due Monday. Eventually Sunday night rolls through and I'm falling asleep on my computer around 1:30. Oh yea, you know it is coming. I managed to delete part of my paper from sleeping with my computer on my lap and my hands on the key board. Some time through last week I lost my license, so Monday morning I was at the DMV applying for a new one. I got there 5 min before they opened and there was already 10 people in line, which took like an hour and a half. Holy cow! What kind of issues do people have? It took me 5 min. at the counter. After that I hit up a coffee shop where Steph and I were meeting my cuz the realtor and I managed to recreate 2/3 of what I deleted in an hour. Yay me! Then my cuz took us around to a few homes and we talked about the process a little. We set up another time for Thursday to see some more homes and then Steph and I grabbed lunch! We had a really good lunch at a small pub down the road. Everyone from TC check out the Blue Door! Great burgers!

After a lunch of house talk Steph and I went our separate ways and I went to finish my paper at school. Then 3 hours of class and I was homed 30 min later sleeping on the couch. Then sleeping in my bed, whoops...shut off the alarm in the morning and got to work 45 min late.

Holy cow! What a weekend!

It was a good weekend, just frazzled and crazy.



Well, I have some good news for everyone! I think it is safe to post this now, all the families should know....


I was lucky to find a great girl a few years ago, on some pretty long odds, and I can't let her get away. Ok, the long odds...Here sister and my sister went to pharmacy school together. Neither of them go out for pub crawls but that day they both were planning on going out. My sister and I never went out to a bar together prior to that, it just didn't happen. Well my sister never really went to the bar. So eventually Steph and I were there talking it up and eventually I akwardly, with her sister and brother - in -law there, coaxed her number out of her.

She is the sole person that got me into endurance sports and really loving it. Prior to her I would run 3 or 4 miles but hated every min of it. Because of her I signed up for my first half marathon, I was really trying to impress her because she was training for her first marathon.
Ok, gotta get back to work. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm engaged to the best woman ever!

I Love You Steph!


Winter Be Gone...but Spring was out in full force.

Sunday was the coldest, most wet duathlon in history!  Wind temp was in the mid 30's and it was raining off and on.  Twenty min before the race 3 of the 5 of us had thrown in the towel.  It was pouring, transition was flooded and I even think there was hail here and there.  It was nasty!  

Eventually the race director yelled, "Everyone is doing the short course and it starts in 10 min." AER YOU KIDDING ME!  Half the people weren't even ready in transition because of the rain, lightning, hail and possibility of it being canceled.  I was frazzeled with all the rain, I forgot bike shorts and my cold weather gloves in my car.  As people were making their way to the rainy start line 3-4 blocks away I ran back to my car for the gloves, those would be needed on the bike.  

At the start we had to wait an extra ten min because so many people forgot chips since we had 10 min to set up in transition and make our way to the start 3-4 blocks away.  So they brought out chips for everyone who forgot them  and we were off.  I ran the first 2.25 miles with Steph.  It was great to run with her, we haven't ran together in a LONG time.  We took it easy, 9:50's and came into transition comfortably. 

Every leg of the race was out and back so we constantly got to see everyone as on person was heading in as I was still heading out or vice versa.  On the bike I was super comfortable with what I wore, I was a little warm on the runs but I was good on the bike.  I never got passed on the bike!  That felt good! The course was hillier than I remember!  There were a fair number of turns on this short 12 mile out and back course but it seemed like we went into a nice wind for 9 out of the 12 miles.  I looked at my Assistant Coach for the splits and I only had 4 miles with an average above 20mph.  I was definitely going into the wind more than not.  Overall I was 35th out of 115 on the bike with an 18mpg average.  Last year my bike average was 13.5.  I think I officially crushed it!  

The second run was a little iffy at first.  I threw my bike in transition and grabbed the running shoes, which were full of water, and stepped out of transition.  Man my foot felt funny, crap there was a pack of shot blocks in my shoe.  How didn't I notice that!?!  Oh yea, my feet were soaked and was 35 degrees out.  I took those out of my shoe and tossed them back into transition and was off.  The first .5 mile was iffy for me.  My inner thigh and right calf wanted to cramp up.  It was scary for a while, until I noticed that I was cruising at 8:30's.  I slowed down to let my legs loosen up and then picked it back up.  I ended up coming in at 8:26's for the second run. 

My total time was 1:24:03.  Not bad considering the conditions. I was hoping for 1:20:00 (that would have been a good day). I think I was a little optimistic about the bike this early in the season but I felt good and pedaled hard.  

I was having a great time the entire race.  I was cheering for everyone I passed.  Saying hi to the volunteers.  I had a good day regardless the conditions.

I haven't had time to get some photos so stop by Steve's blog or Brian's Blog.  Jeremy, Pharmie and her brother (Matt) and sister (Steph) were present as well.  Steph!!! Congrats on your first du!  I hope next week has perfect conditions!

I'm looking forward to another "A" group ride tomorrow where I get my butt kicked just trying to hold some one's back tire.  I need to get faster and catch Steve who led the group's bike average, only because Jeremy broke a chain.  In my defence Steve, Matt, Pharmie and Jeremy all have bikes that easily give them 1-2 mph....just wanted to throw that in there for the fat man (me) trying to keep up with these beautifully aero tri bikes.  


What a differnce a day makes...or two.

First off...TGIF! I hope everyone had a great week! I'm finally starting to get in full weeks of workouts and balance school with work. It feels really good.
Short recap:

Tuesday was a 4 mile run at 9:15's. It was a moderate to easy pace on rolling felt great!

Wednesday was a group ride. The Lifetime ride started back up, so I'll be doing that every Wed. for pretty much the rest of the summer. I had a good time, I rode with the "A" group for the first time. I was successful at not getting dropped so I was happy. There were a few times when I looked down and we were cruising at 28-30mph in the paceline. HOLY COW! We actually caught the "C" and "B" groups who left before us(within the first 10 miles), and we had one guy with two bike issues we stopped for. After that we kind of rode easy with the "B+" group. It was a good day!

Thursday was another 4 mile run. I actually stopped at 3 miles because my calf was acting up again and I didn't want to be out of commission for this weekend's race. I still averaged 9:12's over the 3 miles at a comfortable 155 HR average. I love those easy recovery miles!

Today will probably be an EASY bike ride and date with the foam roller. I really need to do some work on the right calf. I've been throwing around the idea of testing some compression socks...anyone have any thoughts?

I sure wish 2XU would send me a trial pair and make me a believer!

Other advise needed!

I ran across a triathlon that sounds fun. I'll most likely do it, it is just whether or not I do the long course. It is around 12 weeks away....Can I be ready to swim a mile by then? Going from pretty much ground zero. I have a slight base with all the drills I was doing to prepare for the indoor tri but after that I really fell off on the swim.

So here is how the race sets up:
Long Course: 1 mile swim, 34 mile bike, 9 mile run

Short Course: .25 mile swim, 14 mile bike, 4.4 mile run

Any thoughts? How long will it take for me to be up to the task of swimming a mile? Can it be done in 12 weeks? Or do I do the short course swim and "get lost" on the long bike/run courses. :-)

Have a great weekend!


The day I ran 26,000 miles

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had some BEAUTIFUL weather in MN! The last week has been full of 60 and 70 degree days, I couldn't ask for better weather!


For starters, and those who may have missed my last post, I signed up for Twin Cities Marathon (TCM). This will be my second marathon, TCM 2008 was my first marathon. I'm excited to have something to train for...I mean to REALLY train for. I currently have some other races on my calendar (duathlon, half marathon, TTs) that I can push myself for pace, but that just doesn't get me motivated as much as pushing myself farther. Pushing myself to those distances that hurt to keep going.

Last year I just wanted to finish the marathon and that really hasn't changed going into this year. Last year I had something to prove, this year I really just want to get back to the point I was at least year. I was nearly 20 pounds lighter, I looked for reasons to go for a run. This year I've been looking for reasons to skip workouts. So I guess what I'm getting at is that my major goals for this year, and marathon:

  • Finish
  • Lose weight
  • Successfully scare myself into training
  • Have fun
  • And of course, beat last years 4:39

I hope I see some farm animals on the course again!

Moving on, I've gotten in a solid week of workouts! 2 solid bike rides, 2 solid runs and 1 brick workout that left me out of commission the last two days. I did a hard rolling hills ride last Wednesday and then Thursday I joined up with Matt (the cow in the picture above) for a good brick ride. We did a 19.4 mile ride with a few "straight up" climbs. After the Wednesday's ride (and the 2 runs the 2 consecutive days prior) my legs were a little tired! Matt and I hit the flats hard and attacked the hills. Take a look at the two hills we ended with, OUCH! They weren't the longest hills but they were steep!

After that ride we laced up the running shoes and within a few blocks my calf started cramping up. It was bothering me a little on the two final hills but on the run it left me unable to run. I had to walk a few blocks. After that I did manage 26000 miles! That's right!

If you can't read the image below, it says I ran 26,669 miles in 13 min and 51 seconds. In reality it was 1.4 miles in that 14 min. I just want to thank Garmin for the smile and story!

I'm looking forward to next weekend! I've got my first duathlon of the year next Sunday! It should be a good time! Last year I did it on my 12 year old mountain bike because my new road bike was in the shop. My results from last year was:

  • Run 1 (2 miles): 17:46
  • Bike (12 miles): 57:41 12.5 mph/average
  • Run 2 (2 miles): 20:34

This year I want to destroy that time! I'm in much worse running shape but much better biking shape (and I have an actual road bike this year!). I'd like to average 9 min miles on the runs (or better) and crank out a 19-20 mph average (36 min). So that would take me from last years 1:39:17 total time to 1:15:00 (adding in a few min for transition). I know that is an optimistic time, but 1:15 - 1:20 would be a good race for me next weekend. Even at 1:20 that cuts off nearly 20 min! WOWZERS!

I hope everyone has a good week!


The day I ran 26,000 + miles...coming later this weekend

Wow...where have I been this week!?! Who knows! I know this will sound like a broken record but I've had one hell of a week! I haven't barely started my HW for this week. On the flip side I have gotten in a full weeks (except 1 day) worth of workouts. A couple runs, a couple good bikes! I'll share some of that later this weekend...for now I just have one summer changing thing to announce!


Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

I'm excited to get in a good weekend of workouts! I'm planning on an easy run tonight, 30 min TT on the bike tomorrow morning, easy short bike on Sunday (after eating a bunch of delicious food!) then a 9-10 mile run on Monday. I think I'm getting back into the swing of things! Now, how to get to the gym and hit some weights...


Who loves recieveing a package? I DO!

I got home today and while I was pulling up I saw a large box sitting outside of my door.  It was my new kicks!  My last new pair of sneaks were chewed up by a crabby dog.  :-(  I did a little checking around and I actually found the shoes I trained all last summer in.  And ran Twin Cities Marathon in...there is a little bit of an attachment issue.  I didn't want to get rid of them, but I just can't run much in them.  I get those little aches and pains.  They have well over 400 miles on them so they have to do.

So on I found the exact pair, I went as far to compare the SKU number on the little tag inside the shoe.  They were only like $60 online, I paid $90 from the local running store so I bought two while I had the chance.  I'm not sure if I will alternate shoes, or just use one pair until they are toast.  Any thoughts?  Do you alternate shoes?


NEW KICKS IN FRONT.  Old pair in the back.

So, who's excited for EASTER!  I am!  I'm playing host to the fam again.  I'll be making a lovely ham, some kind of veggies (prolly grilled) and some 'doctored up' baked beans (they are at EVERY family gathering).  I've delegated the salad, potatoes and desserts.  I should have a much easier day than last Thanksgiving when I did everything.  I mean what do I really have to do...a crock pot of beans, throw the ham in and grill some veggies.  This will be easy!

I'm not sure I've mentioned this before but I'm now through 8 days of no sweets.  This might not sound like much, but I am around them everywhere!  My sister loves to bake and makes cookies, pies, bars...whatever every week!  And my floor at work is large enough that there is always someone having a B-Day or some other reason they bring in cake, cookies at least 3 times a week.  And of course the table it sits on is pretty close to me AND between me and a few other team members.  Keep in mind I walk over to these team members 10+ times a day.  At the end of the day I'm a sucker for a cookie while making dinner after a good workout.  Who isn't?  So...for April I'm not touching any sweets!  8 days successful and counting!

Last but not least I thought I would bring you an actual workout that we've been doing in our Wed. Spin classes.  They are always different so this was just today's.  Side note:  our Wed. Night spin instructor has a professional coach and Wed is supposed to be her interval/tempo day so that is what we've been doing the last few months.  Ok, here is the workout...

  1. 15 min
Simulated Race

Micro Bursts (hard effort / barely spin)
  1. 15 sec. on/ 15 sec. rest  (5 min)
  2. 20 sec. on/ 10 sec. rest (5 min)
  3. 30 sec. on/ 15 sec. rest (6 min)
  4. 1 min on/ 30 sec. rest (5 min)
  1. 5 min Big Ring - loaded hill climb (roughly 60-70 cad.)
  2. 1 min rest (easy spin)
  3. 5 min Big Ring - loaded hill climb (roughly 60-70 cad.)
  4. 1 min rest (easy spin)
Race Winning Move
  1. 30 sec. sprint w/ medium load
  2. 3 min hammering w/medium load
  3. 10 sec. all out sprint to the finish


First tramp stamp of the season

Wow, I feel good!  I'm starting to take control and find some balance with school/work/training.  Thursday I did my first out door bike ride.  I did a solid 19 miles.  I forgot to reset my Garmin from my last run so the pace was off, but I think it was around 19 mph.  Friday I did a nice 4 mile run.  I live by a HUGE hill so I start or stop every workout with this hill.  Friday I chose to end it with the hill.  When i got to the hill at the end of the run I took the down hill portion easy and just tried to find a good song for the next two min of hell!  Because of my wonderful assistant coach (Mr. Garmin) I can keep track of my pace and time it takes me to do this hill every time.  The last three times I've done it I was at a 9:45/mile pace, 9:25, 9:22 and on Friday I ran it at 8:43/min pace!  WHOOT!  I hit that biatch hard!  I was toast at the top of the hill but bring on spring, I'm ready to train hard.

With that in mind I went out for a nice 10 mile run today.  It was a lovely 32 degrees (26 windchill) with a fresh inch or so of snow on the ground.  I grab some gel and my fuel belt and went out the door.  I don't know why, but I was running 9:30's to start and this felt easy.  I tried to slow down, but didn't find it comfortable.  A few miles in I settled into my 9:45-10:00 min pace.  The first 5 miles flew by, I was feeling great and loving life!  It was a beautiful time to run.  30 degrees, light flurries and the sun was out.  When I turned around I started to get cold, the wind picked up a little ( I was on top of a hill ).  I just threw the gloves back on and found a new song to distract me with.  Eventually I was hidden from the wind by houses and buildings and I had the gloves back off in a matter of min.  Everything was great...until... a little over a mile to go.  I started getting THE've all seen that person running weird because they are clenching their butt cheeks.  Yep, that was me.  Around mile 9.6 I called it quits!  It was either stop or 'go'.  I walked/jogged the last .8 miles back to the house.  I was happy to see that my 9.6 miles was done in 10:02...right on my 10 min pace!  I couldn't have been happier, well maybe if that last mile would have been better!  

***EDIT***So the reason for the title on the blog post...I chaffed for the first time this year where my fuel belt rubs in the back at my waist line.  Oh the feeling of getting in the shower with freshly rubbed raw skin and salty sweat water running through it.....oh yea that's good!

I just put a half marathon on the schedule, Grandpa Stays Home Half Marathon on June 6th.  I haven't see a course or anything but the timing fits around other obligations.  

Last but not least I decided on a name for my bike!  Some where on my run the name Jonny Poser popped into my head and I fell in love!  Can't  you just picture some guy with the name Jonny Poser on an aero helmet and you pass him.  :-)  That would be hilarious!  So, I'm Jonny and my bike is Poser.  Poser wants to be a race bike but he is missing a few wheels, a better component group, he also needs to cut some weight.  The picture to the right is Mr. Poser and I playing sherpa at Grandma's Marathon last year.

If you didn't catch it before my Garmin was name Assistant Coach on my run today to.  He can't be coach, he only gives me all the info I need to make the plan.


Hola Bloggy Buddies!

I'm just throwing a quick update down, I need to study!

I had a nice chat with my boss about 'rush' projects and how I'm not doing them any more. Somehow I was thrown two last week, which is why I about died from lack of sleep. The good news is they are both done and happy with the information they have. I've gotten in a few runs this week, I hope to bike tomorrow! I really need to get in some speed work at the end of the week here, we are less than a month away from the Winter Be Gone Duathlon.

I hope all of you are doing well! I'll be stalking your blogs later tonight...after reading and a beer with some friends.


I'M DONE!  I officially turned in my assignment for school at 12:00am 3/28.  That is technically 1 min late (11:59) but I'm confident that I won't get docked 10% because it was late, at least I hope not!

I know I worked like a dog all week but this was a rewarding day!  I feel like I answered 2 of the 3 discussion questions with really good thought out replies.  The third was a little 'shooting from the hip' since it was the last one and I started it with 15 min left.  I put my mental diarrhea on the page and posted it 1 min late.  Oh well.  

1 of the big projects I was working on all week gave the team some really good information.  This is for a product that doesn't exist yet, nothing like it on the market and I gave the team exactly what they need and then some to take this product past feasibility to prototype.  :-)  We got importance scores of different attributes of the product on the individual level.  We can calculate the most preferred product on the individual level, most preferred product by industry (data showed preference difference between industries), messaging for each industry, price sensitivity and demand on the industry level.  It feels good when you put together a research study that gives the product/marketing teams all the information they need to take this to the next level.  

FYI - I'm watching COPS right now and some guy said he hasn't smoked any pot tonight and he has a half smoked roach tucked on top of his ear. out of it is this guy!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I'm going to go to sleep and not set my alarm.  I'm hoping to go for a long run 8-10 miles today.  I'll see how I feel when I wake up, I would like to take the trainer tire off my bike and hit the pavement sometime soon.  


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