Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I did! My day started the way every lazy day should start...coffee and the paper. :-)

Eventually I decided to be productive and get things ready for the Thanksgiving meal. Did I mention I was nominated to make Thanksgiving dinner for the family. That would make me the first Borscheid man to make Thanksgiving. I got everything out on the counter and organized it. I brined the turkey the night before in a apple juice, orange juice, nutmeg, cloves, salt water brine. (I also made a pie the night before) Mmmmm...it smells good! I rinsed off the turkey and threw that birdy in the oven. Then I peeled all the potatoes and threw those in a pot of water to hang out until it was time to cookem up.

At this point I was bored...what's so tough about this cooking stuff? I went down stairs to clean up a bit and BAM!

The floor drain in the basement was overflowing. CRAP. Try to plunger it, wet/dry vac the water, plunger plunger, run the snake down it. Nothing was working. Eventually I had to get back to dinner and just told everyone that was showing up to not run any water.

My sister and Steph were helping in the kitchen at this point. I started the stuffing I was making on the top of the stove and the potatoes were ready to be mashed. We got those two things finished and I started on the glazed carrots and Steph started the gravy. At this point the turkey was done, time to carve. The kitchen was stacking up with knives, spoons, bowls, pots and pans, etc. Nothing could be washed or rinsed off so there was stuff stacking up everywhere. I was originally hoping to put someone on dish detail while things got wrapped up for lunch but that didn't happen. So my boring day got a little hectic. I had two CRAZY dogs running around. My cousin brought her 11 month old puppy over (full size lab) so we could dog sit while she went to her SO's. Our 2 year old German Shepard/husky mix was going crazy with this dog. They were running around constantly from the time we got him. They were playing tug of war, chasing each other and just wrestling. Those pups coupled with my two nieces, who want to get into every thing and the drain over flown down stairs definitely got rid of the boredom.

Somewhere in the midst of all this my mom showed up, with a turkey. Did I mention I was going to be the first Borscheid man to make Thanksgiving. She had to make a turkey and stuffing just in case mine didn't 'turn out'. We got everything set out ready to eat. It was all coming together. :-)

We prayed and sat down to eat. MMMMMM....I ate a lot! p.s. Everyone liked my turkey better. Sorry for the lack of pictures on the later part of the meal prep. things were getting a little crazy.

Eventually I called Roto Rooter to come clean out the drain....$238 and 15 min later we had running water. I was glad I was doing the right things to clean it out, my snake just wasn't long enough. So Steph and I got back to the millions of dishes and powered through those. After that I played with my two nieces and then sat on the couch watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone had a great day!

I have to inform you that the "challenge" is over. In all of the meal prep and chaos I didn't get to get in a workout. I went for a 'long run' today but cut it short at 2.5 miles. For some reason I was freezing. I was wearing my normal winter running gear and I couldn't warm up, it was only 25 degrees. That isn't that cold to run in. I usually am cold for a few blocks and heat up quickly, but today was different. I blame all the pie. ;)

Stay tuned for a new challenge for December!


How do you start your Monday?

I start by hitting the snooze button a time or two, finally jump out of bed, eat some cereal (Usually Smart Start) while watching Good Morning America. After that I shower, get ready and I'm out the door. The whole process takes 30-40 min. :-)

My day really doesn't start until I arrive at work. I unload the laptop and get it fired up. While it is turning on a walk down to the cafeteria where we proudly serve 4 varieties of Starbucks coffee. I go straight for the "Extra Bold" coffee of the day. I take it black (write that down, you never know when you will have to get me coffee). I have a little OCD when it comes to my coffee cup...the 'java jacket' seam needs to line up with the coffee cup seam and the lid opening must be on the opposite side of the seam. I know, stupid, oh well.

I then bring the coffee back to my desk where I proceed to open on all the programs I'm going to need for the first few min of the day: Lotus Notes, SPSS, IE, FireFox, etc. While those are loading I take the lid off my coffee so it can cool, it is always WAY too hot for me to drink. I'm a wuss when it comes to hot (temp.) foods and drinks. After a few min of cooling, I'm ready to begin my Monday.

As for recent workouts...

The Challenge Stays Strong!

I did a hard core spin class Friday.

Saturday was 7 miles at 9:00 min miles. I went out early (did 4 miles) and finished at the track with some peeps who showed up for the Saturday Speed workouts.

Here is a pic from the start, did I mention we got a dusting of snow that night. It made for a couple sketchy intersections (where people spin their tires to get going...DON'T DO THAT), but for the most part didn't affect my running at all.

Here is Jeremy joining me for my last few laps. We had some great chats about IMMoo and his plans to do an IM every year until he can't walk. Go Jeremy!

Sunday was just a stretching day. My legs were spent, I was sore from a weeks of speed workouts in spin classes and Sat. being my longest run since TwinCities Marathon.

Today I haven't decided if I'm going to go for a run or hit the trainer.

I hope everyone has a great week and Thanksgiving!


Looking for 2009...

Is it sad that I'm looking for the new year already? Jan. 1 2009 hopefully means a lot less stress in my life. Work is still consuming my life and I am struggling to stay on this 35 day challenge. Yesterday I had planned for a 3-4 mile run after work and when my boss schedules a 4:30 meeting I knew it wasn't going to happen. I settled for a 2 mile walk through our sky ways that connect 4 buildings. I bet I looked like a total goof because I put my Garmin on. Picture a guy in business casual dress wearing a HUGE ASS watch doing laps in the sky way. Tons of people do laps throughout the day, some (we call her crazy lady) even power walk the hell out of it. When I see her I feel like she should be wearing a speed suit and a sperm helmet.

2009 hopefully means less stress because budgets will be figured out, hopefully we will stop laying people off, I will be moved. Our company laid off a thousand people a few months ago and now we are laying off another thousand. I'm safe, thank God. But for how long, how many more rounds of lay offs will we have? Stupid greedy bastards!

They are moving my group to the north side of our floor, my team of 4 are the last ones on that side of the floor. They have been tearing down cubes and re-wiring in the ceilings to accommodate the new group that is moving in there. It is really distracting! All I hear is drill drill drill, hammer, bang, hammer, drop this, one guy yelling to another guy to pull that, drill drill drill.

Sometime this weekend I'm going to try to nail down some 2009 races and make a decision on weather to tri or not.

Begin rant...
I am not an economics major, but like everyone else I have my opinions on why we are in the crapper right now. EVERYONE'S GREED! Person 1 wants a house they can't afford. Person 2 wants a nice commission so they sell Person 1 a house they can't afford with a shitty mortgage plan that only allows them to pay for it for 3 years and then they get hosed when the fixed rate period is over. Person 2 doesn't care because they got their commission, and then they get another commission when Person 1 comes back in 2.5 years to refinance. EFF you Person 2! So many banks gave people loans they shouldn't have. The masses should be looking to bankers or guidance...not as a broker. Person 1 needs to really take a step back and chill the EFF out. Just because you wanted a house now doesn't mean you should have 1 now.

That brings me to Big Auto. You three CEO's (you know who you are) are arrogant pricks! None of you could raise your hand and sell 1 effing jet? Fly first class and save yourself around 19,000 per flight in the US. You aren't that important, you will most likely never get recognized, no one is going to try to kill you, you will save your company a SHIT TON of money over the long haul. Isn't that what your job is? Grow your company...so why the unnecessary spending? I work for a Fortune 100 company...WE ONLY HAVE 1 PRIVATE JET! You pricks each have 7 or 8....why?!? All 3 of your businesses have been loosing money for years, why did it take this long, why did you wait until d-day to make a plea for money? Why didn't you take drastic action years ago when foreign car makers were taking your business and not even offering a reach around?

I think big auto should go into Chapter 11! I know it means bad things for our economy but lets face it, these three businesses aren't going to get turned around with a little coin in their pocket that they WILL burn through by spring time. Chapter 11 means disbanding unions, restructuring, laying off workers. It means TONS of layoffs. It also means Big auto renegotiating the wages/benefits/etc of their employees. I believe compensation is a main reason why the big three can't stay competitive with foreign auto makers. Foreign auto makers had smaller cars, more fuel efficient, but they are also paying import taxes to bring their cars over here. Well, not Toyota who has some plants here in the US but still...this has been developing for a decade. You can't tell me no one saw the signs! This goes back to your company, your business...where were you flying your effing jet to that you weren't paying attention to the signs?!?

I say liquidate your inventory! Don't just lower the prices, give that shit away! Do whatever you can to free up cash, sell those jets. The first move should not be cutting workers and closing plants! Cut luxuries first, then liquidate inventory! You are in desperate times, cut your losses with the current inventory and start over. Mr. Mulally (Ford CEO) made 45 million dollars last year...how many employees would you not have to lay off with that kind of cash? You didn't do anything last year, your company is in the crapper, DON'T TAKE A BONUS! And why is your wife, children and guests flying Ford Motor Company jets without you? You made enough money to fly them first class you greedy bastard!

Survival of the fittest...the big three have been lazy..."you are the weakest link, Goodbye"...Chapter 11.

Rant over...

I hope everyone has a good weekend! I'm going to get in a long run this weekend and finish up at the St. Thomas track for some stairs with Steve and whoever else shows up. Holla!


Looking forward

Saturday kicked off the first "Saturday of Speed". It was a great morning! I met Steve at his house Saturday morning (8:45am). He was ready to go! He even had a GINORMOUS backpack full of extra clothes, water and a boombox. Why he didn't want to jog to the track with it on this shoulder like this guy I don't know.

Steve and I got there right around 9am, we were shortly joined by Ryan, Pharmie, Laura, Greg and Jenny. Steve and I were planning on doing the The Sinclair Special, basically 600 at 10K, 100 easy (I did 200), 200 all out, 400 easy. We were both planning on doing 5 sets, let me tell you, after the 3rd I knew I went out a little hard. I was super excited to get this going and do some hard runs, what I didn't take into account was the spin class, squats and lunges the day before. Whoops! So, #4 came and at the end of hard 200 I was spent...gasping for air...I had to walk 20-30 seconds just to catch my breath. I had to do the same on the 5th set, but at least on the 5th set I was DONE! That was a tough workout, but it went by pretty quick. It wasn't as hard as my first 20 mile run, it wasn't as hard as my first 50 mile bike, but it was hard! What holds true for spin classes holds true for intervals...you make them whatever you want them to be. I decided to make it a tough workout and ran my ass off. I haven't had a chance to download the garmin data yet but I can't wait to take a look at it. :-)

If you are looking to gain a little speed or just something different, I'd suggest you try the Sinclair Special. I'll be doing it again. I'm not used to running fast and shooting my HR up, I can't wait to do this a few times over the next couple months and compare.

After gasping for air and waiting for a few others to finish their workouts I saw Steve head over to the bleachers...crap. He started running stairs and for some reason I joined him. They hurt! But I'm stronger for it. Here is a picture of me peeing on the stands, re-setting the garmin for another lap of high heart rate cardio (the stairs). My heart rate hit 192...my "max" is 195. I had an average HR of 182, just above AT.

I think Steve is planning on doing another track workout this Saturday. If I'm going to beat Pharmie at a half marathon next year I need to keep some of my endurance so I'm planning on getting in a 'long run' (7-8 miles). If anyone plans on doing a speed workout at the track with Steve next week let me know...I'll come and finish up my long run there. Who knows, maybe I'll talk myself into more stairs.


When does one get a break?!?

So...I'm in another one of those 'work consumes all' weeks. It is really starting to drain on my motivation. It is 1:15 in the am and I just got off the trainer. I got in 30 min and we are checking it off as another successful day. It technically didn't fall in Wed, but since I haven't slept yet it is still Wed to me.

I just want to throw a quick shout out for the Saturdays of Speed Steve and I are throwing together. We are hoping to do a couple each month, doing anything from short intervals, mile repeats, yasso 800's, to the "The Sinclair Special" (which is on the schedule for me this Saturday). If you haven't heard of it I'll throw a description below. I believe Steve has gathered a few other peeps to come out...a couple plan on doing speed work with us, others a 5k on the track, and I think one or two are just going do their own thing. I think this is great! There isn't a coach giving orders with a stop watch, everyone is still in charge of their own training and we can all just be there for support and encouragement. If we build some friendships along the way that is just he icing on the the cake. So, anyone who lives or is going to be in the St. Paul, MN area feel free to shoot me an email or stop by Steve's blog for directions.

The Sinclair Special (Source: RW)

You only want to do one interval day a week? Not a problem. Here's a workout that will boost both stamina and speed in a single, thoroughly delightful session. Basically, this is a 600/200 (best starting point) or 800/300 (something to work up to) combo plate. "It's one of my favorite workouts," says Sinclair. "It has length and sustained effort, but also a strong speed/anaerobic flavor. You run 600 or 800 meters at 10-K pace, float 100 meters, then go as hard as you can for 200 or 300 meters. Jog an easy 400 meters before you start the next set." What's "float"? Something close to your normal long-run pace, that is faster than a jog. Think of it as partial recovery on the run. Most interval workouts give you full recovery. This isn't one of them.


Borsch joins the 21st century of training

Last Thursday Christmas came early for this guy. I got home from work to see my new Garmin Forerunner 305 sitting on the door step. I was really happy it was there, mostly because the Fedex guy left a $300 package on the door step! I live in a nice neighborhood but seriously, who knows when someone will walk buy and just rip that package open.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. I'm excited to be able to train by heart rate, distance, pace, etc. Thus far I mostly guess at distances or mapmyrun and just go run trying to stick to a set pace. Thursday I did the setup, attached the bike sensor and quick mount to my bike (which is sadly on a trainer for the next few months). I made sure everything was running right and left it at that. Friday I got home from work early and decided to sneak in a 3 mile run before meeting up with some friends for apps and taps. I've had one run with this guy on my arm and man, I didn't know how much my heart rate changed with inclines. I knew it did somewhat but never let it really slow me down.

So I started on the three miles, I tried to keep from looking at my new watch every ten seconds and just keep a good pace. My whole area is rolling hills, it gets kind of annoying! Here is a little graphic of how my HR mimicked the elevation changes. The top line is HR (red) the middle line is elevation (green) and bottom line is pace (blue). The two peaks are the two stop lights I hit. But it is amazing, my pace was really steady and my HR followed the elevation change exactly. I'm really going to enjoy looking into some of this workout data when I get more of it. I'm kind of a data geek.

I'd like to ask you all a question...Saturday I was frustrated with my mom and sister, arguing about the outcome of the election, that I just had a huge headache. I wanted to go for a quick run and just get some frustration out, I made it 3 blocks before I walked back and laid in bed the rest of the afternoon. My head hurt so bad it put me out of commission the entire afternoon. The question to all of you is...is my 35 day challenge busted because I didn't get in my work out that day?

Later today I'm going to collect some HR/speed/dist. data on the bike. :-) I'm super excited to join the 21st century and train with more information....now I just need to get someone to pony up for the rest of my Christmas list.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! and to those who are racing.....GO GO GO!

Way to go VIKES!


What did I order....

I like the idea of playing 20 questions.

You ask a question and I'll answer.

So far we have....

Q1. What's in the box?
3 smaller boxes

Q2. what is it? animal, vegetable or mineral?

Q3. We have different forms of..."WHAT IS IT?!? Damn you!"
See answer #1 :P


Everyone loves hump day!

First...I'm glad everyone 'Rocked The Vote'. It makes me proud to say I'm an American when a) so many people show up to vote and b) when the losing candidate can stand up and proudly endorse the winner. We live in a peaceful nation for the most part. I was reminded earlier tonight that in other countries McCain might have already picked up an AK47 and walked over to Barracks house to gun him down.

Second...The challenge is going well for me. You can check out my workouts in the right hand sidebar. I've rocked a few runs, spin classes and weight sessions lately. I've had a very good variety, with the exception of that elusive first swim. If I'm going to do a tri next year I might want to attempt to swim a few laps. I've been very good with keeping the tv off and getting to bed, not tonight though. I'm tired but can't fall asleep for some reason.

Third...Is it Christmas yet?
Thursday is for me! I got a sweet deal online for a nice piece of equipment.
I can't wait! I was going to ask for this for Christmas, or at least for the 'rents' to chip in as my Christmas present. When I found it online I immediately emailed my mom and she said her and dad would 'go in on it' if I wanted to buy it. I was like sweet, and had that thing on my credit card in a matter of min.
So...it arrives Thursday.

CONGRATS to all those who rocked FL IM or NY Marathon!


Gotta love PR's! Tesfa 5K

Lets start by saying today was a great day for anything outside in MN! Today was a perfect fall day.

Here are a few pics of the state park we were running at. The one on the left is the lake and the one on the right is one of the trails. Did I mention it was a picture perfect fall day; tons of color, leaves on the ground with a perfect running temp. right around 40. My cell phone camera really doesn't do it justice.

When I got to the race site I saw Steve right away, I went and picked up my race number and we were heading towards the start line. We both dropped some clothes at the start line and after a few words from the race director, director of the Tesfa foundation and an introduction of a young boy (maybe 5) who has selflessly been working to raise money for the organization. Within a few min we were underway, the small boy was right beside me...his enthusiasm was inspiring. I'm not sure if he ran the entire 5k but he was so excited he was going out at a 7:30 pace and sucking wind at mile 0.25. I don't know how he finished but I hope he had a good day!

The rest of my race we spent sucking wind, because I had no idea what my pace was until mile two. I missed the first mile marker and said what the heck just hold on to this pace and we will see where we are at whenever we see a mile marker. Around where mile 1 should have been I was passed by the director of the Tesfa foundation, after a few words about how great the weather, day and trails were he took off in front of me. I was shortly thereafter passed by a woman in her, ahhhh, IDK 70's? She was motoring along completely in control, she eventually passed the Tesfa director. The Tesfa director was my mark, keep him in my sights. I did that the entire way.

When I hit Mile 2 I looked down to see 15:23...hmmm. Are these miles in the right spot? I'm not a 7:40's guy. As soon as I saw that I knew this could be a PR day. Steve and I talked before the race about this not being a PR course. It is mostly flat, a few small rollers, but a little over a mile maybe a mile and a half is run on a packed gravel trail. Steve 'spins his wheels'. I'm not that fast so it worked to my advantage! I like that type of trail, I'm a larger guy and it provides a little bit of a cushion for me. I came down to Mile 3, hit my watch and saw 8:03 (23:26 total). Crap, I'm doing it...PR is in the bag. Keep in mind this entire race I felt like I was having an asthma attack. At the end Steve and I talked with Kat (spelling?), it was her first race, she said the course was so nice that she forgot she was supposed to be 'racing'. I didn't see most of the course, I was completely focused on breathing. At 0.2 and 2.9 (I think) there was a local drum core providing music, I saw them and kicked it home. Look how much air is under my feel...
Thanks for the photos Steve. If you weren't so fast we could take pics of you finishing. :P

Overall, it was a good day. I finished second in my age group...second only to Steve. This is a pretty small race, only 52 people but a fun one. Here are the final results...click on it to blow it up. I'll take a 24:05 any day! That is 50 seconds off my first 5k of the year and I've been training for slow and long! I can't wait to see that number drop this winter. :-)
Should we say 22 min?

Here is Steve and I after the race and since they had way too much stuff donated we made out like bandits. I literally went to grab a power bar or two and one guy just handed me a box of that and the Snickers Marathon bars.

After I found some food I went out in the yard to rake leaves, holy cow! I always forget how much of a workout that can be. I had 4 huge piles in the yard and bagged up 8 bags. I'm probably going to be sore tomorrow.


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