Happy Spook day!

I hope all of you enjoy at least 1 piece of candy today. I will! :-)

As for the 'challenge'...I'm still on track!
  • Monday was lifting and abs.
  • Tuesday was spin. (I think I 'tweaked', pulled or IDK...I did something to my calf)
  • Wednesday was a KICK AZZ spin class. This was full of calf cramps by the half way point.
  • Thursday was a 2 mile walk with the dog. I was hoping this would help stretch out the calf.
  • Today is going to be upper body weights, abs and a hot tub session.

Tomorrow Steve and I are doing the Tesfa 5K at Fort Snelling State Park here in MN. If you are in the area come on out! The Tesfa Foundation provides early childhood education to disadvantaged children in Ethiopia. Slow and steady Steve won the thing last year!

We should have some nice weather, they are calling for a low of 36 tonight and a high of 60 tomorrow. I'm hoping we split the difference by the 10am start time and get up to the high 40's. This was going to be my 'winter of speed' benchmark race, but unless my calf shapes up today I might just have to go slow and steady. It is a little better today but still pretty tender to touch in a few spots and stretch. I'll just take what the day gives me.

I would like to take this section to make a few updates/revisions to the tv portion of the challenge. I'm not sure I conveyed my exact intentions with the tv portion since I was witting that blog post off 3 hours of sleep late into the evening. I will probably turn on the tv if I'm bored as hell on the trainer...I really just want to keep it off during the week. I want to get through some books and get to bed at a decent hour. That doesn't mean I'm going to be watching tv all day during the weekend. I'm still going to try to keep it off, besides football, just to be true to the challenge.

I would also like to add something to my challenge...eliminate the junk food! I don't know about your work place but mine is littered with candy, cookies, bars, pies. It is just nuts! So with the exception of Thanksgiving I'm going to test my will power and walk by the goodie table at work and take NOTHING.

I think it is truly amazing that so many of you want to join me in this crazy challenge! After today we are only 30 days away.


It is official, I'm calling you out! Fastest half marathon in 2009. BRING IT!

And now a picture of my costume...

Lisa Slow-n-Steady  – (November 1, 2008 at 4:48 PM)  

I'm doing the challenge my own way - but doing well so far. :-)

M  – (November 1, 2008 at 8:40 PM)  

Okay, I was sooo not expecting that costume picture - haha!!

uh, yeah...so about that junk food...can i get a pass on already-done damage and committ to shape it up from here? as i write this i have a bag of licorice next to me for "dinner," but i swear i will throw it out.

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