Team Tighty-Whities Snatched Gold!

The day started with an early wake up call…like 5:30 ‘ick! I went down stairs; grabbed a bowl of cereal and some water. Before I knew it, Steve and I were ready to go and Matt was on his way. We loaded some things in the car, got the bikes loaded up and we were off with Steph (our awesome photographer for the day) in tow. As soon as we got to the race site we went to pick up our packets, get body marked and hit up the rest rooms. After that we went to get the bikes ready and set up in transition. Then we had some time to kill so I went for a quick warm-up ride (about 2 miles) and everything felt great!

I got back in transition, got ‘dressed’ and took a few pre race photos. Before I knew it Steve and Matt (Matt was doing the race solo) were toeing the starting line. After standing in transition for a while I noticed that my speedplays might get gunked up a bit, and they did! I took my multi-tool out, dug some dirt out of them and thought I was good to go. Little did I know, running out of transition packed them back up with some dirt and sand. I couldn’t clip in! I tried banging my shoe against the pedal, I even stopped to stomp them on the ground and that didn’t seem to work. So I rode 20.6 miles old school style, not clipped in. This wasn’t a big problem for most of the race, there were a few hills I wished was able to pull up on the pedal. The first 5 miles were pretty much uphill with a head wind. My plan was to take it easy on this for this first 5 miles, pick it up the next 5 and hammer it home the last 10. I stuck to my game plan the whole race! It felt great! Mile 10-15 had some decent rollers but nothing that killed me. I just kept the other bikers I went out with in sight, well some of them. Steve ran a great first 5K which put me in the top 20 starting the bike (of all waves), I think.

We started in wave 4 (3 min after wave 1) and Steve came in just 4 min behind the elites who started in wave 1. He is crazy fast! Somehow I kept up with most of those athletes for most of the first half, probably because I’m a decent hill climber. I’m not saying I’m strong but I can power up some hills, and if I’m feeling good I’m not going to slow down too much. Basically everyone who passed me did so in the first 5 miles (the rest of the elites)…after that maybe 2 or 3 people flew by on my left. I thought my day was going to be much worse since I couldn’t clip in. I occasionally tried to hammer them on to the pedals but never had any luck. My guess is that I slipped off the pedals 6-10 times after the first few miles, it took a little bit to get used to not being clipped in. Coming up on the 15 mile sign we hit a small hill and I passed the 2nd place female. I smiled and said hi as I went by. This is when I really started to hammer it home, we were on a nice road with the wind at our back, I was cruising along for two or three miles above 30 mph…I love that feeling! There was a few min when I was wishing I didn’t have a compact crank, the wind and down hills were screaming for me to go faster but I had no gears left. Before I knew it I was coming back into town, really hammering it home. I saw the 20 mile sign and knew the bike must be short, it was supposed to be a 22 mile bike. I could see I was getting closer to the end of town we started on and really pushed hard. I blew by Steph at 25-27 mph feeling great, and she still got a good photo of me sucking wind. I rounded the corner and spotted transition, and Steve chatting it up with another team not paying attention. I jumped off my bike while it was still moving, easy to do while not clipped in, and ran into transition. Before I knew it Steve was off and I saw a nice number on my bike computer. One I hadn’t seen all year.

For a semi-hilly course, not being clipped in I road a 20.2 average (according to my bike computer). I had 1:01:37 on my computer; the official time was 1:00:32 (if you do the actual math, 20.6 miles at 1:00:32 gives me a 20.4 mph). I’m guessing the min difference, between actual and my computer, was running in and out of transition. My goal for today was to break that twenty mph mark. It made me happy I did it, but I do wonder if I could have hit that 21 mph mark if I had been able to attack some hills being clipped in. I looked through the bike splits, out of 327 people I had the 24th fastest bike. I know it isn’t fair to compare to people who ran a 5k prior to biking, but it’s my blog and I’m going to! :P I didn’t crack the top 10 percent for bike splits, but came damn close (10.5%)!

As for our team numbers…..(the ranks are for the team relay competition, #1 in every area that counts)

Run 1: 00:17:40.0 1st
Transition 1: 00:00:27.9 7th
Bike: 01:00:32.0 1st
Transition 2: 00:00:20.4 3rd
Run 2: 00:05:22.2 1st
Total: 01:24:22.7 1st

Last year’s (also the first year of this event) team competition winners finished at 1:32:26…Steve and I NOW hold the Team Relay course record by 8 min. Just thought you wanted to know. :)

All in all it was a good day! Matt took 3rd in the Clydesdale division so everyone took home some hardware. After that we it was time for pizza and football…..HAPPY HAPPY DAY!

Ok….now that I made you wait here are some photos from the day. Check out Steve’s blog for his side of the story. :)

All of us pre race...

Yes, we really posed like that pre-race. We were 'those guys'...
...and it was a great time!

Steve finishing the first run...

I'm running out of transition so fast the camera can't keep up...

Me sucking wind finishing the bike...

Posing for the local paper...

Our trophy! My first piece of hardware! Supposedly another one is in the mail so we both get one...

This is why Pharmie spends her Friday nights with me...

Some people just can't resist the temptation to "lay some pipe" with their brother-in-law.


Taper Time

I have to say, I'm not that excited about having to 'taper'. I really was just getting into this running thing again after the 3 weeks off. But since the marathon in 10 days away I'll be a good boy and play nice with the training plan. That isn't going to stop me from pushing out some good bikes though!

I sent this note to my Wed night club yesterday because they are riding indoors now...stupid sun goes to bed WAY to early!

Hey All,

Tomorrow is supposed to be a pretty nice afternoon....partly sunny and high 60's. I'm planning on protesting the 'formal' Wednesday night indoor ride (sorry Patty) and rocking our old route outside. I'm doing the Osceloa Duathlon this weekend as a team (I'm doing the bike) and I need a good HARD bike outside; the last few weeks have been focused on 18 and 20 mile runs. I'd like to pick up the intensity and just destroy any average the B group has had on this route...I've never been over 18.4 on this loop. So I'm stops, attack hills and 20+mph. Who's with me? Should plan to leave Lifetime at 5:30'ish?

Jairo, no worries, both runs went great...they hurt because I've never done that distance but an ice bath and some stretching and I was doing a spin class (after the 18) and dancing at a wedding all night (after the 20) the next day. I'm totally ready for this marathon.

If I missed anyone on the invite please forward this one.


Should it surprise me that only 1 person wants to ride outside today? I was hoping for at least 3-5. Our wed night ride all summer was around 22 miles and we had 3-4 spots where we stopped and let people catch their breath or catch up. Do you think proposing a 2mph increase and no stops is scaring people away? I hope not. I really need a hard ride to prepare mentally for the duathlon with STEVE on Sunday. We are going to rock the team competition (hoping for GOLD baby)!

We are also going to rock the team competition in STYLE. We will be wearing tighty whities and wife beaters. (that might be a cold bike...better pedal harder).

If you missed the 20 miler recap scroll down... :-)

The urban dictionary

1. tighty whities

A synonym for briefs . They are underwear worn for there support purposes, antonym of boxers. The pros of tighty whities are support in gym class and hiding an erection. The disadvantages are that if you are pantsed then your penis will appear smaller, and that they might strangle your penis.

Because of incidents in which prison inmates trousers started to fall down, many teenagers believe baggy pants are cool. Because of that, it became the cool thing to wear boxers instead of old fashioned tighty whities.

Advice if you're going to High School and male. In order to make your life alot easier, wear boxer shorts.


So…20 miles. I thought someone told me that was supposed to be tough.

IT HURT and at the end I was ready for it to be over! But at the same time I was expecting it to be worse since this was gonna be on the marathon course with hills I’ve never seen at those distances yet. All of my runs over 15 miles up to Friday had been in pretty much flat locations. Pharmie and I left her place and ran miles 22 – 13.5 along the course backwards, added in a detour to a S.A. station, then ran miles 11 – 22 of the marathon and headed back to her house. We basically were planning on simulating the biggest section of hills, 20-23, as much as possible. We hit them around 16 – 19…so just a few miles different than when we will hit them on race day.

At the start of the run we were both a little skeptical about the weather, it had just rained before we started and was a little humid with temps between 79* (start of the run) and 73* (end of the run). Not idea to start your run right around 80 and humid ( for us Minnesotans ), we both came to terms with the weather quickly and just focused on the task at hand….run 20 miles.
*According to

I gotta say, that my legs were hurting. Right at the beginning I was feeling the lingering effects of having run 18 miles 4 days prior. I had a little tightness in my left IT band and my right quad. I was able to stretch them out a little every time we stopped to grab water, which helped, but I think basically maintained that level of tightness and didn’t let it get worse. Sporadically I had some calf twinges but I kept pumping the enduralytes and everything was just fine, no locking up.

After talking to a few people after the 18 mile run (mostly Pharmie) I decided to bring a Powerbar on this run. Normally I relied on Gels, Shotblocks and Gatorade for my calories. She suggest Powerbars for some fats and proteins. I don’t like them! After holding them in a sweaty hand for hours, mushing it up, it just tastes like crap to me. But I’m thinking I have to force 1 if not 2 down on race day to give myself the best chance not to ‘bonk’.

So all in all, the run went GREAT! I finished it, no major issues and I’m totally gonna rock this marathon. Well lets go with finish this marathon and we will see what the day brings. I’ve seen people train really hard and have really bad days so I’m going into this with the idea of crossing the finish line. If I’m feeling GREAT, like the 18 mile run last Monday, at mile 13 or later I’ll push it in. But for now, the plan is to ‘auto pilot’ the first half and see what the day brings.

A question to all you Clydes out there!
What is your nutrition plan? Do you consume as many calories as I do? I'm just over 6 foot and weigh 230. I haven't had a chance to exchange nutrition notes with other athletes my size. For this 20 miler I ate 620 calories in food (2 gels, powerbar and partial pack of shot blocks) and drank 300 – 400 more calories in Gatorade. What do you do?


Another one bites the dust!

Just so you all know…Pharmie and I will not be running at 4am! That would suck! I would have to go home from work Thursday and go straight to bed because the alarm would be going off at 2 am to eat my oatmeal, drink water, pre-run potty break and drive to her house before 4am. Friday evening sounds much better to me. I can take it easy all day at work, run 20 miles, sleep and get in the car for 4 hours on my way to a wedding. By doing the run Friday I also leave myself open to enjoy as many adult beverages as the bartender will allow me to drink. ;) JK JK I won’t be getting THAT drunk…just enough to ‘get me going’.

So Monday I had 15 miles on the schedule, in my head I doubted my readiness for 20 this weekend since my last 18 sucked donkey nuts! Legs cramping/locking up at mile 17. IT Band pain from mile 6 on, just not a good day. Pharmie and I did 18.5 miles in just under 4 hours that day, way way way to slow! So back to Monday, I knew in my head I needed to do 18 to feel comfortable tackling 20 and 26.2.

I left work a little early, drove over to some lakes in Minneapolis and got on my way. The plan was to run two of the lakes twice (13 miles) and then LittleMissSunshine was joining me for the last 6 miles. I ran the first lake (3.1 miles) in just over 25 min (WTF), to fast! I got a gel and water and was on my way to the next lake. That 3.4 miles (the lake and distance between the lakes) ticked off in 28 min. Still to fast! I wasn’t trying to go fast, just comfortable. For some reason everything seemed easy, just like last week. I looked at my watch and knew I was running a little late (got started 5-10 min late) if I was to meet LittleMissSunshine at 6. So I shortened the next section and just did the first lake twice for (6.2 miles) That was only 59 min with water and food stops. I stop and walk for water and food; otherwise I choke and inhale water into my lungs. Cutting the second loop short by 0.3 miles meant I was right on time for meeting up with LittleMissSunshine, I got to my car to grab Gatorade and Shotblocks just as she was walking away from her car towards the lake.

We went out for a lap on the first lake again (eh, this lake was getting boring), it was cool to see the same people over and over again. You almost start to build a bond with them in your head. Or is that just me? Since LittleMissSunshine was feeling fresh and I had 13 miles under my belt (12.75 really) I was in trouble! She led out and I kept pace, until her potty stop I was on pace for my fastest 5k of the day. Not cool! Why do I have to be dumb!?! I never asked her to slow up a bit, I should have. With her potty stop, water and food after that lake I hit the split at 29 min. Still well under 10 min miles.

We walked 50 feet or so, I was starting to hurt, and got under way again. As soon as we got to the second lake we had to wait for the stop light, not good! I was already feeling tight and now I had to stand and wait for a light to change. I think the hardest part is starting back up when you are tight. This time I told her we had to slow up, she let me pace the lap. She was even an alarm when I picked it up and didn’t know it, “umm, Borsch, my heart rate just jumped to 170…do you know you are going faster?” My reply, “nope, didn’t know…I’m just moving my feet right now.” I think I just wanted it to be over. Once we hit mile 17’ish I was hurting. I started getting nauseous, and had to stop and walk a bit. I didn’t know what was going on. Was I low on food? Water? I couldn’t be low on food, I had two gels and two and a half packs of shot blocks thus far (around 750 cal not including the Gatorade). She forced me to take some of her water and a gel just in case. We ran the rest of the lake and I stopped my watch at 3:10. Total time was over 10 min miles, but I think that first lake with LittleMissSunshine was too fast and really killed me for the next lake. I was under 10 min miles until that last loop. I feel good about the day, I just need to pace myself better and I’ll knock off 20 miles this Friday. I still can’t believe that taking three weeks off didn’t have any ill effects on my running. 8/18/08 = 18.5 miles in 4 hours. 9/15/08 = 18 miles in 3:10. A 50 min difference! I feel much better mentally, I know I can cover the distance and can will my way through some pain and stomach discomfort.

20 miles…

Stay tuned for the 20 miler…I probably won’t have time to post until Sunday night/Monday.


T - minus 19

So we are getting super close to D-Day, 19 days. I’m glad to be running again! Last week I got in a strong 6.5 miles for my first run back. Friday morning I went out for 8 miles at a comfortable pace…or what I thought was a comfortable pace. My finishing time was 1:11, that is sub 9 min miles (8:52)! For me, that is smoking fast! My normal, easy pace, is 9:40 – 10:00 min miles. The last time, correction, only time I have run 8 miles even close to that was my half marathon PR last month. In that race I only clipped off 8 miles at a 9:10 – 9:15 pace. And during the half I was working, Friday I felt in control and comfortable. How do you take 3 weeks off and come out stronger than ever?!? Does hard biking for 3 weeks really translate to those kinds of gains in such a short period of time? I had splits from 8:07 to 9:15, most were around the 8:45 – 8:50 time frame. I’m baffled, yet not complaining.

I’ve got a 15 mile run on the schedule for day. I was supposed to get that in this weekend but didn’t feel like doing it in the cold rain while bogged down with Kit Kats in my belly. I’m hoping some of my luck from last week caries over! Next weekend is another 20 mile run/wedding weekend. The same equation that ended in stress fractures of my foot last time. I have to find a time to either do the 20 miles before or after the wedding. It doesn’t help that it is 4 hours away. I might just have to lay low at the wedding and try to get back for a Sunday evening run. Pharmie…are you in?

Pharmie’s eyes only…no stalkers please
Should we go from your place down Summit and back for 10, stop at your place for water/food. Then do River Road and back for 10? We can simulate race day with those bastard hills up to Summit.

On the weight loss front I’m finally making progress in the right direction, even though I had a bad weekend with tons of candy and crap! I went camping this past weekend, we got rain all day Saturday…so what else do you do, eat the junk food in the tent while you play cards, sleep and then go into town for a greasy small town restaurant dinner. Am I on the right track after a month and a half slump? I hope so!


Week 7…234
Week 8...???
Week 9...232
Week 10...232
Week 11...233
Week 12…233
Week 13…230! 5 pounds to go!


Almost lost a nut...

This is a long one, grab a low fat latte and find a cozy place to sit…or read the snapshot directly below. :)


1) I rode 118 miles sat with a 16.5 average
2) I ran today for the first time in three weeks! 6.5miles and no pain!
3) No weight loss this week, gonna journal food and find the little things that add up.

Part 1: Century Ride
Friday night I went to the TWINS game, which was awesome! The Twins won 10-2! After the game I went home and was ready for bed. Saturday morning was to be my first century ride. For some reason I couldn’t fall asleep right away and only got 4 - 5 hours of sleep before my alarm went off at 4:30am. I immediately hit the snooze and rolled over. I woke up ten min later, got dressed, loaded my crap in the car and ate breakfast. Eventually (30 min late) LittleMissSunshine got to my house and we were on the road to the Jesse James Bike Tour.

We met up with a fellow wed. night rider, Jairo, and rode to the starting line. Jairo was the one who had the directions from Kari’s (another wed. night rider) house to the start. So how it took us over 8 miles to get to the start 2 miles away. Like 100 miles isn’t far enough, we added 8 miles on to the start. We finally arrived at the start, picked up our wristbands and snapped a photo or two. There was an Erik’s Bike Shop tech crew there; they adjusted my rear derailleur which had been skipping gears on its own the first 8 miles. I want to thank Erik’s for having tech crews at every rest stop! They were helping inflate tires, do adjustments and I even saw one guy replacing someone’s handlebars at a rest stop.

Once we got on our way, over an hour later than when we expected to start, everyone was in good spirits and ready for whatever the day may bring. The first leg included some small rollers and a HUGE downhill. I hit 45mph going down that puppy with a giant cowboy hat on my helmet! Without the hat I might have squeaked out another mph or two. We hit the first rest stop around mile 17 of the ride, about 25 overall for me. The rest stops were NICELY stocked with everything a person could ask for: gateraide (Yes, that is how it was spelt at some rest stops), water, bread, bananas, oranges, peanut butter, jelly, brownies, PEARSON’S NUT ROLLS (my fav. Post race food), granola bars, maybe some other things I didn’t notice.

After Sol, LittleMissSunshine and I waited in a 15 min potty line we were back on the road. Shortly after we left Joe got not 1 but 2 flats (same tire) within three miles of each other. Surprisingly the patch job on the second flat held the rest of the way. The second rest stop couldn’t come soon enough for me! I was starting to get a sore left hamstring and the wind was in our face for a while with some good rolling hills. At that stop we loaded up on drinks and grab a little grub, checked out the bike porn and talked with ERIK THE BIKE MAN. It was a good stop!

I’ll save you all the details, but later in the ride we hit a SHITTY bike path. I seriously thought I was going to shake a derailleur loose. Jairo thought he lost a nut on that stretch. Later the group started breaking up. We had some wind in our face and some were ‘starting to feel it’. I, myself, was feeling great! I hung back a little because some of the guys were going a little faster that I wanted to at miles 60-70. We kind of had three and four groups at this moment in time but we all re-grouped at the next rest stop. We stuck together for a while then hit a NICE set of rolling hills. At this point I made my breakaway down a big downhill that led into the NICE set of rolling hills. I pulled Joe into the next rest stop at excess of 20mph average over that 5-7 miles. Jairo was shortly behind us and everyone else rolled in just a few min later.

The last 24 miles left a few big splits between our three groups. 4 of us were feeling great. We took off after a mile or two. Mike was in a group by himself, I was going to pull him along but when he started fading at a 17/18 pace I had to leave him. So I booked a 25-30mph sprint to catch up to the 3 guys about a half mile ahead of me. Whooooo! That hurt a little. After I recovered a little from the sprint we all took turns pulling (the 3 of us). We lost one guy who went back to try and help out Mike. With 7 miles let I convinced the guys upfront to stop and let everyone catch up. I wanted to cross the finish line together. We started this journey together, lets finish together. None of us had a time goal so why not hold up and finish together. We all stuck together the rest of the way and crossed the finish line together…sort of.

They had ran out of food at the finish and taken down all the finish banners, tents, etc. WTF! I know we started the 100 miler a little later than optimum, but we definitely weren’t the only ones left on the hundred mile course. From the people left at the last rest stop and the people we passed on the last leg I be there were 20 -30 people still on that course. We all paid our money; I think we at least deserve the pleasure of crossing a finish line.

Besides crossing the line together, the best part of the race was NEVER BEING PASSED (except while fixing flats or at rest stops). After our detour to the start, the course being long (104 miles), and the ride back to the cars I finished with 118 miles and 16.5mph average. It was 16.8 until the last few miles to the car. We only went like 12mph back because we were taking it easy and just ‘spinning out the legs’.

Part 2:
I RAN TODAY! Since the onset of my stress fractures in my foot I hadn’t ran in three weeks. Today I was going out for an easy run and ended up doing 6.5 miles at 9 min pace. My legs felt great, my breathing was good and my foot didn’t hurt at all!
I’m ready to jump back into the end of my marathon training! Two long runs and two weeks of taper. I’m excited!

Part 3:
Weight loss hasn’t been great the past month. Another week and nothing lost. I rode 200 effing miles this week and didn’t lose a pound. What do I have to do!?! Right now I’m going to keep track of what I eat and hold myself accountable for all the “little” snacks/treats I allow myself. And now that I can run again I’m hoping to see some negative numbers next week.

P.S. I need some good dinner ideas/recipes for a single guy that is easy to make in small portions. Feel free to email me ideas. :)

You didn't think I would leave you without pictures....
Left to right: Me, Mike, Mike, LittleMissSunshine, Sol, Jairo and Joe.



So the weekend if here and I'm going to kick butt at this riding 100 miles thing. I have a good group of 5 or 6 people from my Wed night riding crew coming with me. It should be a good time! I was planning on dressing up a little, but when I've checked the weather and really thought about what would I want to ride 100 miles in I decided to scrap the first idea...please forgive the 2 min photoshop job

I'll post pics of the real deal later.

Good luck to all my IMWI homies!


Good luck to Steve and Pharmie doing the Square Lake Half Ironman!

P.S. Steve has a good run costume, check out his blog for pics.

Read more... did that happen.

Weekly weigh-in...
Week 1...244
Week 2...242
Week 3...240
Week 4...240
Week 5…???
Week 6…???
Week 7…234
Week 8...???
Week 9...232
Week 10...232
Week 11...233

I'm not sure how I managed to gain weight...oh yes I am. I haven't been able to run the past two weeks because of the stress fractures in my foot. I also haven't changed much of my eating habits with my decreased activity level. Today is a new day though! I'm starting a food journal and the Through The Wall Challenge started yesterday, I have to be good! Lets get those numbers falling again!

This weekend I have the Jesse James 100. I can't wait! I have never went longer than 73 miles and I've only been above 50 three or four times. I hope I'm ready, I'm pretty sure I'm ready! This past Saturday I went out for a hard solo 50 miler. The first 20 was straight into a 15-20 mph wind and getting smacked from the side. I managed to average 17.6 during that stretch. The next 20 I was still going across the wind, then had it at my back, that brought my average up to 18.9 ( I must have been flying that second 20) The last 10 was straight back into the wind which brought my average back do to 18.2 on the day. All in all I thought it was a good ride, I can't wait to knock the century bike ride off my list this week!

My 2008 goals...

  • Lose weight (20 pounds) - 8 pounds to go
  • Run a sub 25 min 5K CHECK
  • Run a sub 24 min 5K (added this after 25 min was achieved in first 5k of the year)
  • Run a sub 2 hour half marathon CHECK
  • Finish a Century Ride - 4 days away
  • Run a marathon - Gonna toe the starting line in 32 days


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