I'm all about the quick updates lately.

I'm still feeling the ripple effects of getting tossed a last min project a week and a half ago. I turned that project out in a week (should have been slotted for 3 weeks) and now I'm playing catch up. I'm trying to get in my workouts, but it is mentally tough. Work, work out, eat, work more then sleep 5-6 hours. This sucks!

My running isn't going well, I have stress fractures in my foot and probably shouldn't run. I really haven't run since my 18.5 miles a week and a half ago. That is driving me nuts! I walked around the MN State Fair on Monday and that made my foot hurt! I think I'm gonna try running in a pool sometime soon. Pharmie, I probably shouldn't run 20 miles with you on Monday. I'm still able to bike though! I got in the hardest 55 miles I've ever rode today. Little Miss Sunshine and I met up to try to get in 70 + miles, part of our preparation for the Jesse James 100. We went out, for a good 45 miles before meeting up with our Life Time group. We were thinking we'd meet up with them and do our usual route...WOW WERE WE WRONG! We met up with them and found out it was hill repeat day...GREAT! NOT!

Our fearless leader said we were doing 10 repeats, I thought she was kidding. She wasn't kidding. This hill is a part of our usual ride on Wednesdays....but we usually only go down it. A few good pedal strokes and go down to the drops and your up to 38-40 mph on this hill. Going up it I was pedaling in my granny gear at a comfortable 6-7 mph...it took about 2 min to get up. It wasn't a HUGE hill, but it burned!

I didn't do all 10, I did 2 or 3 and felt like crap. My legs were burning and I needed some food. I ate some shot blocks, got some water and our leader guilted me down the hill for another repeat, then she said, "Ok...just one more." We did that one..."Just one more." I think I ended up with 7 hill repeats total. Not 10, but enough considering the distance I had already covered.


Crazy week update!

So I haven't slept more than 5-6 hours any night this week. My week....eat, work, eat, work, sleep, work, eat, work, eat, work, sleep...you get the pattern. With that said, I have had some rewards this week. I found out that a product I help build, is a success! It is the latest and greatest new product to come out of the Post - it family in 50 years. Some people around here think they invented a new product if we make a new color line or offer it in a different shape. A 5 year old could come up with that stuff. I will say, I didn't have much to do with this product except for fielding some surveys about color/design and people organization/filing habits. Does that put me in the same boat with these other marketers? I say no! :-)

Here is a sneak peak if you haven't seen them in stores yet...go to Target or Wal-Mart and pick some up. They'd be great for teachers! Hint Hint!

Back to an update about workouts...

I got nothing! My knee felt better a few days later, just needed to ice and stretch. But my foot hurts, I think I got stress fractures in my foot that Saturday. I did a spin class Tuesday but my foot swelled up like a balloon so I haven't done any cardo all week. It is driving me nuts! I'm going to try an easy bike ride tomorrow. I hope it goes well.

Back to work! Everyone have a great weekend!


Quick Update

I'm in for a crazy busy week...probably not going to sleep tonight.

Marathon Training...
It is going well. I successfully finished another week... with some drama. I ran in rural MN again. Pharmie came with me. We ran down a LONGGGG FLATTTT road. One of those roads where you can see 4-5 miles in front of you. OK, lets just run to that house then we get a gel and water. Well that house just happens to still be a mile off. CRAP!

Besides the different mental games everything felt great...except for my IT band. My nutrition was good, maybe a little low on enduralytes, my legs felt strong. Around mile 6 my IT band was getting tight. By mile 12 I was thinking I'm not sure if I can finish. Mile 17 I stopped to walk a few min while I got some water and when I started, well tried, to run again my leg LOCKED UP ***OUCH!*** My knee had shooting pain running through it. My running partner, Pharmie, and I walked the last 1.5 miles. Pharmie had really tight legs, her hammies had been giving her trouble the entire day.
In the end we both covered the miles and once we fully recover we'll be stronger for having finished.

Weekly weigh-in...
Week 1...244
Week 2...242
Week 3...240
Week 4...240
Week 5…???
Week 6…???
Week 7…234
Week 8...??? Camping & drinking beer :-)
Week 9...232

Advise requested...
I'm looking for advise about trainers. What type of trainers are good trainers? Wind/magnetic/fluid? What type do people use/like? Any brands to stay away from? What pain points do you have with trainers?

Any advise is greatly appreciated!

Have a great week!


Give yourself a pat on the back!

This post is dedicated to every one of you out there that reads my blog regularly, occasionally, seldom or have never set eyes on my blog. This post is dedicated to everyone who set out to accomplish a goal; physical, mental or anything else.

This evening I met with my Lifetime cycling group and afterward we went to Bonfire (a restaurant) to celebrate our fearless leader’s major accomplishment. She successfully completed the hardest bike race in the country, Leadville 100 mile MTB race. CONGRATS PATTI! You may not know it but you inspire me. When you were next to me on the Richvalley hill today saying, "You can do it." "You're almost there." I somehow just kept going. If you hadn't been there saying that I would have given up and jumped down to the granny gear. Thank you Patti!

Now to the meat and potatoes of the post. I want everyone who reads this to pat themselves on the back. I'm one of those people who sets out to do something, usually accomplishes it and then down plays the accomplishment. Why do I do this? I have no clue. Do others out there do this...probably. So during/after reading this post I want everyone to think about goals and accomplishments you've achieved over the years. I'm going to use myself as the example for this post only because I'm most familiar with my goals and accomplishments.

Lets start with a common goal...to lose weight and get in shape. Just two short years ago I tipped the scales at 295 pounds. This past week I was 234 pounds (after a weekend of beer and cookies). That is 61 pounds over the past two years. GO ME! I've really haven't lost a ton of weight since last Nov. (240) but the scale keeps going down and I'm in much better shape. And that's what I want to see.

Pics of me at 295'ish and 234.

Second goal...go sub 25 in a 5K. This winter I spent a good amount of time on the dreadmill. Since I love the treadmill so much I did tons of long runs over the winter, NOT! Most of my runs were from 2-5 miles. I'm the type of person that can't really have an easy workout. If I have an "easy 2 mile" run on the schedule I end up running 2 miles faster than 5k pace. With that said you can bet that most of my dreadmill runs were probably fast and hard. This spring my first 5K of the year was the Joe Plant Memorial 5K. Steve had plans to PR in this race, and I talked myself into running a PR race as well. What I didn't know was that I was not only going to run a PR but shatter my old PR (27 min) and run my goal time for the year. I ran a 24:47, 13 seconds faster than my goal for the year. I put in a lot of hard work and saw some positive results. Way to go me!

Next goal...run a two hour half marathon. Last Oct I ran my first half marathon, EVER. This was a strong race, where I finished the last three miles at 9 min miles for a 2:04 half. Earlier this summer I ran another half marathon after a ton of drinking and knew that wasn't going to be my sub 2 hour half marathon. During the middle of this summer I added a new race, the Urban Wildland Half marathon. I never planned on this being my 2 hour half. A late entry into the race was my friend Matt, who is much faster than me and pushed me the entire way to run 30-45 seconds faster than my normal pace. As a result I ran a 2:00:00 half marathon! Good job JON! Goal accomplished!

I still have a couple physical goals on the roster for the year, run a marathon and finish a century ride. I can't wait to cross these two things off.

Losing the weight, achieving my running goals and setting myself up to achieve my last couple goals this year should be a HUGE accomplishment. Even as I was leaving Bonfire this evening Patti congratulated me on my accomplishments and how much stronger she has seen me get on the bike. In usual Jon style I downplayed my accomplishment with a comparison to another’s physical ability. Why? I don’t know. Patti, THANK YOU! And...AWESOME JOB ME!

I WANT EVERYONE TO REFLECT A LITTLE AND PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK. What have you set out to do and made progress towards or achieved? Did you lose some weight, finish a 5K, finish a Marathon, finish an Ironman, finish a 100 mile MTB race, compete in Olympics, get a gold metal or 10? Whatever it may be, just think about what you have set out to do and give yourself a hand for a) setting that goal b)working towards it and c) checking it off.


Proof that Beer = Super Fuel

Over the last year and a half I've had three instances where drinking and running crossed paths. In April of 2007 I was getting re-connected with old college friends, which ended up with a night out at the bar, then a post party. My first 5K ever was at 9 the next morning. My current roommate at the time and I woke up, I was probably still drunk, and made our way to the race (only a couple miles away). This past June I connected with some long lost college friends the night before a half marathon. When I found that they showed up, I said screw the half marathon (it was a "C" race) and went to the bar. I ended up stopping drinking at 10pm...drank some water, got home from the bar around 2am, 8am the gun went off and 10:09 I crossed the finish line of my second half marathon.

I spent this past weekend camping where I drank beer every night, almost nothing but diet soda all day and ate a bunch of crap throughout the day. Last night was an early to bed night, after a bunch of beer and cribbage. I was wide awake at 7 am, making a camp fire to warm up by (it was like 45-50 degrees). After sitting there for a while I decided to get my run done during the morning (instead of tonight). I went out and ran 6.5-7 miles around the state park and felt great! I didn't even touch a drop of water from the fuel belt, which I brought only as a back up in case I crashed from dehydration.

None of these runs were at staggering paces, actually all of them were right around 10 min/miles. So I'm not sure I can call beer Super Fuel, but for me...Beer = Fuel. :)

A few pics of the camping trip...

I'm doing the manly duties of making fire. Notice the hostess box in the fire ring.

A couple canoeing pics...


Just thinking......

How much can one person do at any given time? I currently have a marathon and a century ride on the schedule. I'm not anywhere near ready for an IM so this is a large undertaking for me. Can I add in a hardcore routine like P90X?

Should I just do a few of the programs along with the running/cycling I'm already doing? Do I wait until after my century and marathon are over and try to kick butt at the entire program?

Has anyone done P90X? Heard of others doing it? I welcome any thoughts/comments.


A pictoral recap of Saturday!

And some long overdue weight numbers.

If you haven't read my previous post you might want to start there.......
OK...Here we go!

I'm stretching.

Matt is lacing up the sneakers.

Steph and I pre-race.

Matt and I pre-race.

Mile 13...Finishing strong! Note that we are going so fast everything is a blur. :)

Matt and I post race...
Not only did I sweat a ton, I also gave a pint of blood through my nipples. Where was the Red Cross to bag and tag that shit.

Mmmmm....pizza and beer!

Ok...on to another goal of the season. Lost 20 pounds.

Weekly weigh-in:
Week 1...244
Week 2...242
Week 3...240
Week 4...240
Week 5…??? Scale was at the old place
Week 6…??? Scale was in a box from moving
Week 7…234 Yay! Over half way to the 20 goal.


Race Report


Pictures to come later

(BUZZ BUZZ)4:30am. I got up to start this epic day. After a few min I was eventually coaxed out of bed. I started the day with some good old fashion oatmeal and some large glasses of water. I also stretched out a bit while watching the weather. At about 5:30 Steph and I left to pick up her bro (my running partner for the day).

A little background on my running partner for the day:
Matt is 23 ( I think ) and in pretty good shape. He is an avid cyclist and runner. He is definitely faster than I am, his 5k's are around 22min (mine are closer to 25). When it comes to distance, he had never ran over 6 miles before last week. Monday he went out and ran 9 miles to see if he could do this half marathon. Having finished 9 on Monday he decided he was in.

When we got to the race site, we got our race packets and hit up the bathrooms. I did some more quick stretching and we were ready to race! Matt and I decided we needed to keep 9:15's to give me a chance of reaching my 2 hour goal. I was a little unsure of how it was going to go with Matt. By going out with him at 9:15's was I going to be able to hold on? This was 30-45 seconds per mile faster than I normally do my long runs.

Matt and I kept a pretty consistent pace through mile 6. Around this time I was starting to wonder if I could hold on, my knee was starting to ache and I could feel my IT band getting tight. Matt basically told me to stop being a wuss and that we were going to keep this pace to the end. Around mile 7.5 we saw Steph, she snapped a few photos and gave us some much needed nutrition. Miles 6-10 are usually tough miles for me, just past half way but not far enough to start running mile to mile.

Somewhere around mile 11 Matt had to kick me in the butt again...we stopped for water and took a quick glance at our watches. Crap, we need to 9:00's to break 2 hours. I said I don't know if I can...Matt said something about not giving up on my race this close to the finish. I said, ok...I guess I'll be puking for the next two miles. And we were off. We were gradually passing people on our way to the finish. Around mile 13 we saw Steph again...she napped another photo and I gave it everything I could. Coming around a corner I yelled "On your left" twice and a group that was slowly jogging in didn't move over and the crowd was all the way up to the path. SHIT! I ended up hurdling a "Runners that way" sign to get around them. I crossed the mat and stopped my watch, turned around and Matt was right behind me.

WAY TO GO MATT! Longest run ever with a strong finish.

Here are my splits:

  • Mile 1: Hmmm, where was that.
  • Mile 2: 18:28 (includes mile 1)
  • Mile 3: 9:20
  • Mile 4: 9:14
  • Mile 5: 9:08
  • Mile 6: 9:12
  • Mile 7: 8:49
  • Mile 8: 9:25
  • Mile 9: 9:39
  • Mile 10: 8:47
  • Mile 11: 9:31
  • Mile 12: 9:06
  • Mile 13: 8:30
  • .1: 00:46

This resulted in a total time of 2:00:00 (officially, my watch had an extra 3 seconds).

So, you will notice that I lost a pint of blood through my nipples during the race. I wore a shirt that I've never had problems with and use regularly for my long runs. But about mile 3 I noticed my nipples starting to hurt, the scabs from the previous week were rubbing open. WHOOPS! I guess I should have taken some preventative measures. I'll be trying out different ideas/remedies on my upcoming long runs.

The day continued with cleaning the garage. I had tons of left over crap from the move, all the loose clutter that needed to find the trash or a new box to get stored in. After that was over a nap was in short order! I met up with Steph and Matt for some Pappa Murphys pizza and beer later. Then hit up the bars to end the night...what a great day! I can officially cross the 2 hour half marathon off my list!

Half marathon #1: 2:04
Half marathon #2: 2:09
Half marathon #3 2:00 (place gold star here)

To Matt - Thanks for kicking my butt!
To Steph - Thanks for taking some awesome photos and being a great support crew!



I just wanted to give you a quick update...I'm going to be busy all day cleaning, relaxing and packing up/throwing out stuff from the old apartment that is sitting in a pile in the garage.

Anyway, today was a great day to race! I had a running partner that had never ran past nine miles and was way faster than me at short distances...how was this going to work. I'll have a full race report up later.

Just know that today was a PR DAY!



Check out Tracie's blog...she has a great post about why we do what we do, why we train, race, compete and share our journeys with each other.



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