Hump Day! YAY!

So today I'm meeting a group from Lifetime Fitness to ride hills in Afton State Park (in the winter these are ski hills). I really shouldn't be exctied about this at is probably going to nearly kill me. This is what I recieved from our fearless leader:

Plan on parking/meeting by the ballfields on St Croix Trail to ride at 6 pm.
Route: 5 hills (all levels)- A/some B Riders will ride each hill twice
1. We will ride the "Coulee" Hill south on St Croix Trail 1.5 miles. Turn
around at top of hill and come back down hill.

2. Take a left (east) on River Road South and ride a no so good asphalt road
for a short while to a newly asphalted hill (50th street right)(1+ mile) up
to St Croix Trail.

3. Take a left and head south on St Croix Trail and ride the hills to 70th -
left to Afton State Park. Head east to the "T" and take a right to ride a
loop of Afton State Park (4 mile loop?)

4. Come back to original "T" and head north (crossing over 70th) to Afton ski
hill. Steep downhill descent to bottom of ski lifts. This hill is only a half
mile long but very steep and requires good gearing as you will be in your
"granny gear" and must muscle your way up. (that doesn't sounds good) It would be best if C riders and some B riders take St Croix Trail back north to Afton at this time and avoid
this hill. (What is that supposed to mean? Some of us...probably me...are supposed to kill ourselves on this hill again and others don't get that pleasure?)

You will have gotten a good workout by now anyway! Trust me.

Beers and burgers after at the Afton House lounge


teacherwoman  – (July 23, 2008 at 9:49 PM)  

Muscle your way up? I don't like the sound of that either!

I hope your ride was superb, and the beer(s) and burger to follow were even better!

J~Mom  – (July 24, 2008 at 1:00 PM)  

Oh boy! That sounds painful!!

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