Falling into a slump

Lately I've read a blog or two about people falling into slumps, loosing ambition, wondering why they continue to train, etc. As I read some of the blogs I try to leave inspirational comments and truly believe them as I write them. But shortly after I'm back into my own slump. I'm having trouble getting excited about running. I'm UBER excited to hop on the bike and crank out some miles, but running has always ended in pain for the last two months leaving me not excited to run. My "A" race is the Twin Cities Marathon...I plan to keep training but it isn't fun anymore. Earlier this spring I was excited to get outside and log some miles, now I continually think about work I could be doing rather than running. How do I get that desire to run back? I'm definitely someone who has to train for this marathon, no half assing or I won't make it. I need to get that desire to run back...I WANT to get that desire to run back.

Why do we do this? Why push/train through discomfort and pain when your not feeling it? How do we live in the moment when most of our life outside of work is spent: training, preparing to train (i.e., early to bed, good hydration/nutrition before a workout/race) and thinking about training? A lot of my thoughts lie on 1 future event...why?

Man...I need something to slap my head around.

Thanks Batman...I hope that helps!

Weekly weigh-in:
Week 1...244
Week 2...242
Week 3...240
Week 4...240 :(

Danielle in Iowa  – (July 15, 2008 at 7:52 AM)  

Maybe you could find people to run with? that always helps me. And I don't know how many times a week you are running, but if you just have a git er done goal for the marathon, you could probably even be running 3x per week if you are doing heavy bike cross training... at least until you get out the slump - I'm sure it is just temporary!

LG  – (July 15, 2008 at 9:44 AM)  

ahh, yes, why do we do this?? I find when I am in a slump it is because I am really just frustrated that I am not seeing the progress I would have expected to see -- like every workout is somehow supposed to be a great leap faster/stronger than the previous when really gains are small incremental accumulations over time (at least if you are training smart). So to get me out of it, i forget I'm "training" for a while and instead of "working out" i just run. I go for my training run, but I focus on the running, not the training, same with the bike or swim and i find it helps me remember why i love it. And ice cream, eating lots of ice cream helps - i remind myself i run so i can eat lots of ice cream!

J~Mom  – (July 15, 2008 at 7:55 PM)  

I feel that way about swimming. It is so hard for me to get to the pool knowing that I am going to be in there swimming back and forth for 45 minutes. Yikes. I think you just need to download some new music. :>) that is what I just did and it jazzed me up to run. Literally with jazz hands. LOL

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