Another day...Another run...Another good one! YAY!

Today I went out for another run, with slight nerves of what would happen. I got ready to run; laced up the shoes, filled the fuel belt bottles and grabbed the ipod. This post is solely to thank everyone.

  • To everyone out there who gave me words of encouragement, suggestions, hits on my site counter and great comments. THANK YOU!

  • To the blonde girl from Run 'n Fun who sold me my new shoes and fuel belt. THANK YOU!

  • To Nike...thanks for making my shoes and 2 favorite pairs of running shorts.

  • To Apple...thanks for inventing the iPod and taking my mind off of some of the tough runs.

  • To my roommate...thanks for being gone so I could steal your iPod. Mine died on me during a rainy run. Stupid "water resistant" jacket. I had the iPod zipped in and inside pocket and the rain soaked through the jacket and my iPod Nano hasn't worked since.

  • To Timex...thanks for making an awesome watch so I can see myself negative split!

  • If you were wondering why I'm thanking everyone it is because I had another good 5 mile run. I drank about 4 oz of water from the fuel belt at the turn around and that seemed to be enough water even though it was pretty warm out. I also had no knee pain, there was a slight tightness, but no pain.

    The last half mile on my route has a pretty large hill, just before that I was about to start giving up. Thank you to ROCKY and Survivor for the 'Eye of the Tiger'. That song came on the iPod just when I was thinking I needed to slow down for the large hill. I was running a 5 mile tempo run at 9:15 pace and feeling pretty spent about 4.5 miles. Then Eye of the Tiger and thoughts of Rocky gave me the extra energy to kick up the hill and finish the run strong.

    A few posts ago I was down on myself and wondering why I needed to run/train. I bet you are wondering what happened to that guy...he got his butt kicked by Rocky and a sweaty guy in a lime green shirt (photo to come). I think...I hope I'm back! Wanting to run, wanting to train, wanting to compete and achieve my physical goals.

    Stayed tuned. I'm moving tomorrow and have a 12 miler on the schedule for Sunday.

    Thanks again!

    Danielle in Iowa  – (July 19, 2008 at 10:43 AM)  

    Yay for motivation!

    And I have to say that forgetting my nano on a long trip home once turned out to be a blessing as I went and bought a shuffle to bide the time and I would never go back to running with the nano. Of course, I just shuffle songs on the nano anyway, so it is the same thing as the shuffle but much much easier to carry!

    Lisa - Slow & Steady  – (July 19, 2008 at 4:05 PM)  

    Great run. Hang on to that feeling of success, it will get you through all sorts of things!!

    Marcy  – (July 20, 2008 at 3:07 PM)  

    Alright homie!! Nothing like a good run to get you back into it ;D

    Lauren Rawlings  – (July 21, 2008 at 9:50 AM)  

    hope the 12-miler went well (little hot yesterday, huh?)

    also... I'd sue the jacket co. :)

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