Second half marathon...Thank you Team Ortho

Sunday is my second half marathon and I'm a little nervous about it. Over the past two weeks I've had some knee problems and haven't been able to run more than 3-5 miles at any given time. I'm just curious if I'm going to be able to complete the 13.1 miles. You could guess by the title that Team Ortho is the Title sponsor and that I'm not as nervous as I was earlier. Today I got an email with the course attached, the course is a 2 big loop and 1 mini loop course (see pic below). I'm not nearly as nervous to run this becuase I have a few chances to drop out close to the start if my knee gives me too much pain. So...Thank You Team Ortho for picking a course that works well for us poor semi injuried wannabe athletes.


Update needed! It has been a while!

So the past few weeks have been full of a bunch of ups and downs. On May 16th I had a great 12 mile run, at little slow, but I felt like it was a good run. Two says later I had a great brick work out that left me hanging over a garbage can in the Lifetime locker room. It was a great work out because I got through a cycle class where we flirted with out AT on 'hills' all day followed by a 7 mile run. Not having enough food left me hanging over the garbage can ready to puke for a few min. When I settled down everything was great! I felt great and ate a ton of food... :-)

Then I was super excited to go on a run with Steph on Friday ( I took the day off, which was a super plus...except I spent the whole morning on my phone putting out fires at work ). When I finally got off the phone I met up with Steph for a 10 miler. Everything was great for the first 3 miles. Then I noticed a dull 'ache' in my right knee. By mile 4 I asked Steph if we would turn around early and by mile 6 I was walking. I had sharp pain going through my knee with every step. I had to tell Steph to keep going and come back for me with a car...what the hell. I couldn't barely remember having a bad run during my abbreviated training for this half marathon. And all the sudden I have a sharp pain in my knee...WTF! I tried to walk it off a while and when it was starting to feel better (not as sharp of a pain) I tried to run...that didn't last more than 10 steps and I was walking again.

Eventually I saw Steph's car in sight and there went Steph's car. I just started thinking...where did she go, where was she turning around? While I waited for her to turn around I kept walking slowly back to her house (where we started the run). When I got all the way back I saw her car pull up to her house...she drove right by me and never saw me.

Anyway, I haven't ran in almost a week and a half and I'm going stir crazy! I went on 1 bike right, which was 20 miles in 3 and a half hours. I was pretty slow, but it wasn't soo much a training ride as playing Sherpa for Steph on her 20 miler. I was there for moral support and to carry her Enduralytes and shot blocks. It wasn't excited but it was a success for myself and Steph. I had a knee pain free ride and she finished her 20 miler.

If everything feels good tomorrow I'm going to attempt my first run in a week and a half...I really don't have time for it to not feel well, my half marathon is in less than a week.


Race Report followed by seeking long run guidance.

Thursday was the Twin Cities 1 Mile. It was a large 1 mile race, almost 1,900 finishers. I really only signed up for the Corp. Challenge aspect…and the awesome Brooks T-shirt. I was super excited when I got there, I found parking like 2 blocks from the start at a meter on the street and it only cost me a quarter to park since those meters around the park are only enforced 8am – 6pm, I got there at 5:30’ish and it was only 50 cents an hour. Yay me!

I walked to the start and picked up my number and shirt. Then I went back to my car and got naked in the back seat…oh, you know you wanted to be there. I had to get out of those, ‘business casual’ clothes and get in more appropriate running attire. Since my ‘mass wave’ didn’t start until 6:50 I went for a little jog around MSP and the park where the start was, probably 4 miles. About 10 min before the start I was looking for a porta potty, but all of them had lines 50-100 people deep. I just started thinking, crap…do I duck in some trees and risk getting caught. The trees weren’t very thick and there were a ton of cops around. I decided to get in the starting chute and try not to think about it. Eventually the feeling to pee subsided and all the sudden the mass wave of people started slowly walking forward. Hmm, I didn’t hear the gun…oh well, lets go!

After about half a block (of pretty much walking) I had enough room to start hoping around people. Eventually I just started running on the boulevard next to the street for a few blocks. When I got to the half way point I was just started to settle in and get control of my asthmatic breathing. I looked up and the clock said about 4 min on the dot. Man, I feel like I’m going much faster than that. Ok, lets pick it up a little. As soon as I started going faster my lungs got tighter, STUPID asthma. I pushed on. I saw the finish line up ahead, but what the heck! Why are people slowing down to finish…the people that cut off your chip were not too far after the finish and with that many people doing a short race it is hard not to form a large line quickly. Oh well, I found some room in the middle of the road so I didn’t have to slow down much while I crossed the mat at 7:40 on the clock. My official time was 7:25. Not bad, but I should have been closer to 7:00. Overall I was 735th out of 1984, which puts me around the 37th percentile. Not bad, I’ll take that.

Ok, enough with the long race report about a 1 mile race. On to the seeking guidance part.

What do you do on a long run while running with a few other people and 1 person is having a bad run. Steph was having stomach pains and shorts chaffing (even though she Body Glided the crap out of their legs). She went out for a 5 mile run before picking up myself and Pharmie. Steph had to do 20 this week while I was doing 12 and the Pharmie was doing 15. Anyway, the run started out a little slow, probably an 11 pace. We stopped for water at mile 3 and so the Steph could eat some shot blocks. After we started going again Pharmie and I kept slowly pulling away and slowing down to wait for Steph. It was this way the whole run. The whole time I know it is making it harder on Steph because she is thinking about holding us up.

My question to you is, do you leave that person and get your good run in while you are feeling good and let them gut it out alone…or stick with them?

Second question…I’m training for my second half marathon and this Friday will be my last double digit run before the race. I would like to run with Steph again, but she needs to do 20 this week since she had to bail early because of her stomach pains. Do I do the second half of Steph’s 20 miler with her knowing it will be slower than I would want to go, or do I try to get in a hard 10 before my half at my goal pace?



I would like to introduce all of you my NEW bike! This is a 2008 Specialized Allez Elite. It has a compact cassette, some Speedplay pedals and a few other upgrades.

Now, what the heck should I name it?


New Bike on the way!

I just heard from the guys at my local bike shop, they have a new bike on the way from a different store and it will be ready sometime Saturday. Stay tuned for the naming convention.

Check back Sunday for the unveil.


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