Sunday was the Winter Begone Duathlon in Oronoco, MN. I was super excited about this race up until Friday, when my bike was officially named deceased. RIP Stacy! Friday I got my old (like 7-8 years old) mountain bike out of storage only to find few bikes tangled in my pedals and spokes. I took my bike to Erik's bike shop and had a couple spokes replaced and the wheels trued.

Sunday morning I showed up to the park and saw Steve, Sarah and Matt.

We all got there pretty early and found parking right next to transition and not too far from the finish. (notice how empty transition was, below)

We all picked up our race numbers and chips, set up in transition and finished getting ready. It was warming up to 35 degrees so I stripped off the pants and high wool socks for some shorts and Smartwool socks. The yellow fence in the back is transition.

Run 1
Eventually the race got underway with the long course starting 12 min before the short course. Matt and myself were doing the short course so when they started we went for a little warm up jog. When we finally started I wasn't feeling well, we were moving slow but it felt like we were flying. We got to mile 1 and I looked at my watch...9:05 ( I thought we were closer to 8 with how hard I was breathing...DAMN Asthma ). I drudged on and finished the first run (2 miles). This being my first time in transition (besides the setup) I was trying to move fast and get out quickly, in the process I almost knocked over the rack, whoops.

I got off on the bike on my stellar mountain bike. The first half mile was pretty seat slipped down a little so I had to get off and raise it. STUPID QUICK RELEASE SEAT. I was also struggling with not being clipped or caged in so I was trying to get used to not being 'attached' to my pedals. It took me 2-3 miles to get used to pedaling without clipless pedals. In that time I got pasted by a good number of people who finished the run right after me. But after that I really wasn't passed by many people. I would like to note...I WASN'T PASSED BY ANY MOUNTAIN BIKERS!...YAY! The course was super hilly! The short course was out and back...once I turned around and started my way back I noticed there was a pretty good head wind (gusting to 25 mph or so). Good thing I had some motivation to work extra hard into that wind. At about mile 3-4 I found a true poser! He was riding a $3,000 Orbea bike and I was riding not too far behind him on my MOUNTAIN BIKE. The rest of the bike we kept leapfrogging each other. He would take off on the downhills and flats and I caught him on the up hills. Finally with about 1 mile left he ran out of gas and fell off. I was about a block or two in front of him turning into the park road for transition.

Run 2
I stripped off my under armour and ran out of transition. My legs were dead! That was my slowest two mile run EVER! It actually felt better than the first run, breathing wise, but legs were definitely spent.

Time Summary:

Run 1 (2 miles) - 17:46
T1 - 1:50
Bike (12 miles) - 57:41
T2 - 1:19
Run 2 (2 miles) - 20:34

Overall, I had a great time and definitely left room for improvement. Below are the official finishing photos....I look completely beaten!

NOTE: Stacy (well, Stacy 2.0) gets returned to me tomorrow....YAY!


I just heard from Erik's Bike Shop, they don't have my bike ready. Actually, they don't have a bike for me! I had such a great experience buying my bike. Everyone was very helpful, knowledgable and gave me great guidance on what route to go. When I finially decided to buy this bike I was way excited. Ever since mile 121, when the crank fell off, I've had nothing but problems. It was going to be an easy repair, then the threads in the frame were stripped and the bottom bracket was cracked. So Specialized sent a new bike out over night. NOW THEY SENT THE WRONG BIKE! I said ok, can we try to get another one sent out. Sure...(5 min later I get called)...they don't have any more '07's in my size. He said he could get a 56 in and try to fit me into that...well, I'd rather stay in a 58...that seemed to be a great fit for me.

As it all stands right now, no bike for me....and I haven't heard any options about how this is going to be resolved. My best guess is to put me in a '08 model, they were exacctly the same except for the crank defect that started this whole mess (or so I'm told).

My question to you....


Sad Day!

A quick update on Stacy. See my last post for the details if you haven't read it already. I took her into Erik's last night and Matt ( the tech supervisor ) helped me. He was super awesome! Got everything worked out and ordered parts. He said I'd be up and running this weekend for my Duathlon. Today I got a phone call from him saying that something happened while taking the crank apart to check it over. Now supposedly the bottom bracket is broke and the frame is stripped. He put in a few calls to the Specialized warranty department to see what he can do. No answers yet.

As it stands now...I'm looking at no bike for the weekend. Possibly having to get a new bike. I'm not sure how serious the frame stripping by the crank is. (anyone else know?)

Sad Day!

On Friday morning I got a call from the biek shop, my bike is DONE! It is being stripped and they have frame coming from Specialized. RIP Stacy!

Now I'm going to ride my 7/8 year old Schwinn Mesa (moutain bike). I'll post a pic later. It is at the bike shop getting a wheel fixed. I took it out of storage and noticed that some other ass threw their bike pretty much into mine and their derailleur cage and pedal were wrapped in my back tire.


Cross Training with Borsch

So...I bet you're wondering how you cross train with Borsch. Well, first you get a nice bike. Grab some workout gear and a helmet and get on your bike. Feel free to ride anywhere...just start riding. At about mile 6 turn around and head back. After 3 miles stop! Get off the bike! Taking your shoes and helmet off are optional, I did. Proceed to walk 3 miles back to where you started your ride.

Why would I cross train like this? Just imagine you are pedaling along and then the crank drops out. You quickly think, hmmm...that can't be good. That's when I proceeded to get off the bike and walk it home.

It is amazing what you notice on walks such as this one. I was passed by 8 cyclists, 3 cars with bike racks and the same cop TWICE. What happened to the "Serve" part of Protect and serve? The cop even looked right at me, I bet he never even thought about stopping to help a fellow citizen. My roommate who was about rollerblading at the time past me on the way back. He stopped and we traded stories...he had an old lady walk in his path after her husband just got out of his way after he yelled, "on your left". If you didn't already guess, he ate pavement to avoid the old lady. Eventually he came back for me but I was only 4 blocks and he drives a Mustang with no trunk was going to be more effort to take both the wheels off to try to get the bike in there.

ONE SAD NOTE: I was wearing my Pear Izumi Super Grover Socks and walking 3 miles back home wore holes straight through them.

RIP Super Grover!


Doughnut Run Results

Bike Name Unvail

What does the future hold

Doughnut Run Results
Last Sunday was an epic journey with Steve down to Iowa to run a 5k and eat some doughnuts. Sorry this took this long to post but I finally had a chance to look up my 'official' results. It took me 45 mins to run the course and eat the doughnuts. My final 'doughnut adjusted' time was 27 min. It took me so long to eat that doughnuts that I don't think they helped my time at all. I really have to learn to eat faster.

Bike Name Unveil
A while ago I went on a Sunday bike ride with Pharmie and we started talking about bike names, and how I should name my bike. I finally have chosen a name for my bike. When I was thinking about it I tried to think about what describes my bike...

  • Sleek
  • Strong
  • Quick
  • Classy
I tried thinking about the names that embody those characteristics and couldn't come up with much. After a few names searches later I settled on STACY. I'm not sure why I settled on that, but I think it works. world meet Stacy...

What does the future hold?
I took a step back this week and really contemplated what I wanted to get out of this summer. I really started thinking about this because I was really being tempted to sign up for the Twin Cities Marathon. I know that a few post prior I said I was going to do it, but this week was the actual sign up. My big worries about running 26.2 miles are my knees. Towards the end of the fall last year I had increased my mileage training for my first half marathon and had some knee pain. For the most part I think that was due to shoes and have since purchased new shoes. Since the new shoes came into the pictures I haven't had any problems but I also haven’t ran that many miles because I bought the new shoes during my taper. Even though I haven't had any problems I've just been worried because I'm not the smallest runner, tipping the scale at 240 pounds. The main questions rolling through my head were...Do I want to commit that much time to training? Will my body hold up? Can I get faster while training for distance?

When Friday morning rolled around I was wide awake at 7:30 am and way excited that it was TC Marathon sign-up day. So, there I was, sitting in my boxers with my credit card in hand punching my personal information into my computer and committing myself to 26.2 miles. Right now I'm 168 days away from getting the answers to some of those questions. Stay tuned and I'll let you know in 168 days.

Side Note
On a side note I had a really good run this afternoon. Today I had an 8 miler on the schedule. I went out at an easy pace. I looked down and saw I was carrying a 10:00 min/mile pace. Hmmm....that's what I want to be doing. Great! But will I die later? Sometimes I’m a little pessimistic on my runs. 4 miles later and some good hills and I was still going strong. I looked at the watch and I was sitting at 9:50ish min pace. Mile 6 was there and gone in a flash and I was ahead of my pace. Hmmm....still feeling good and going strong. Why not pick it up? About 1 second later I was picking it up. I took my next split at mile 7 and I was running 9:15. Mile 8 slowed some due to a large hill but that was still at 9:37. All in all I ran this same route 7 min faster than I ran it last weekend. WTF! 7 min! If you can't tell last week’s run was really bad, I hurt, it was windy and my mental fortitude was horrible. But 7 min! Anyway I finished the day with about a 9:45 min pace...15 seconds a mile faster than I was hoping for. I hope I have runs like today's all summer long!

P.S. Lets go WILD!


Doughnut Run '08

4:45 am *knock knock* Steve was at the door knocking, letting me know it was time to get up. I got up slowly, went down stairs and had a little cereal. Then packed up some run clothes and 'drive back' clothes and we were off.

5:00 am We were both in the car half asleep and half excited for the 'epic' journey ahead. What lay ahead was a 215 mile drive, lots of doughnuts and back.

About 7:40am Most of the way through the drive, we only had 20-30 miles left to go and we see a cop plow through the ditch and flip around behind us...whoops. While Steve was telling the cop about the doughnut run I snapped a pic of him in the cop car through the side mirror.

8:20 am We pulled in the parking lot and checked in...

*** We interrupt this blog post for a fire alarm because some stupid lady, on something, put some french fries in the oven ON CARDBOARD! and burnt the shit out of it!!!*** 45min later we finally got to come back inside. I'm cold!

Back to our regular broadcast...We pulled in the parking lot and checked in. Some other bloggers pulled in the parking lot, Danielle in Iowa and Laurie.

9:15 am We were off running! I started with running with Danielle but we were just in a huge group of people and I had to leave her to get around some people so I could run easily. I got to the first 'Doughnut Stop' and decided to skip it, there were way too many people there. On my way to stop 2 Steve flew right by me like I was standing still! Stop 2 I ate 2 doughnuts and Danielle was right there chowing down and off before I was. Did I mention that I eat really slow, I have to masticate my food well before swallowing. The next few stops went well, at the half way point I looked at my race number ( they put stickers on your number for how many doughnuts you ate ) and I was way behind the number of doughnuts I should be consuming. So I ate 6! Started jogging back up the path, stopped and ate 2 more doughnuts. Now I was up to 11 doughnuts and feeling a little 'jiggly'. The last few doughnuts went down really slow, it was almost painful to swallow that last bite of each doughnut.

??? am I finished the run with 15 doughnuts in my belly. I'll update later with my time, I'm not sure what I ran. Hopefully it will be up on the website soon.

11:30 am Steve and I were on our way back to the cities with a few stops on the way. 1...a gas station to change 2...Lunch with Steve's parents 3...The Nike Outlet store

4 pm HOME!

Check out Steve's and Danielle's blogs for their account of this epic adventure.


2008 Events

With spring fast approaching Minnesota I thought I would get a list of events I'll be participating in. Here we go...

Doughnut Run4/13/08
Winter Begone Duathlon4/27/08
TC 1 Mile5/8/08
Apple Duathlon5/24/08
The Downtowner Half Marathon6/1/08
Moonlight 5K - 3M7/9/08
Woodbury Country Mile Half8/24/08
Twin Cities Marathon10/5/08
Team Ortho Monster Half Marathon10/25/08
Tesfa 5K11/1/08

Let me know if you plan on being at any! I'll sure I'll throw in some random races here and there also.


First real bike ride!

Friday was going to be a run day…it was our first day that was 60 degrees and sunny. I got home from work and there it was. My new bike, I’ve only had it out twice….why not another time. So I got ready and saddled up. A quick tire pressure check and I was off. At first it was great…sunny, warm and the open road (minus the cars). About mile 15 it started to get cloudy…mile 17 it was raining like crazy! WTF! No one said anything about rain today! I continued my ride of rolling hills (and aching legs) soaking wet. About 10 more miles and I was finally home and took a look at my bike….not so white anymore.

Later I took off my socks…

Wow, I was dirty!

Steve is planning on running a Krispy Kreme 5K in Iowa….should I go? Here is what happens, you run the 5K and along the run there is 8 or so ‘aid stations’ (i.e., doughnut stops, probably with water). At these ‘aid stations’ you eat as many or few doughnuts as you want. The incentive is the more doughnuts you eat the more time they subtract form you total time.

# doughnutsTime Subtracted
1:15 sec
2:30 sec
3:45 sec
4+1 min

*Doughnuts 10, 15, 20 and 25 all give you a 2 min bonus.

So….To Doughnut Run or not to Doughnut Run, that is the question.

OK, I’m off to google some bike maintenance/cleaning 101.


1 Brick 2 Brick

Brick 1

Monday was my first brick workout ever! I wasn't sure what to expect. Was it going to go ok? Would I hurt? Correction, how much will I hurt? How hard should I go? Well, I soon forgot about all of that. I showed up to Lifetime ready to cycle. After the about 5-8 hours of snow, rain and slush the roads were pretty crappy. We got started a little late, most of us were already in the room cycling a little. The instructor opened with, "Since we're starting late I'm gonna have to push you extra hard." Not a good sign for my first brick. After about 1 hour of rolling hills I was off to T1. I filled my water bottle, threw on a new set of sneakers headed for a treadmill.

I threw on my headphones and started that puppy up. My legs were nice and loose, and the run started well. I kept it at an easy pace for the first mile. Everything was feeling great so I picked it up. 2 miles later I was pouring sweat and my legs were tired as HELL. I finished my first brick with a good stretch. The next day, HURT!

Brick 2

After a day of rest I went for my second brick workout. After a day of hills I was pretty sure we were going to have an easier, mostly flat road, cycle class. WOW...I was way off! I started to day with intervals on the treadmill. 1 easy mile, hard 400 meters, harder 800, hard mile, harder mile, moderate 800, moderate 400...all with 60 seconds of a slow jog between sets. I haven't done intervals forever! That was a tough run on its own. I wiped the sweat off my treadmill and headed to the locker room to throw on my bike shorts. 2 min later I was off to the bike studio. The instructor came in and asked if everyone was ready for some intervals. I was like....Ummm, NO! 1 min sprint, 1 min easy, 2 min sprint, 2 min easy...all the way up to 5 min and back down. Just for fun she threw in an extra 3 min sprint on the way back down. After the first 4 min sprint my legs cramped time and time again. I was constantly stopping during the easy sets to stretch my calves. I pushed on and finished my second brick workout. My legs are super shaky right now and I know they are going to HURT tomorrow. I'm hoping next week is nice and I can get on my bike outside, maybe then I can go for brick workout #3with an easy/moderate bike and an easy to moderate run. Friday and Saturday look like they are going to be nice days; I'm looking forward to a long run outside this weekend.


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