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Lets start with a little background about me...

I work a normal corporate job, too much work and not enough hours in the work week. July 2006 I was slightly overweight, tipping the scales at 295. I started working out, mainly the StairMaster and lifting weights. Then I decided to step it up a little and forced myself to jump on the treadmill. With a mix of running, StairMaster and weights I dropped down to 250 in July 2007. When October rolled around I successfully ran a half marathon, the Monster Half Marathon in St. Paul, MN(2:05:00). After that half marathon work got crazy and working out really took a back seat to making money. :) Here we are, the end of March 2008...I currently weigh around 240 pounds.

My goals for this blog and 2008...

Even if no one reads this blog I hope this will turn into a tool of continually holding myself accountable to put in my work outs and reach some personal goals. So...what are my goals for 2008? I think I currently have to rethink 1 of them, because I just achieved it this morning. Originally I had a goal of running a 2 hour (or faster) half marathon and breaking 25 min in a 5K. This morning I ran a 24:44 with splits at 7:45, 8:27 and 8:31 (1.1 miles). Since I achieved that goal this morning I going to set myself up for a sub 24 min 5K.

Besides the occasional 5K and half marathon I'll be adding a few duathlons in the mix. Why not a triathlon or two? All I have to say is, I don't swim that well...maybe 2009. Two weeks ago I just brought a new bike or my duathlons and cross training. A pic of the bike ( from Specialzed's website ) is below...

It is a Specialized Allez Elite, pretty stock besides some Speedplay pedals and Armadillo Elite tires.

Later I'll post a few pics from the 5K this morning.

Steve Stenzel  – (March 30, 2008 at 7:11 PM)  

Oh, and WELCOME to the blog world!!

Formulaic  – (April 1, 2008 at 11:49 AM)  

Welcome to the bog world.

Steve sent me and I'm glad to see another soul out there.

Good luck to your year. Looks like you've already set some good goals and that's a great start.

On a side note, I also have the specialized Allez elite (2007). Love it. Great bike. One note though is that the crank had a manufacture defect on some of them. It kept falling off, this didn't start with me until I put about 200-300 miles on it. So you have time. After it started, it was constant. Specialized will fix for free or I just upgraded to a better crank (Ultegra). But you have plenty of time and that was on 2007, your maybe be different.

tracie  – (April 1, 2008 at 8:36 PM)  

great post and welcome!!!!

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