Joe Plant Memorial 5K Race Report

Last week Steve in a Speedo wanted help picking between a 5K or Indoor Tri. He got a bunch of comments on that post and the 5K won. Saturday night I decided I was going to do it also. I had a nice dinner with the gf followed by a good nap and wide awake at 6:50 in the morning for my first race of the year! For those of you who haven't read my first post, I started on a high note! I was looking to PR after a very relaxed winter workout program.

I started the day with a good bowl of Wheaties! And we were off...Steph, Steve and myself hopped in my car. Ten min and a loop around the race course (not on purpose) later Steve and I were ready to get our race numbers. There were two huge lines that merged into one and no one really knew which line was for pre-registered bib pickup or race day registration. They were hoping for around 150 runners/walkers...they topped 400 (I think they ran out of numbers).

Steve and I started off with a quick warm-up, Steph snapped this awesome photo of us on our way back...

Warm-up over...

Time to stand around while people are corralled to the start line.

The race director asked for everyone who was going to run a sub 20 to come to the front. A few people stepped forward. I was close to the front, but not planning on coming near the 20 min mark...I contemplated stepping back towards the middle of the pack but soon threw that idea out. There weren't enough speedy people for me to get in the way on this wide path. I think I was passed by a dozen people within the first 15-20 strides and after that a person here or there.

Side Note:I run with a IM Timex watch and a Nike+ ipod receiver.

I started out strong just hoping to hold on for a PR. Mile one went fast, I was talking with a guy dressed up as Prefontaine for a little while. He asked what I was looking to PR at, I replied with sub 25. He looked a little concerned, then I asked what he was shooting for....sub 22. He followed with, how fast are we going? I looked at my ipod and it said 8:30, but I knew since I was striding it out a little more we were going a little faster than it was reading so I said around 8-8:15 pace. He then said good look and I ate his dust. I got to mile marker 1 and looked at my split on the watch, then at my ipod. What was going on?!? The watch said 7:45, the ipod said 7:45 at an 8:30/pace. CRAP! I'm booking!

The second mile was a worse...partially I had it in my head that I was going to burn myself out at this pace. I slowed it down some and kept chugging along. Mile 2...8:30. Awesome, back on pace. Shortly after mile marker two we turned back towards teh finish and I was in trouble. My legs were feeling fatigued from the biking a few days before and I was getting short of breath. I was having a slight asthma attack. I told myself to slow down but keep going. I slowed to about a 9 min pace, caught my breath and saw the home stretch. With about a half mile to go I picked it back up to a sub 8 pace and finished strong.

Steph was there to take some awesome photos of my coming in...

Final Results...PR for myself and Steve!

111235Steve Stenzel 27MSt Paul17:275:37
402031372Jon Borscheid24M 24:477:59


Hello Blog World!

Lets start with a little background about me...

I work a normal corporate job, too much work and not enough hours in the work week. July 2006 I was slightly overweight, tipping the scales at 295. I started working out, mainly the StairMaster and lifting weights. Then I decided to step it up a little and forced myself to jump on the treadmill. With a mix of running, StairMaster and weights I dropped down to 250 in July 2007. When October rolled around I successfully ran a half marathon, the Monster Half Marathon in St. Paul, MN(2:05:00). After that half marathon work got crazy and working out really took a back seat to making money. :) Here we are, the end of March 2008...I currently weigh around 240 pounds.

My goals for this blog and 2008...

Even if no one reads this blog I hope this will turn into a tool of continually holding myself accountable to put in my work outs and reach some personal goals. So...what are my goals for 2008? I think I currently have to rethink 1 of them, because I just achieved it this morning. Originally I had a goal of running a 2 hour (or faster) half marathon and breaking 25 min in a 5K. This morning I ran a 24:44 with splits at 7:45, 8:27 and 8:31 (1.1 miles). Since I achieved that goal this morning I going to set myself up for a sub 24 min 5K.

Besides the occasional 5K and half marathon I'll be adding a few duathlons in the mix. Why not a triathlon or two? All I have to say is, I don't swim that well...maybe 2009. Two weeks ago I just brought a new bike or my duathlons and cross training. A pic of the bike ( from Specialzed's website ) is below...

It is a Specialized Allez Elite, pretty stock besides some Speedplay pedals and Armadillo Elite tires.

Later I'll post a few pics from the 5K this morning.


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